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ESA 2016 will be open from Saturday the 23rd of July at 8am until Monday the 1st of August at noon. Click here to visit the master thread!

This post was written by flicky

The Game submission and scheduling team are flicky, bangerra, Fatzke.

Final Schedule

This is draft 1, we will be tweaking the schedule until we're happy with it. Please let us know about any problems you have. Generally the changes won't be too huge, but we will move games around to make things more cohesive for viewers and for tech. Making this can really jar the brain and stop you seeing things too clearly, so if you see anything in the schedule that seems stupid, just say so in this thread, we might've missed something.

¤edit¤Prime Time
With only a single stream and more quality submissions than ever, we tweaked our approach this year to extend "prime time" until about 4am, hopefully allowing some people in US timezones to catch more runs they might be interested in than usual. While it sounds strange for 4am to be called prime time, we've decided to give it a shot this year and see if it keep viewing figures higher through typically quiet shifts.

What about drop-outs?
We're having a slightly different approach for drop outs this year. We will not be replacing them until we have reached a maximum for additional setup buffers. Currently we're confident we can stay on schedule, but instead of replacing all cut games, we will instead increase certain setup buffers. If we get to approximately 20 hours of setup windows (we're currently at 12.5) then we will start replacing any additional games.

Now this may sound like a strange choice, but we're opting to approach it this way so that we can hopefully (but not necessarily) run early while on site and put in extra runners there and then without messing up the approach of the marathon too much in advance and without needing to chase up runners who were rejected to see if they are still going etc.

(If you attend ESA and your game got past the second round of cuts but rejected in the third, please let us know when at the venue so we know we can add your game if necessary).

Sorry for being a minute late.

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Great! Really looking forward to the event! I'll be there the whole time btw, I guess you might need to know if you ever want Pandora's Tower in for the buffers 🙂


Nice. Seems good, I really have no complains, but I really wasn't expecting a run at 5am, I have trouble sleeping so that means I pretty much won't sleep that day most likely. Anyway, at least I have my run in, you can count on me being up at any time if it's for that OpieOP


Nice a run in the first half of the Week. Happy with that, but actually not expected a Run that "early" so it might be RIP Breakfast OpieOP Anyways i'm super excited and looking forward to it 🙂

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I'll be attending ESA, if you happen to get an extra 4 hours spare time to put Kingdom Hearts II in.

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Uhm since when did the estimate for Metroid Prime 2 Echoes go down to 1:40 ?
I'm confident that I will get it below that, but there are a few things out of my control that can easily wreck my run, which is why I went with a very save 1:50 estimate just in case really everything goes wrong.
Other than that I'm fine with it OpieOP


Looks good for all the games I'm interested in catching. 😎

Cheeky little request though: two of my Spyro pals won't be arriving until after my Spyro 2 run on Sunday and I'd really like them to be there for it. The evening timeslot is fantastic but if I could get a later day then that would be sick. Don't want to seem ungrateful though since you actually gave me a really good slot, lol. Just throwing it out there if there is some kind of switch around that ends up happening. 😛

Thanks a bunch.


Nice, just need a couple dozen people to drop out then maybe we can squeeze FFX back in

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21 on the 27th might be a bit tight for me depending on when I leave on the 28th but I'll check
Also Lurk told me he wanted ts(1) in the marathon just fyi


The estimate on the schedule for Disgaea 2 is 2:15 and I submitted a 2:30 estimate. 2:15 is about an average run whereas a 2:30 estimate takes into account the worst that can happen. If you're fine with this then that's fine, just keep in mind that it can very easily go over estimate.

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Pretty good looking schedule. I'm perfectly fine with running X-men: Mojo World at the time it's set for (and hopefully so is Robosparkle). I'll definitely be making an effort to catch more games than I did last year (curse you, Mafia!)

I'll be there for the entire event, so if a spare hour comes up I can easily run Metal Gear 2, since that got through the 2nd round of cuts but was cut in the third round.


I'm not entirely sure yet when I arrive, but I plan to do so some time on the 23rd and will stay until the end. I'd be up for it to squeeze in my 140 run that got past the 2nd round of cuts and I am hereby shortening its estimate down to 18:30.

Looking forward to meeting you all. 🙂


Looks alright so far, the only problem I have is that Serious Sam HD: TFE estimate is 50 minutes, not 45


well. i will be attending and if it happens that you spare around 5 hours. you can always ad tw101 back in it. OpieOP


That 17:34 time slot for Abe's Oddysee on 26/7 looks perfect. Can't wait to fly out to Copenhagen and taking to train to Växjö!


I won't be able to attend this year 😱 but I'm sure there are a few Fallout 1 runners there that wouldn't mind running for me or something like that

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If possible, it would be great if Wario Land 3 could be pushed a little further into the day (the 25th), as I have to travel to växjö that same day from Aarhus, Denmark. Let me know if anything can be done, or I'll probably see it in the next draft. Should've thought about that before. Else I'll probably figure something out. 🙂

EDIT: It's no problem anyway, I figured it out. Would still be cool to push it a couple of hours if possible, but it's a low priority thing and shouldn't cause you any trouble. 🙂


Thanks for putting Zelda Four Swords late in the schedule so that Tompa and I can practice on-site! ❤️


It would be great if it was possible to have the Bloodborne & Dark Souls 3 runs the same weekend. Both me, Elajjaz & Santzo will only be able to attend ESA for a few days and the plan was to do commentary for both runs since we all run them. I've had a chat with both of them the best option would be to have both runs the first weekend, the second weekend might work as well as long as we can plan our trip ahead. 🙂


GTA:SA Any% may be a good choice to readd into any canceled slots! Some new developments were found which cuts out Gang territories which saves roughly 8-9 minutes + some new glitches have been discovered which may need to be routed into the run!

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