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Hi, had to take a break from streaming, so i wasn't able to invest as much time into my speedgames as i wanted to. The good news is that i will be able to do runs daily now until i go to ESA.
My goals for each Game/Category are still the same and i'm on a good pace to reach them.
The next month i will focus on Banjo Kazooie first, if it makes the second cut. Linkus7 and i didn't know we both submitted Banjo, so we would like to do a race, if that is still possible.
As for the games:

Super Mario Sunshine: I improved my Sunshine any% time to a 1:18:52 (
I haven't done any runs in the 120 Shines category since i submitted. If Sunshine gets into ESA i will focus solely on the category that will be run at the event to improve my time as much as i can.

Banjo Kazooie: I improved my time to a 2:51:07 so far (, but now that i'm able to grind the game daily i expect a much faster time very soon. My average times on my segments are already faster than my PB, so i expect a big PB in the upcoming days. I also talked to some of the top Banjo runners and they will help me to get consistent at the most entertaining glitches like Camera-Softlock, Void-Outs and Yorb-Skip

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Since everyone is doing it I'm gonna join the "Last Update Train" 🙂

The Addams Family:
I was very busy with work and other stuff lately so i wasn't able to do Practice Runs on stream, but I'm still able to do a run under 10 minutes estimate. I practiced the clip and the "endgame" really hard and I'm sure this run will be a cool experience for everyone SoBayed

p.s. Gomez is ready OpieOP
p.s.² My current PB including Video can be found on my Speedrun Page 4Head


Metal Gear:
Set a MASSIVE new PB right at the last minute, after a huge long time of tears struggling with the endgame (The scorpions right at the end have a nasty habit of ruining your good runs, but I'm getting better at avoiding them, or at least having enough health spare that I can plow through to the next checkpoint)

World Of Illusion:
The trick, once again, is finding time where Fingers and I are both available to DO a co-op. Still, we've set a new PB, and should still be able to hold our own in a race.


I thought I'd give you an update on the status of my games. I've had a busy semester (which is luckily coming to an end) so I've not been able to invest as much time in the games as I would've liked. My priority has been improving my times in Environmental Station Alpha and Yume Nikki, while staying consistent in Croc and Spyro.

Environmental Station Alpha:
I've improved my PB by 2 minutes and 37 seconds since I submitted. Partially due to the new strats I mentioned in my submission, but in general the run has much better movement and no major mistakes. Consistency is not an issue.

Yume Nikki:
I've improved a lot and am able to get sub 13 runs consistently, even with the bad RNG the game sometimes gives you. I expect to improve even more over the next few months.

Croc: Legends of the Gobbos:
I've not been able to play this game much since I submitted, but with the few runs I've done beating the estimate has not been an issue. I've talked to Evert about it, and we both agree 1:50:00 would be a safe estimate. I plan on putting more time into this in the immediate future.

Spyro 2:
I've not had the time to do runs of this game. I've brushed up the tricks and learnt some new strats that work better in a marathon setting, so I won't have any problems beating the estimate. I'll be trying to beat my PB with the marathon strats to get in some practice.


Croc:Legend of the gobbos
Me and Puppet has agreed to lower the estimate to 1:50:00


Since the post I made earlier, I got another new PB in Jet Set Radio, 44:53. Haven't submitted it to the site yet though. Also edited this into my other post; not sure if it would have been looked at or not yet.


Mega Man Game Gear PB 18:07


All estimates for my submitted games stand as they are (including hickups or even giant mistakes).
You can check the leaderboards for my updated times, as always. 🙂


Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, forgot to type this. After i submitted croc for ESA i started grinding croc, and chopped the time down from a 1:44 to a 1:36, (thought i would mention that)


Just a note for the Abe's Oddysee PC submission, I will need to use my Dualshock 3 Controller so Motionjoy will ned to be installed on the gaming PC to make the control work.


heya, wasnt able to improve my dustforce dx any% all levels (ng+) pb yet, and i dont have my vod of my current pb (38:43) anymore
ill probably get a new pb within a couple of days tho since ive gotten alot better

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Alright so now when the day has come I have improved Star Fox Zero and taken the world record. Estimate 50 minutes is VERY safe so maybe an estimate of 45 should happen instead. Anyhow, now I feel like I managed to prove that I am trying my best! 🙂

EDIT: When it comes to SMG2 I have been doing some runs in a tournament we have in the community and I feel very confident with me being able to deliver a first class run in time for the marathon. The tricks are still intact for me and if the game makes it in I will deliver a first class experience. 👍️


Manged to stream today and finished a run of TR5

Still lots to improve and in this PB I failed a skip which cost me 2 minutes, another 3 or 4 minutes can be easily saved by not playing badly in the late game

I think 1:25 - 1:30 is a safe estimate as I will have this time below 1:20 soon

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Ori DE - All skills in 37:58

Will do better, but not before May 1st :>

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Practise for Fable: The Lost Chapters any% has been going well, in addition to a new loadtime remover and autosplitter, over the past month there's been new strats which improve consistency by a whole bunch.

My PB is currently around 4-5 mins faster than the estimate, which is more than enough time for anything the game wants to throw at me. I've got an array of backup strats, and double backup strats, though the run is already very safe and marathon friendly to do. 2 of the few areas that have issues now have a safety strat that is makes them almost impossible to go wrong.

Sadly no new PB's due to work taking up a lot of time, but the run has already been cut down by quite a bit in the past, and I am certain I will come out under estimate in my run even under worst case scenario.