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Thanks for your answer, I appreciate that you took the time to explain your point of view.

I'm not upset, I was just trying to know if things could be done to make it a race. I know this would have meant to bend the rules a little and I can understand that you won't do it because it could be seen as unfair for the others.

To be honest, I was kinda expecting this answer so I'm not really surprised here, but I thought that was worth trying.

As I said before, this changes nothing about my motivation to work on the game, and I'll be happy to run it at the event if it gets past the last cut !

Have a great day,

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Who is late is late. Even when youre a couple mins late its too late. Flicky even explained why they handle things like they do and everyone has to understand it.
The submissions were open for 2 weeks and even when its very unfortunate people that are too late are simply too late. Personally i wouldnt have a problem with late submissions but the deadline was and is there.

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Let's lower Serious Sam HD estimate by 5 minutes, with new strats this looks like a thing I can manage.


Like, not to be rude but barring slipping into a coma or some shit I have a hard time envisioning what kind of thing could legitimately keep someone from submitting a game in a two week period with a two week advance notice.

if someone actually does have a really good reason bloody hell I want to hear that story

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If a couple minutes late is still 'acceptable late', then at what point is it 'too late'. 2 days? a week? If week late submissions are still being accepted, then the deadline might as well be moved to be a week later.

On a side note I do think submissions are way too early. Why do they have to be in March for an event that happens in July? This will only cause more drop outs for people unsure if they can go, and closer to the event I'll have a better idea of what games I'd like to play. If I decided to learn a new game now, I could easily get the run good enough in time for ESA, but it's already past submission.
I know it's a moot point now, but for next year perhaps. I can't really think of a decent reason to have submissions so early.

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Regarding the communities you want to get a hold of, 2d Disney is listed. Considering that's not a specific game I must ask if you're wanting to talk to the Disney's Tarzan people?

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Personal best in Timesplitters 2:

With the second stream being cut you might as well cut SSX 3 from me out of the marathon so I can focus on the other games, seeing as that's where it would've probably ended up anyways

Also, personal best in Mighty Switch Force!

Not quite where I want to be personally yet, but this is way under marathon estimate. I've been finding it pretty easy to get such runs, and thus I'm going to be moving on to Timesplitters (1) now.
And as you can see I'm making good progress here as well. These times aren't individually as good as they maybe could be, but if you compare to my pb you'll see that these are all times that are only achievable if you got the faster movement down. Might even be able to get a full deathless run out in time.
As for TSFP, you know I got that on lock


For keeping you all updated on run improvements and whatnot, will it mainly just be looking on leaderboards?


I got a new pb on tarzan so i'm closer to the other runners for the race, i got a 23:41

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it's save to say for me that i can lower my estimate for mario kart double dash by 3 minutes. so that will be 42 minutes instead of 45.


This might be stupid questions, but I want to go super safe here:

For one of my games, my pb is alread extremely optimized and I don't intent on improving it. Is holding the WR enough indication for you to be good at this game or would you like to see me run it again for evaluation purposes?

Also, the blindfolded category I submitted doesn't have its own leaderboard here, of course, since it's more of a bonus category than anything official. I update my progress on my Twitch channel, which is also linked on my profile. Is that enough for having the information available?


Just make sure to show that you're oiled enough to crank out a decent run at any given time

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If Woolfe survives 2nd round cuts the ETA can be cut down to 25 minutes.

Side note: my PB for Rottr is under my estimated time for ESA (as seen on the leaderboards). Progress hype.

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Updated again (2nd cuts)

- Jazzpunk will be Cakeless%. It is, in my personal experience, the better run for a marathon. It is basically the Any% route (which means the game can be advertised as "any%" but I am not doing a save corruption/wrong warp due to potential difficulties in a live setting. This route is ~20 seconds slower but I am definitely still under 19 mins either way. I've been hitting the low 18:XX consistently in practice. There's also a visually funny and neat trick that replaces the wrong warp in the regular any% run that's fun to do and show of. Donation incentives still stand and those can be seen in the end of my submission video. I've done a few commentaries in my past broadcasts but nothing I have highlit.

- Traverser estimate stays 37 minutes because just for the sake of unpredictable things that can but really shouldnt go wrong and the fact that the final boss fight can potentially give me incredibly aweful RNG. The WR is down to 33 minutes, my practice runs were all consistently sub 35 and I am doing more runs in the following weeks to push the time down even further. There is a live commentary of me on the NLG_Organisation twitch page and the current WR on SRcom.

- No update on The Witness Any%. I am going to be honest and say that the run is my least priority at the moment and I do not expect three runs to make it in. I did offline runs to derust the puzzles but I havent any recorded practice runs nor have I improved my PB lately. The run is, focus wise, incredibly consuming but at the same time relatively consistent. Since it's more muscle memory and memorization, the best practice is done in the month before the event and I'm currently just doing a few derust runs every week or so. It's nothing I want to grind at the moment but if the committee wants this game in due to it being a very cool run and a recent game with a bit of a following behind I would invest the time needed in it to deliver a run of sub 24 easily. The 25 minute estimate still seems reasonable though although there is pretty much no indication that I would not make it under this time.

I will edit this whenever something improves.

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I would like to update the Estimated Halo 5 Legendary time for both A_Royal_Hobo and me to 2h20m. New skips have been found and we have improved our times considerably since the submission.

Furthermore, I would like to mention, that the Halo 5 times are not tracked on, but on, so that is where the progress can be tracked.

Thank you!

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Well I've got a new PB and I can say that my estimate we can lower it if needed as I'm getting consistent 1.03 with bad runs. Still a lot of timesaves so I can improve it even more.

I will leave it to you guys 😉

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I played Snap quite a lot the past few days and got a new PB/World Record a few hours ago and I would like to lower the estimate. Absolute worste case of course: For my any% submission 23:00 and for my 100% submission 26:00. Thanks for your efforts, here's the new run btw for anyone interested:

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I think its safe to say you can change the estimate for Dark Cloud 2 to around a 7 Hour run.

I recently got a PB/WR of 6:20, so I would say its a good estimate to account for really bad RNG or just general mess-ups (Which shouldn't happen!). Maybe even give time to mess around in Debug mode and just show a few funny things if the run ends early.

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I'm confident enough that I can have a good run of all my games but expect to practice the new stuff in Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Deadly Tower of Monsters.

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Estimate for Phantasy Star 2 can be lowered to 40 minutes, because I found new stuff.

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