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ESA 2016 is a speedrunning centred community meetup and marathon. The doors are open from Saturday the 23rd of July at 8am until Monday the 1st of August at noon The stream is planned to run from the evening of the 23rd of July the evening of the 29th of July.

This thread serves to collect all key information and threads into one place.

ESA 2016 tickets are now on sale

Fortnox Arena
Hejaregatan 5,
352 46 Växjö

Event Registration:
Registration and Payment thread

Discounted attendance fee: 500 SEK (this deadline has passed)
Discounted mass housing fee: 400 SEK (this deadline has passed)
Discounted mass housing fee (including air mattress): 550 SEK (this deadline has passed)
Late / On-site event registration: 750 SEK
Late / On-site mass housing registration: 600 SEK

Deadline for discounted attendance fee: 23rd of June
Deadline for discounted mass housing fee: 9th of July

Game submissions:
Game Submissions and Schedule thread
First round cuts announcement
Second stream announcement

Hotels and Accommodation:
Hotels and Accommodation Thread

Mass housing is on-site, in a hall of Fortnox Arena.

Two hotel options are available, Best Western Royal Corner and Scandic Växjö

Travel resources:

Växjö lies on the railway line from Gothenburg and Copenhagen to Kalmar. Travellers from Stockholm will have to make one brief change in Alvesta.

International travellers should book a flight to Copenhagen (Kastrup) Airport. It is now more commonly known by the city name, but you should be aware of the old name in case some booking systems show it.

Guide to Copenhagen airport

The Øresundståg trains to Växjö run directly from the airport train station. Tickets cost 310DKK each way, and are bookable online at An Øresundståg ticket is valid for any train 3 hours before or after the stated time, and no re-booking is required.

Växjö Småland airport has a limited number of routes, but particularly the flights from Weeze and Prague may be convenient for you. Their website has details. A direct bus runs from the airport to the venue, and takes 20 minutes.

To check if you need a VISA to visit Sweden, you can read the guide by Maxiethehatter

Equipment Information and Resources:
Equipment thread

Volunteer Information and Resources:
For tech volunteering, contact Oasiz or Planks.
For hosting volunteering, contact Maral or IrregularJinny
To help with setup (moving equipment and laying out venue) on Friday 22nd, contact Edenal and ask for details.

Misc. Information:

Lead Organiser's Information:

If you have questions about the event, please contact any of us and make sure to follow ESA's twitter account!

Name: Edenal
Best contact option: ESA discord server / Twitter (@edenalsda) / Email:

Name: oasiz
Best contact option: SRL IRC (oasiz)

Name: flicky
Best contact option: Twitter (@flickyish) / SRL IRC (flicky) / Email / Twitch (flickyish)

Name: bangerra
Best contact option: Skype (bangerra) / Twitter (@bangerrasrl) / SRL IRC (bangerra) / Twitch (bangerra)

Name: Ontwoplanks
Best contact option: ESA Discord server / Twitter (@ontwoplanks)

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Will there be free parking available at the venue?

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Yes, there will be free parking at the venue!

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Hey! Don't hate me but I have some questions 😛

1. I love the idea of the dedicated dressing rooms for females. I remember a similar thing at a previous ESA but in the end we didn't bother. Back then it was offered for either all females or couples. Would couples be allowed in this one? Not an issue if not but something I'm wondering. 🙂

2. Are there or will there be any photos or video tours of the venue? Previous ESA's provided photos or maps of the different rooms/areas that we had access to. Can there be something similar for this one? 🙂

3. Streaming ends on 29th but venue is open until 1st? So 3 more days? How much bonus are you guys planning? XD We plan to go from 22nd to 1st but it says mass housing is available from 23rd. Is it not possible from 22nd?

Right now we're not sure whether to go with mass housing or hotel. There's a big price difference since mass housing would be around £32 each while the hotel room would be £520 for both of us. I love the fact that mass housing is in the same place so no reason to leave 😃 I'm so lazy. 🙂 I'm just wondering how much privacy might be available at mass housing. In 2013 the mass housing had some hiding holes and corners but I guess it depends on how the room is laid out but I imagine with it being an arena its just one big open square hall?

Finally.. HYPE! 😃


I think you're confused. The dressing rooms would be sectioned off as a female only mass housing and/or shower. It would be female only, so if you're not a female, you're not allowed in.
We've never offered anything specifically for couples or anything like that.

If mass housing was available for the 22nd, it would already say that. It's from the 23rd until the 1st, that's why we wrote that.


I'm sure in 2013 I enquired about it and I was told that there might be a small room or two for females or two couples but in the end we didn't bother. Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly. No problem 🙂

Yeah I did wonder that so wasn't sure whether there would be a point in asking but just seems odd to me that the venue is booked for 3 more days after the event but none before, only on the day it starts, as I thought most people arrive at least a day before but oh well 😛

It's not a problem as we've decided to have mass housing but hotel on 22nd and then 31st to get decent sleep after and before travelling 🙂

So we can reserve hotel rooms now? Do we have to pay on reserving/booking or when we arrive? In 2014 at Skovde we paid on departure but it might be different 😛


So mass housing isn't a 20 minute walk from the venue? Nice.


Will mass housing and air mattress money be sent to the same paypal/bank account as last year?

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When will the submissions be open?


Game submissions will open on Saturday the 13th of February and close on Saturday the 27th of February at 23:59 CET.


geurge: We are going to be using a new automated payment solution where you can select those additional options to you ESA2016 attendance.

You will then receive a printable PDF ticket and/or a ticket which will be available to a smartphone app. Which we will scan when you arrive.

Payment options will be all major credit / debit cards and Paypal.

Makes it easier for everyone!


Literally an app specific for the ticket-system. Will post more detailed information once it's ready to go live!


Is there gonna be a kitchen that we can use this year?

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Babyhuehnchen: Yes!
T1g3r_94: There will be not be a kitchen available for cooking.

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Not sure if this is the correct thread for this, but what if I want to donate prices or anything?

I thought I might provide some "input viewers" for different consoles, ranging from NES to GameCube. They can be used to show your controller inputs on stream in real-time, based on the NintendoSpy software.

In case that's something that'd work as a price, I'd like to know who to contact about this.

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So the 400 SEK (or 550 with air mattress) for the mass housing are for the whole week and not per day, right? This may sound like a stupid question, but I just want to get sure.


Question: Will there be wristbands for my collection again?


Cloth wristbands and lanyards

Yes the mass housing price is for the whole event

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HYPE for wristbands and lanyards 😃

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eNt91: Cool! There will be a prize thread in a few months with a point of contact for prizes. Sit tight, and we will get that sorted closer to the event!