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This post was written by flicky

The Game submission and scheduling team are flicky (great dancer), bangerra (pukey), Fatzke (sleepy).

[Round 3 - "I Mean, The Cuts Themselves Are Done... Why Not Post Them Early?"](

We were early on this so thought we'd get them out today. Schedule will be sometime in the next 72 hours, give or take 72 hours.

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Woah. Fingers' Metal Gear 2 got cut but my Metal Gear 1 survived? a combination I did not expect.

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Damn great games list guys really looking forward to that pnoxt wizard run!

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As always, RNG was on my side Kappa b

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I demand a recount over the loss of my FF10 Kappa

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We are the Winx!


Yay! Abe's Oddysee made it. Looking forward to running that game there.


Welp, kinda sad I got no game in while I had 2 games that passed the second cut. I have my answer for Pandora's Tower (guess I'll try again next year), and I have my guess for Xenoblade, but do you have any reason to give for cutting Xenoblade?

Thanks in advance ~

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I would really like an explanation as in why TP got cut once again.
Last years reason was TWW.
This year? Not WR?


What's with all the races? I understand the appeal, but at first glance it seems like it might be a bit many

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I really want to know why SMG2 was cut. I have practiced that game the past week and starting tomorrow I will have a lot of free time, so I thought I would show it off this weekend and write it in the second round cuts thread since the limit for this cut was June 5th. Feels kind of bad tbh, I thought my SMG2 run was pretty safe after last year's discussion. And I certainly thought I would have until 5th of June to prove myself.

EDIT: I mean, if the reason is "we can't know for sure you are going to be able to perform" I would like you to re-think the cut. If the reason is "We had too many good games and we felt like we could do SMG2 some other time" it is perfectly fine. I don't want to sound obnoxious. I just want it to be explained.

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Rejected because of subject matter? If this was really the issue then I don't understand why it was not cut earlier. Could you please elaborate on the why it was cut?

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hi. i really want to know why TW101 was cut. like a better explanation then
edit: thanks for the quik reply. i can understand yes but i'm still sad.

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I'm kinda in the same boat as Pottoww but with NSMB 2 instead of SMG 2.
New, non-arbitrary category making a debut vs some 90s Mario games 100% related categories for the 3rd or so time.


I'm really excited to be running Tekken for the first time at a marathon, thank you guys so much.

I was meaning to give guys an update before the cuts anyway, so: It's been hell trying to get my stream fixed. I've done every test I can think of, contacted Twitch to ensure there's no issue on their end, had TWO engineers round on separate occasions, and now finally I'm trying to get my ISP to fix the issue on their end. I'm hoping I should be back to streaming soon, but in a worst case scenario I'll do runs off-stream.

Otherwise, I'm going to be buying an NTSC PS2 over the next two days, which should save at least 1m20s over an emulated run.

PM when you decide how you're going to treat the Dr. B donation incentive. Thanks again guys!


Alright, looks like you want me to run the hardest category I submitted 🙂

And wow, the Winx Club hype Kreygasm

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Reason for Kingdom Hearts II Any%.


So I kind of expected Mega Pony to get cut (tbh I didn't even expect it to get through the first round), but that Mighty Gunvolt also was saddens and surprises me and the only of my games that got cut I'd like to know the reason for. If it was for lack of having videos of my runs, not much I could have done about that as I don't have the game on any platform I actually can record...


Awesome that I got one game in, but I'm VERY disappointed that Metal Gear 2 got cut. Can someone explain why?

Still, this looks to be an amazing ESA. Looking forward to it.

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Cool to see that the PoP Sands of Time Zipless race got in! 🙂
Also i'm curious why Knight Rider 2 got cut. Hope to see a reason for that in the spreadsheet soon 🙂

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