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I intend to host a sealed deck side event again this year.
For anyone interested in that or who doesn't know what that means I'll get to that so keep reading.

Magic has been pretty popular at previous ESAs with both old players and complete beginners and I intend for this ESA to be the same.
This year I'll be bringing some forty 30-card sample decks that I can give (for free) to people who want to learn the game.
So if you're interested just find me and I'll introduce you and your friends to the game and prepare you if you want to participate in the stuff mentioned further down.
I'll probably be bringing my Modern, Legacy and Commander (EDH) decks for any casual play during the event.
I also think there is a board-/card-/roleplaying-game store in Växjö and I'll be contacting them to see if they're open during the event if anyone feels like buying some magic stuff from them.

I'll also be bringing my cube for drafting. (
Cubedrafting is a way to play the game where you construct a deck out of a predetermined set of cards (a "cube") while 5-7 other players do the same with the same set of cards.
This is done by all the players only looking at and choosing cards from small piles that gets passed around the table to all the players.
When all the cards have been passed around you build a deck out of the cards you've gotten and you play a small tournament to see who managed to build the best deck.
After the drafting and playing is done all the cards are shuffled back into the box they came from and are ready to be drafted again at some other time.

It sounds weird and complicated but it's easier to understand in person and a fun way for new players to learn multiple aspects of the game.
So if you're even slightly interested in mtg it's a fun thing to do when the sample decks I bring start getting boring.
You don't keep any of the cards used in cube but you also dont need any cards of your own going in which is nice.
All the cards are from my personal collection and if you steal any of them I'll be sad 🙁

Sealed deck tournament side event!
This year, again, I'll be hosting a sealed deck tourney.
It will be the same kind of thing as previous years but this time we wont be doing it with M15 boosters (rip spectra ward).
Instead we will be doing it with the most recent release which at the time will mean Shadows over Innistrad + Eldritch Moon.

For anyone that doesn't know what I'm talking about, Sealed Deck is a tournament format that is very beginner friendly because you don't need any cards going into the tournament and the decks aren't super strong.
The format is played by each player opening 6 brand new booster packs (each containing 15 cards) and building their decks from that pool of cards.
The decks built will be 40 card decks including basic lands (basic lands are not in the boosters, I'll be providing those).
Depending on how many new players we have in the tournament I might not play in it myself but instead help beginners build their decks and help with rules and stuff during the tourney.
After the tournament you get to keep your cards and I'll be bringing enough basic lands that you can keep those and have more as well if you wanna try different colours.

Because the format requires you to open new cards I will be buying and bringing booster boxes for the event.
Because of this it will cost 150sek to enter the event. That is the same price I buy them for as I buy boxes containing 36 boosters for 900sek (divided by 6= 6 boosters for 150sek).
This also means that I'll need to estimate how many will join in the tourney as I don't want to buy too much. I will be buying a generous ammount as to not run out if more that expected want to join in though and the remaining boosters can be used for drafts and stuff so a few spares is nothing to panic about.
This year I plan to have a small prize for the winner of the tourney. Nothing fancy but a fun little trophy of sorts.

So yeah this post is way longer than I intended. I'll clean it up whenever I find something I wanna change and if anyone thinks anything should be changed or added please say so.


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Very yes.

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I'm in yo
On top of the sealed and cubedrafts, would anyone be interested in playing EDH multi?


EDH! Yes please...


Maybe we can add spectra ward to some SOI packs to get the full sealed experience?

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I'm definitely joining again, it was fun last year 🙂


If it happens when I'm still there (that is, if it is before the 28th), I'll certainly participate in playing sealed. Would be up for trying cube draft, too.


actually.. I'm interested but I need to see so it doesnt interfear with my own side event as well as my duties as donation reader this year.

So if those works out fine then I'm in 😃


I'm down for sealed and cube, not sure yet if I'll bother bringing any decks of my own this year though.


Oh man, im so in for this again. I am in for EDH too, what generals do you all use?


Depending on power level I can go a number of different way with my EDH generals.
I probably wont be playing my Jori En och Kurkesh decks at ESA. Instead I'll throw together some new ones and bring cards to adjust the power to everyone elses 😃


I'm gonna retract my intended participation in the sealed tourney for now, for a variety or reasons.


I only have two right now, Marchesa and Tibor & Lumia. Will be hard to make the right level of deck though i feel.


I can also help with teaching magic if you want Etholon.

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If people would be interested i have a Factory Sealed Innistrad(the original) however it is in german language if people would be interested to draft.


Had a lot of fun last time, will only be there 22 - 25th though.

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I'll obviously join this event, like last year.
Which set is going to be used for the sealed event? I assume either Shadow over Innistrad, or a mix with the recently released Eldritch Moon. (edit: nevermind, I just can't read, it's SoI + EM) I might have some booster boxes at the time ESA happens.

I'll bring at least my main EDH deck (Hanna, Ship's Navigator), and possibly an Ulasht deck if I can finish it one day, and a Legacy deck if it's still playable after all the bans - it's a storm deck.

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if i make it this year you better teach me how to magic

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you better make it this year

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