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I haven't had a ton of time to play recently, but updates on my runs:

Mighty Gunvolt is safe, any% is basically at the point for me where the majority of any improvements would have to come from better boss RNG and on All Levels I'm safely sub-20, with a 17:45 IGT on the board (though need to practice the DLC levels a bit more, especially Highway is the worst goddamned level in the game). Still no videos from me since 3DS, but yeah. Estimates for this should stay where they are.

Duo Princess is also safe because there's not a lot of places to screw up and most of the improvements come from being lucky with the meteors in the boss rush, especially the dragon. PBd with Mint by 1 second on a practice run that was complete trash apart from hitting the big stage 3 shortcut on the second try and then noticed I had forgotten to hit Start Recording. Maya is even safer since her only option is taking it slower and safer. Both estimates can really be dropped because not even multiple deaths will cost more than a couple seconds each and there's only so much the RNG can do, so there's no risk whatsoever that it'll go to 20 minutes. Given that I'm just below 15 on my PBs, I'm shifting down both my Mint and Maya estimates to 0:17:00.

Mega Pony is where most of my practice will lie in the time between now and ESA, I want to get a sub-25 IGT before then. There's a lot of small places to screw up on but apart from one boss mentioned later none that costs a whole lot of time so it's definitely safe. I haven't posted any new video or time on the board on the site since I simply haven't gotten a better time than I already have yet - in my PB/WR I got a great pattern on the first boss in my route, who's basically a heap of RNG who has ended most of my run attempts and even when she doesn't can easily cost enough time that I can't make back in later stages. It's not something that can kill a marathon run, but definitely the most likely spot for a death. The rest of the game is consistent nearly every time and there's nothing else even nearly as RNG-y. Dropping the estimate for this to 0:32:00, 35 minutes was kind of overly cautious and probably just me liking estimates ending in 0 or 5.

There's nothing big left to be found in any of the games and it's just a matter of small optimizations now. Please note that the primary times on the boards here for Mighty Gunvolt and Mega Pony are the ingame timer, while my estimates are based on real time.

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For Tekken 3 All Endings:

I've cut down my run a lot in the past couple of weeks, and I'm sure I can reduce it down further still before ESA starts. My consistency has gone up a lot as well, so I'd like to lower my estimate down to 1:12:00.

Playing on console (which is something I intend to be doing before ESA starts) will cut the run down by approximately 1m30s due to loading time differences, and if I play perfectly, I can get rid of another three minutes. In marathon conditions I'm not expecting a perfect run, which is why I still want some leeway in the estimate. (Note: The above estimate is also including the Dr. Boskonovitch donation incentive)


Here's my progress update for my submissions:

For Mort the Chicken I've rerouted and worked on optimizing some parts of the run. This combined with doing more attempts made me cut down my PB by about a minute. The estimate I put in my submission was pretty high and I can now say that I am confident in lowering that to 16 minutes. Here's a video of my current PB:

I've also derusted in Tarzan and done a number of no-reset runs to make sure that I'm up to speed. I would say that I can consistently deliver runs without any major mistakes with times close to my PB.


New PB today! 1:29:37!

As for now, I hope this will be enough to get into ESA for now, as it is 1-2 days left before the cuts. As I promised, sub 1:30. Now it's time to learn the harder strats the game has and chop down some more time. But also at the same time I still have some stuff in school left but in around one month I'll be back to grinding (with harder and faster strats even). As I didn't have so much time to practice because of irl things such as school etc.


I derusted Environmental Station Alpha and got a new PB/WR with the new tech that had been found. I'm super confident in this run and consistency shouldn't be an issue with this.

Bastion I also PB'd in fairly recently (3 weeks ago) and once again, consistency is not a problem with that game whatsoever. I'll also probably get a better PB before ESA

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Tomb Raider 5 is my game

Haven't really had very much time to stream in the last few weeks so I have been unable to stream a full completed run. I was about to PB yesterday but the game crashed on me near the end.

Anyway, just letting you know that I am still actively practicing this game and that due to IRL obligations I have no entry on the leaderboards for the game

These were my splits before the game crashed, as you can see I was on pace for about 1:20 or so which would be 10 minutes below the current estimate. Might be able to stream and get a PB uploaded before cuts but just thought I would let you guys know that I am still interested in running this game at ESA



I want to drop my A Story About My Uncle estimate to 35 minutes since a new pb and even poor runs are pretty easily sub 35.

Wrack and Deus Ex: The Fall are completely fine with the offline practice I've done and I'm very confident with the estimates. I've not pb'd in either because my Wrack wr is already pretty hard to beat and DXTF gave me cancer.

Unfortunately I've not had much time to practice Mad Max at all since starting a new job, but I'm confident that if it does make it through next cuts I will find the time to practice it and hopefully even push the run time down even further.

SUPERHOT I'd like to withdraw as I literally haven't touched that game after like the first 2 weeks of its release.


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For my submissions,

The Lost and Damned is looking good, new 20 to 30 second time save (with fancy wall clipping) and choked away a really good run. SeemsGood

The Ballad of Gay Tony is same old same old, nothing new haven't really had time to burn on grinding attempts for this game, but when I do looking at hopefully a 1:52... Also ran this game at GTAMarathon and got a 1:57:23 so sub estimate is easy.

