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Can I pay through my bank or do I need a credit card or Paypal?


Could someone tell me what the sizes are in UK?

Also is there any update on photos or videos of the venue?


I'm a little confused here, what T-shirt? Whats it look like? Is it required? Totally missed the info on this one

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Not sure on this, you'll have to wait for Edenal to respond I guess.

But I am pretty sure the T-Shirt is a free extra thing you get for signing up.

As to what it looks like? No idea, but it would be cool to have your nickname on it. Makes it easier to figure out who's who when you're unfamiliar with a lot of people.


Is the T-Shirt maybe a reason why the Entrance Fee is almost double the price from last year?
Or is it because of the new venue?

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andypanther: PayPal and Visa/MasterCard are the only payment options for international attendees. A very limited number of people used that option last year. And a majority failed to pay the correct amount. So we choose to exclude that option this year.

kitty: We will give you an update about shirt sizes in the future. And let everyone confirm their choice prior to the event.

No new photos of the venue at this time.

Cereth: It's something new we want to do this year. It's been announced before on Discord and during Pre-ESA. But perhaps not on the forums.

xxMergyxx: The reason attendance fee has increase is because last years event made a major loss.

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About nicknames on T-shirts. It's nothing we've got planned. Individual print would be very expensive.

However, we will look into the possibility add nicknames as an add-on. It's not impossible to add transfer-print to an existing shirt.


Ok I'll just use Paypal then, thanks for letting me know, Edenal.


Hi guys! I'm sorry to inform you that I will not be able to be at ESA 2016. See you guys next year.


Hi guys, not sure where to post this so apologies if I'm in the wrong place, but please could you remove my submissions? Recent developments have made it so I cannot attend anymore, which is unfortunate.


Magn00zi: You won't need to bring your own PC. I haven't tried to do research on what equipment will be available, but last year had PCs used at Dreamhack. I reckon there'll probably be something similar available this year.

I'm sure it would be perfectly fine to bring your game on a USB stick, which is what I'll be planning to do as well.


There are pc's, so no worry about that. Be sure that the game works on newer pc's, or that you know how to install these if they need specific drivers and such.
Take your own controller if you use one, and be sure that the mouse and keyboard they have are not the same you have. So, might be advantageous to take yours just in case.


Just registered for ESA 2016 and got my tickets! I am really looking forward to running Abe's Oddysee there! I will be there on 26th for one day and will be looking forward to people watching me on the stream!

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For the travelling side of things, I have booked my train to the airport, my flights to Copenhagen and a hotel in Vaxjo. My mum who is travelling with me is not so sure about booking the train from Copenhagen Airport to Vaxjo station in advance or buying a ticket at the station. Our flight arrives at Copenhagen around 16:30 and we won't have any suitcases, just carry on bags. The earliest train we can get is the 17:08.


Get tickets before you are there. It can always happen that the train is already full.


What Matse said. It’s always preferable to have the tickets before you’re there. If you’re lucky, you may even grab pre-booking discounts.

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Ok. Then I will book a train before I go. Thanks for the advice people. in addition to this, for the ESA organisers, I will be bringing my own psychical copy of Abe's Oddysee PC before my run starts on the day when I arrive (26/07/) so it can be installed and set up with Motionjoy before my run starts. The computer will need to be restarted into disable driver signing management mode (F8 key at startup) so Windows can recognise the Motionjoy drivers for my controller to work in-game.


Is there going to be a new Twitch channel this year? The old one has been taken down


I guess it just moved here


Well, a little sad, but since all my games got cut and I haven't been able to secure any good transport (train would not be an option for me this time around, for reasons), plus the fact that it half-collides with another event in Linköping the same week that I have to be at, to save on money and hassle I'll not be attending ESA this year. Hopefully next year's ESA will not be the same week as Närcon (please make it not be the same week as Närcon), and hopefully I'll actually have a goddamn job at that time.

So here's to 2017.