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>So the 400 SEK (or 550 with air mattress) for the mass housing are for the whole week and not per day, right? This may sound like a stupid question, but I just want to get sure.

Yes of course. Otherwise everyone would stay in the hotel!

Mass housing will be open from Saturday (day 1) to Monday morning (day 10).


how long does the parking disk go?


How much time do you usually have to decide to go before tickets and acommodation become sparse?


Martin: Parking disk?

Nakuri: We have capacity for 500+ attendees at the event. Considering yearly steady growth, we estimate around 300 attendees this year.

General mass housing area is estimated for ~125 attendees. If all those tickets are sold out, we have a plan B and a plan C.

As for hotels, they have combined around 200 rooms in total. 600+ beds. We will let know know if there's becoming a shortage of any particular room type. Closer to the event, we will the hotel situation every other week or when appropriate.

If you have already made plans to attend ESA, we do recommend purchasing your ticket and make your accommodations reservations as early as possible!


Edenal (in swedish): Hur många timmar gäller P-skivan? =D


No need for a parking disk. Just park and be happy 🙂



we have a plan B and a plan C.

What are plan B and C? I want to know if I should book mass housing early or if I can afford being not among the first 125 people while I am unsure about whether Im going


S: Plan B / C are expansions of mass housing. Still in the same area/venue. Using these rooms for mass housing is something we want to avoid as long as possible since the rooms would be used for other purposes. And this is why we have a cap, at some point there the event space will be too small compared to the amount of attendees.

If you plan on attending, you should complete the registration as soon as possible.

We will make sure to continuously post updates here and on Twitter about the amount of signups for mass housing so you can make your final decision closer to the deadline.

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just waiting on run approvement 😭
wait, can i (or maybe should i?) pay for a place in masshousing now and cancel payment (hope u return money) if my run wont take a place so i wont come?!?


When you say "Late / On-site registration" I assume this means you could show up and pay at the entrance without pre-booking?


adde: You are correct!


A little Mass Housing question, just to make sure, I guess you guys aren't taking sign-ups for it yet, or am I missing something out? Since I'll be busy with college from now on, I'd like to have all that done soon so I don't forget to sign-up or anything.

I'll keep checking Twitter and everything whenever I can, but I just had to ask it.


SerSanju: We've encountered a minor set back with the registration and payment site. It's up and running in test mode, but one luxury (but yet important) feature is yet to be fully implemented. That's why the launch has been delayed.

Sorry for the delay!

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I see, thanks for the info! 🙂



Signups / Registration / Payment will be delayed by at least another week, due to personal matters.

Apologies for the inconvenience! Hope you can survive the wait! 🙂

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So I see signups are a thing now - and I was just wondering, for how long are discounted tickets going to be available?

(also, since the largest T-shirt size is still too small for me, anyone want an extra shirt?)


Discounted tickets will be available until 1 month before the start of ESA16.

We'll add a larger T-shirt size to accommodate everyone. For now we will add XXL.
(We might add XXXL and XS later on if there's a demand.)

If you've purchased your ticket, let me know and I'll adjust your T-shirt reservation!

Currently writing a FAQ and for the registration / payment. Stay tuned.

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Haven't bought my ticket yet, but it's good to know there's no rush for getting a discounted ticket given my economic situation right now. As for shirts, I'll go ahead and express interest in 3XL becoming a thing.


Thank you for adding XXL 🙂