Driver 1 is a big mess right now, first thing my estimate is bad I could easily achieve a 1:40 or less without anymore practice however, a bunch of issues with crashing recently no idea why, not allot of free time to spend practicing and doing attempts until this past week... and in the past 2 days I have had 2 runs crash, the latest crash happened on the second to last mission on a fairly average 1:45~ run.

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I got PBs in both Thief and Driver (that one in a race). Driver is Driver, there is lots of RNG involved so I guess the only real way to judge runner's skill level is looking at his gold splits. In my case they are pretty decent compared to Omega's (you should add 1 minute to my sum of best because of lightspeed emulation though).

I like to divide Thief runs into two parts when I'm talking about them, pre Mage Towers and bullshit part. First part of the run doesn't contain any hard to execute or RNG-dependent tricks and I'm satisfied with my performance here. However, the second part is a real mess. It mixes hard levels with lots of RNG (Mage Towers keyholing, Lost City jumps, Song of the Caverns guards, Maw of Chaos jumps). I can easily save lots of time over my PB by doing mission "Undercover" intended way instead of wasting time on the least consistent trick in the game. Second part of this run is definitely something I'm going to practice after I'm done with my exams. Can easily optimise that run to 50 minutes flat if I stop playing safe and get consistent with some harder tricks in the bullshit part.

I also managed to derust Underworld 2 and got a run surprisingly close to my PB, actually it would have been a new PB if I hadn't got confused near the end. My "average time" for this game is 28:38 with 27 finished runs making it probably the safest run I can offer at the moment.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to go back to MM6. There are old new strats that probably make this run as optimised as it can be. I'm going to go for a sub 30 run after I'm done with my exams (May 16th). I won't cry if this run gets cut, because rules are rules and I barely touched this game in the past month.


Late to the party but I didn't have much time to practice.

Resonance of Fate: Even with the shittiest rng and stuff it will be easily under 2:55 every time. (Marathon run would exclude the 11 minutes of credits that are included on the leaderboards)
Reason why my time is so far off of WR is my slow console and using safer strats for the marathon at times.

Lightning Returns: I didn't practice this much since my time was already pretty good on the PS3 version (which is roughly 15-20 minutes slower compared to PC version). The de-rust run I did off stream was 2:37 on PS3, which would be about around 2:20 on PC).

Tales of Xillia 2: Been currently practicing this off stream, made steady progress towards sub 3:40 times overall. It's not much more difficult or different from ToX1, only a bit more luck reliant at times so times can spike a bit more. However, I won't be able to update with any videos/leaderboard times on this until monday.

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Please change my estimate for Magical Quest 3 from 40min to 35mins.

Updated runs on my and on my twitch page.


EDIT: There are other runs on my twitch page so you can get a feel for the run.

My other run Medievil I am not likely to offer anymore as i haven't practiced it a huge amount.


Update on my Castlevania: SoTN submission:

I have been able to consistently get sub 18:00 runs over the past week. Half around the 17:30 mark. Should be getting sub 17:30 runs closer to the marathon. I have attached an example commentary run below. The first four minutes got chopped between streams, and I'm happy to link that, but this will give you an idea.


I just pbed by 7 seconds in Elite Force, derusted a lot during the last weeks. Other than that i'm softlocking all over the place so everything going as expected on that front. Did a couple of minor strat changes here and there that are cool.

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few updates from me:
ActRaiser 2 - as promised in my submission comment, I implemented a majority of the fastest strats, and ended up getting a massive PB, bringing my time down to around 50 minutes. It won't show up on the leaderboard (because no one that actually runs the game manages it...) so here's the video

Also, with this PB, I'm confident that my estimate can be lowered down to 1 hour. I'll obviously still keep working on AR2.

Bastion - I'm sick at this video game so I didn't feel like I had to try to improve at all, I'll practice if it makes second cuts. In NG Any% my WR was cut thanks to new strats, but I can easily PB with that myself as well.

Alice - while I did not have the time to practice I've realized that my PB can still be improved considerably, and with how consistent everything in this game is, I'd like the estimate changed down to 1:05. I'll most likely try to improve my time to sub-1h before ESA.

Escape Goat 2 - I got my time down to 14:18(game time - ), and I'm currently right behind the best runners on the leaderboard. The 20 minute estimate is fine.

Dredd - chops already posted about this, but - we got the co-op WR and the estimate can be 30min.

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Sorry about being a bit late on posting this stuff but I was busy for a lot of this month and spent some free time recently grinding/practising some of my submissions, so here's some updates.

Jet Set Radio: The one I've been grinding the most to get my PB under the estimate I gave. Got a PB of 45:31 which can be seen here after grinding a lot for a few days. If this gets past the next cuts I will spend more time making sure I can get under estimate and hopefully improving my PB as well (seeing as my sum of best is 4 minutes better). EDIT: Since this post, I got another new PB, 44:53. Haven't submitted it to the site yet though.

