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We Futurama now, boys

Also as an aside, I won't be at the event until late on the 24th btw

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I can't recall if I actually put this in my submissions (I thought I did but eh), but the earlier I can do my runs the better as I won't be able to stay the full marathon. Lmk if this is an issue and I'll see what I can work out with my family!

Also, really excited to be a part of the marathon! Thank you for this opportunity!


Congrats everyone who got in!!

I can come to the event anytime so don't try to restrict me to any dates! See you all for some good spooky speedruns.


Nice to see Borderlands 2 get into a marathon after so many years. I look forward to the glitchfest that is co-op.


I'm sorry for everyone who didn't make it.
But anyways i'm super hyped for eveyone who DID survive the Final Cut including myself SoBayed

So Bangerra do we get our "Addams Family Block" now? OpieOP


i already hate freedom planet why would you DO that to me

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I'm glad that ESA at ESA by ESA is going to be a thing. Games list looking good overall too LilZ

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Yeah I hate it when the same games gets in every single year, good thing we have SM64 this year, I was tired of never seeing it in any marathon ever 😃

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Cuts are looking good, Dishonored NLG is the only one that sticks out as something that should've been in. Isn't AvP is supposed to be AvP2?

I guess someone contacted you about Run Invalid since it's in. Haven't had a chance to try the games myself yet but they should be good and knowing how the previous games got routed, we should still have plenty of time.

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Hello everyone, I got a special request about the Limbo race, and other runners who're involved can confirm my statement :

First of all, thank you for letting Limbo survive the final cut, we know it's a very particular game which is difficult to make appear on a marathon, due to its sad atmosphere.

I wasn't supposed to attend ESA at the beginning, but due to personal issues, Tixi called me in emergency to ask me if I can replace him for the Limbo race. Zet and Méléagant agreed about it too. So we would like to know if this replacement is possible or not.

If your answer is positive, I'm only able to attend the marathon the last day (29th), because of unavoidable final school's stuff. So if this replacement is accepted, could you please put the race on the 29th of July in the ESA's schedule ?

Thank you for your consideration.

Edit : For more precisions, I'll have no choice but to take a flight on Thursday's night, and I'll probably reach ESA Friday in the morning, around 7:00 AM.

Edit 2 : Replacement accepted, Thank you very much !


Posting to confirm Yajijy's statement - as sad as it is. 🙁 I am definitely going to ESA eitherway, I hope the race doesn't fall with this rather unconventient issue.

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how do i quote

"Isn't AvP is supposed to be AvP2? "


meant for kotti

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I have to drop Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines as I am no longer able to attend. Sorry for the inconvenience, I had hoped things would have worked out.


I'm just mildly curious why Mega Man 2 was cut, would be cool to get a reason if it was the game, the run, the runner or something else.


Can I please get an explanation as in why Twilight Princess got cut?
I asked once but no answer yet.


I would like an answer as well. I feel my question is valid.


^ same. Still hope to get an answer (or a reason for Knight Rider 2 in the spreadsheet) aswell 🙂

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@kejsmaster - Zelda is always hard to decide on. We opted for Ocarina just because that generally draws the biggest crowd and pleases the most people. We couldn't fit in too much Zelda this year due to tight space. On top of that, Joden's MST time is closer to WR.

@MizterConfuzing - When we thought about the game some more, we realised that there's no way that we could run the game without the chat becoming a complete mess. As interesting as speedrunning a letsplayers game is, we just didn't think it would pass without incident.

@tocaloni - Knight Rider just didn't look interesting enough for such a long run.

Going to lock this thread, so please post followups in the Schedule thread or message me!