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If I have runs that made it past 1st cuts that I'm already really good at, do I still have to somehow show that I'm derusting/practicing them...?


Woo! 3 out of 4 ain't bad 😃

Question: If your leaderboard uses in game timer rather than RTAs, how would you go about updating your progress? Should I just post my best times here or elsewhere at the forums? The in game timer for Metal Gear 2 isn't accurate compared to RTA because it doesn't seem to take failed sections (I died once during the run that's at, menu navigation, loading times and cutscenes into account. I've beaten my RTA PB since that run, but not my IGT PB.


My internet connection is awful (i can't stream properly). How can i keep you updated of my practices?


@Arctice: Ideally, yes. It also depends a lot on when you played your game for the last time. If that was two years ago, you probably should be getting back into it.

@FingersTehHand: That's a very game-/leaderboard- specific question. In this case I'd say just give us an update in the thread if the estimate changes. We'll see everything else from your times/streams. I'll also keep it in mind and will ask you if anything is unclear.

@Chfou: Offline runs in terrible quality and then uploading them, very slowly?


The Addams Family Any% made it in PogChamp.
Maybe bangerra and I can do a Addams Family Block OpieOP

I would like to change my estimate to 15 Minutes due to a Glitch we recently found, which makes the Run way more interesting 😃


5 out 5 PogChamp


I'd like to update my estimate/category for Ori: Definitive Edition to "All skills" and 45 minutes, as Any% will be basically the same as Any% for vanilla Ori.


robo warrior should be 45min not 40min i posted it in one of the other threads that i submitted wrong, thanks

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SirPenguinSC2 and I both submitted Jade Cocoon and we're both happy to race if at all possible 😃 I have even devolped new strats since last I played it at I55


Is it possible for any of the games that got cut out to end up being put back in? Say if someone were to cancel their submission?


i think not in this cut



Firstly, I'd like to thank you for considering that Mega Man 2 is a great enough game to make it through the first cut.

Unfortunately, Nudua's submission for the same game has been cut due to "after the deadline".

I was really looking forward to make a race, as the scene of MM2 this year has been really interesting with lots of races directly following the AGDQ (the big "get yourself speedrunning" race, and the tournament).

I know cuts aren't supposed to make it back to the "survivors" but I can't think of any good reason why this one shouldn't :
- It doesn't add a game as this only changes a single player run into a race
- Nudua will most probably be there anyway as he's in the DuckTales and Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers races
- A race would put up a greater show than single player (in my opinion)

If you however decide to keep it that way, I will still try my best to improve my skills and make a great run there, but I really think the best option here is a race !


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How will be decided which Category of a game gets in the schedule if there are more then one category to choose from?


Command & Conquer Generals: GLA Campaign estimate can be safely cut down to 0:55, hence the new strats. Estimate is still safe, since the RNG can be a lil' dick here and there.

Current PB/WR video here:

Also a question, if the estimate gets cut down more, do I just edit this post with the new estimate?


I were neither in the RIP nor the Survivors. 😕


You submitted way after the deadline, but it's probably an oversight that your submission isn't in the RIPs.


Well shit, guess I'll have to join next year instead then.



Regarding submissions after deadlines, I've explained this to Nudua too, but I'll write it out here for everyone.

Accepting someone after a deadline means a reconsideration of everything post-deadline. This means anyone who missed the deadline - even by days - has a right to have their game in the event, defeating the point of having a deadline at all. If you accept one person, especially on some technicality (the game was submitted by someone else as well), then you have to go through everybody. Three hours after deadline is no different from 3 weeks after deadline - both are still past it - we have to be fair on this point. The reason we have a deadline is because it makes everything a lot easier for us and gives us a fair window in which we can treat everyone fairly.

If you missed the deadline, it's really no one else's fault - people had two weeks of submissions and the submission dates were announced two weeks before that.

We don't want to be completely rigid on these points, so if this causes a problem in other instances, we will reconsider but so far this is only instance of people being upset about it. As it stands, accepting Nudua's late submission purely because Mega Man 2 is in already is unfair to the person who submitted a unique game late. If we accept that person, then why not accept people who want to submit a game now?

The way we see it, doing anything except reject all games that were after submission just makes things unfair and defeats the whole exercise. If you think we gave too little time to make submissions or you didn't know how long they were lasting, that's another topic and one we can discuss.

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Could I please request that my Clockwork Knight submission be removed?

I want to focus on the other games which got past first cuts.



In a similar vein to alowishus, I'd rather concentrate on Small Soldiers and Futurama.

Emperor's New Groove can be forgotten about.

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