Total Overdose: I had WR in this for about a month and did a few practice runs offline (usually under the estimate) and should be able to make estimate easily with even more practice.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: I have been trying to do practise/PB attempts of this recently too (not as much as Jet Set Radio though) and it's proving a little difficult. Haven't gotten under the estimate I supplied yet, so understandable if this is cut. I did PB the other day but didn't submit it to the leaderboard yet, but it wasn't by much. Shigan also submitted this with a slightly higher estimate (and their PB is slightly better than mine) so if this did get in, I think they should run it.

Zombi: Haven't really had time to practise this unfortunately so it's understandable if this one gets cut. It's been a while since I did a full run and I need to go back and look at it to understand some small stuff I need to do so haven't had time to do that. Could probably make estimate if I actually practised!


Ill guess i still post my last update in here:

I grinded KEY online out and im pretty close to sub 1:40 and im very very consistent and im feeling extremly comfortable with a 1:45 estimate. I definately will chop off more time in my pbs when i have more time right now im very busy with university but once that is over i can continue to grind the game.
My current pb is also uploaded and updated on the sr leaderboard.


I wasn’t sure if until 1st May implied today or tomorrow, so I’m posting today to be safe …

As I said, all my times are updated on PBTracker. Individual comments:

Ooze: As you can see, most runs are in the area of 5 to 7 minutes with much more at < 6 than above. Keep it at seven for safety or put it to six minutes; it doesn’t matter. The first level is pretty much at perfection and I just need nothing to go wrong (which happens most of the time). The third level is more or less life or death due to the fishs’ randomness. (Note: I’ll start practising on an actual Genesis controller as soon as my adapter arrives; likely Monday. I used a PSX controller before. I don’t think that’ll impede performance too much on the long run, though.)

Threads of Fate: Unfortunately I have had little time during April due to being away every week-end except for this one. Hence why there are not as many runs of the game that I hoped there would be. Excluding the optional extra boss that I hope to add as an incentive, my most recent times are solidly lower than 3:15. That should be plentiful so lower the estimate accordingly. I’ll update tomorrow if I’m allowed and can get another game with the extra boss fight added in.

Duo Princess: Kenny is obviously the better runner; most of my times are around 19 minutes. However, I got two PBs by a minute’s and half a minute’s margin today, so more is possible. I would reduce the estimate to 19 minutes to be safe or 18 minutes to be more risky. I’ll keep practising here, too, hoping to consistently get times of ~18 minutes or maybe even closer to 17.


Because I am currently in the process of writing my thesis I couldn't really derust on BioShock Infinite (Any%) so far. That won't pose a problem though since it is a pretty derust-friendly game. Also, after switching to Dishonored in October last year I have done several marathon runs of BSI which all went well with the Shots Fired one being sub 1:50 even. Until ESA I definitely plan to improve my WR of 1:46 by roughly a minute and practice heavily to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The same goes for Burial at Sea 1. It's a rather short run for which I want to improve my record by about 10 seconds before ESA.

As for the Dishonored DLC Knife of Dunwall, I got the record about a month ago and still am in good shape. I plan on spending some more time on it since I think there's still potential for some seconds to be shaved off.

One topic that I'd like to quickly touch is the Hill Runner's Hat RNG in BioShock Infinite. When doing regular runs it most definitely is a big run killer since the chance for the item to spawn is pretty low. The marathon safe way of handling this is to have a backup save from the next checkpoint that has already obtained the gear. During a possible ESA run I would farm HRH for 2-3 minutes at a max (so the viewers don't get bored), explain the situation beforehand and in case of bad luck just continue to play until before the next checkpoint. Then I'd load up the backup save and continue as planned. This is basically what FearfulFerret did for SGDQ 2015 and it worked out really well.

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Hi, had to take a break from streaming, so i wasn't able to invest as much time into my speedgames as i wanted to. The good news is that i will be able to do runs daily now until i go to ESA.
My goals for each Game/Category are still the same and i'm on a good pace to reach them.
The next month i will focus on Banjo Kazooie first, if it makes the second cut. Linkus7 and i didn't know we both submitted Banjo, so we would like to do a race, if that is still possible.
As for the games:

Super Mario Sunshine: I improved my Sunshine any% time to a 1:18:52 (
I haven't done any runs in the 120 Shines category since i submitted. If Sunshine gets into ESA i will focus solely on the category that will be run at the event to improve my time as much as i can.

Banjo Kazooie: I improved my time to a 2:51:07 so far (, but now that i'm able to grind the game daily i expect a much faster time very soon. My average times on my segments are already faster than my PB, so i expect a big PB in the upcoming days. I also talked to some of the top Banjo runners and they will help me to get consistent at the most entertaining glitches like Camera-Softlock, Void-Outs and Yorb-Skip

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Since everyone is doing it I'm gonna join the "Last Update Train" 🙂

The Addams Family:
I was very busy with work and other stuff lately so i wasn't able to do Practice Runs on stream, but I'm still able to do a run under 10 minutes estimate. I practiced the clip and the "endgame" really hard and I'm sure this run will be a cool experience for everyone SoBayed

p.s. Gomez is ready OpieOP
p.s.² My current PB including Video can be found on my Speedrun Page 4Head