I kinda doubt that you will... but if you need a 1hr40m run for the buffers, you can readd Donkey Kong Country Returns, it got cut in the 3rd round cuts. I'll be in Växjö for the whole event. 😉


maybe i'll not go to this years esa, because I didn't get in. good luck everyone attending! 🙂


My game got past the second round cuts, but was sadly cut out later. So if you need a 43 minute game let me know. I'll be attending for almost the whole event.


I'm not going, remove my game.


Draft 2 of the schedule updated on the same link.

Please let us know if anything is wrong.

This will mostly be the final schedule excepting any problems.


Run Invalid runner should be renamed to Team SweetPeas or something along those lines, there's like a dozen more people involved in it.


I liked when it was Serious Sam after driver. Why was it changed to be like this?


Festival of Blood at 3 instead of 5am is nice, that way I'll be able to sleep after.
Winx at 7, well, last year there wasn't a single day I didn't wake up at 5am for some silly reason and then tried "sleeping" again. It's fine.


Hey guys,

I submitted Tekken 3 All Endings to ESA, and I am a little upset that the schedule says 6 Characters instead of the initial run, as I never submitted that category to be ran and it was changed without my say or consent.

I really feel that an All Endings run would be received much more positively at the event, and my co-commentator Ricky and I have made a short video detailing these reasons why. We made this video because although we contacted one of the organisers, we only received a 'we'll wait and see' reply, and since then, the category hasn't changed in the second draft and we haven't heard anything else since.

Here's the video:

We really believe that a full, non-arbitrary Tekken 3 run has a place at ESA, and we request the organisers to please reconsider adding the original run back to the schedule.


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if they dont change it back to what u submitted....dont do the run at esa.


I'd like to see Tekken 3 in the schedule as I have certain appreciation for running games that aren't typically ran but an hour of any fighting game is just too much. No matter how you sugarcoat it, fighting games simply don't have enough variety in them to stay interesting for that long.


Originally posted by KottiNo matter how you sugarcoat it, fighting games simply don't have enough variety in them to stay interesting for that long.

My god man, do you even?
Excuse me while i note stuff, such as EVO.
You know. That tournament series that has been going on for YEARS, which has a INCREASING FANBASE and has MULTIPLE MOMENTS in games that "don't have enought variety to stay interesting for long" like Tekken, Street Fighter, FREAKING SMASH BROS MAN. List is big. Plus it's spawned many sub tournaments, like AnimEVO with games like Blazblue and Guilty Gear.
And the tournaments go on for freaking HOURS, but barely anyone can get tired of it and they keep coming back for more matches and even future events. It's one of the BIGGEST fighting game tourmaments ever, still continues to this day and when you see all those highlights and even full matches, you can never get bored with them! You can watch an entire recording of an event, with every match of every game and i bet you anything, over 500,000 people will NEVER get tired of watching it again and AGAIN.
Hell, we don't even need to talk about EVO. Let's talk about ESPORTS, which is something that is so beloved to people, it used to make Twitch crash like crap because so many would overload the servers just by trying to watch those streams! Games like Street Fighter and Tekken and such would get played by so many and they would get SO many people watching, watching all the way through, getting all hyped for these guys and hoping they kick the crap out of their opponents. That's been going on for quite a while too, and it's still going on, and it's STILL big.
Oh. But fighting games just aren't that interesting for like, 1 hour. Naaah. So not. You hit that nail right on the head, Kotti, bravo...

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Do you realize you're comparing tournaments where best players play against each other to find out who's the best to a speedrun where one good player beats up the AI repeatedly with a few combos? It's like saying that Counter-Strike bot matches make for a great speedrun because CS is a major e-sport.

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Originally posted by KottiDo you realize you're comparing tournaments where best players play against each other to find out who's the best to a speedrun where one good player beats up the AI repeatedly with a few combos? It's like saying that Counter-Strike bot matches make for a great speedrun because CS is a major e-sport.

What i'm trying to say isn't just about the tournaments. It's about the people who would watch those games that just "aren't interesting after an hour". With the fact Speedruns have a pretty big fanbase too, with the right guy (which is pretty clearly a positive here), a Speedrun of Tekken 3, a full one infact, would be downright enjoyable for thousands. It would NOT get uninteresting after a hour, that shit would last weeks.
Plus, do you know that each character has their own, unique moveset? That means not every fight is going to act like the same punch kick bullshit. And considering Shirdel here is going for such a number of characters, that means alot of variety and alot of interesting moments for a speedrun.
If something like EVO can still be as big and popular as it is for years, then i'm freaking positive this speedrun of Tekken 3 for All Endings will bring in many viewers and fans and will become a very popular, very liked speedrun for all to see, all the way to the end. It would not be too much, like you think it is.


Sorry I must agree with Kotti. A hour long run wouldnt be too interesting to watch. I took my time and watched the run by myself and it became relatively fast repetetive and boring (for me atleast).

Also if so many people would watch these speedruns why did i never saw a lot of viewers watching this type of run?


I believe the amount of enjoyment somebody would get out of a Tekken or fighting game run is down to the individual, much like any speedrun.

The only reason why more people don't watch these runs is because they aren't well-known; I only started running Tekken about a year ago and I'm still a relatively unknown streamer all things considered, and there was only one person who ran the series before then. However, a lot of speedrunners and Tekken/FGC community members who have seen the run have majorly said positive things about it. The whole point of submitting the run to ESA was to showcase that these games can be ran, and ran in an enjoyable fashion.


It's precisely because things like EVO exist that people will have way higher expectations when watching a game like that than seeing someone beat up an AI. Quake 3 is my all-time favorite game and I've done a couple of crappy runs of it for random reasons. I'd be embarrassed to use Q3's multiplayer fame to promote myself killing retarded bots.

(PS: I'm surprised they changed the category on their own though if they did.)

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Just my 2 cents. A speedrun is running a game from start to finish. Stopping at 6 characters is arbitrary. Why not stop running mario halfway through the second level?

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That is the exact reason why Ricky and I decided to make our video. People can argue about how interesting or viable a speedrun is, but that's a totally different debate from the reason we posted this: My run WAS accepted, got through all three rounds of cuts, and then was slashed in less than half without my consent.

I could defend the viability of my run amongst other, more well-known and perhaps 'traditional' speedruns, but again, my run was initially accepted by the organisers, so as far as I'm concerned that alone is enough to justify my run in the line-up. And again, that's not the reason why Ricky and I made our video.

And besides, there have been plenty of other dubious and infamous runs that have been at ESA in the past, which were criticised as being 'not skill-based', or 'an RNGfest'. I'm not going to name names, but at the very least, I can say my run is extremely skill-based. I don't see why it shouldn't deserve a place at ESA, or at least give the run a chance to prove itself. With only 6 Characters, you're cutting the legs off the run before it even starts.

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Wont be able to make it to ESA this year, i was going to race puppetmaster in croc so i guess just make it into a solo run?