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Alko in Sweden SJ rather has a discount on buying tickets the last 24h to fill out the train 😛 prebooking is not the same for trains like it is with flights


Interesting fact! But I also wouldn’t want to turn up at the station to find out all trains are very filled and no discount is in sight 😉


I don't think I have seen any info about this so I will ask: At the venue do we have any access to a kitchen or any kitchen stuff? Like a microwave, fridge, cupboards, plates, utensils, etc.

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Microwave yes. Everything else, unfortunately no.


dang, no fridge sucks 😕


I miss 2014's free breakfast ffzGaelThump

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So I know I've been a shit when it comes to communication (I would blame RL because that's been busy, but I'm bad at communicating there too...), but I finally got round to booking everything today! Going to be there from Monday to Monday, look forward to seeing you all soon! ❤️

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Hello, I got a question about the train ticket from Copenhagen to Växjö : Even if I buy it during the 3 hours before the time of departure, I'm still sure to be able to get in ?


Hopefully, because I'm in the same situation as I had a problem when trying to buy it online. There was quite a few trains though so I doubt all of them will be full.


There's a train that leaves for Växjö every hour, so the chance of them being full, is slim.


Is it the same if we quit Växjö to get back to CPH airport ?


It says my tickets for the SJ train is paid, yet cancelled. Not sure what that means. Do I get a refund and rebook? It's still a while before I get on the train (tomorrow at 13).

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I ended up having to get new train tickets at the airport. There is no way for me to contact SJ from email and their phones were busy during the hours I was awake or had access to a phone. It was very inconvenient for me to buy tickets on site since my debit card doesn't have a chip so I couldn't use the machines. The only option I could find was to exchange to DKK just to buy my ticket to the event then exchange to SEK at the event.
As much as I'd like a refund for my original, it also seems like it'd be a total hassle considering there's no way, at least with what I could find, to email them about what happened. I don't know what would be better to do in the future for the same situation. It just seems bad all around.