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Talking about ESA 2016, is anybody from Czech Republic (or Slovakia) planning to attend and could help me with payment, luggage etc. and could be my "best friend" for a really long trip to Sweden? (I know its a bit early... ) OpieOP

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Well, I could maybe go there 🙂

EDIT: Oooops, looks like I've just missed the deadline for submissions. Sorry then 🙁


Submissions have not opened yet for ESA16. The deadline that just passed is for a smaller online marathon that will be taking place before the main event


Did you know, that if you're crazy like me, you can make the trip from Prague to ESA in a single day by train? 8D Leave at 8.27 on EC 176 to Hamburg, from there take ICE 37 to Copenhagen and finally Øresundståg 1102 all the way through =D

Sorry, just had to let that go 😉


Hmm, I may consider train if it's cheaper than plane 😃


If any of you are travelling from the Czech Republic to ESA, you may need to buy me some Kout na Šumavě beer.

This is not a joke. I will pay you back for your troubles. Please let me know.

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I'm planning to go there, if you're still interested add me on steam


If there's any Czech or Slovak going, contact me on steam(, I already have everything planned, pretty cheap.