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It's been frequently asked in the travel channel on discord so I thought I'd make a small list for anyone wondering.
When traveling to sweden you ¤might¤ need a visa but in most cases you don't.
If traveling within Schengen (all of europe except Ireland, UK, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus or Bulgary) you only need a valid national ID, you can get away without a passport although it might be a good idea to have one just in case.

Here you can find a list of all countries needing a visa to enter Sweden:

Note that big countries like US, Canada and Australia and most of Europe (sorry Russia) is not on that list.

If you should travel from one of the countries in the list consult the following page on how to get a visa:

One more thing worth noting is that the border control between Denmark and Sweden is more strict due to the European Migration Crisis, be prepared to have your Passport checked when entering Sweden, with a valid passport there's no problem whatsoever.

Happy traveling!


Noticed a typo in the title, bummer!
If any of you sexy organizers want to refer to this thread in the master thread, that would be awesome!


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I wanna add a little something, last year when I applied for my visa they rejected it because I didn't give them enough proof of what I'd be doing there. So, instead of mentioning ESA at all, if you could find a Swedish buddy to write you a letter of invitation, your life would probably be much easier. And if you're telling them that you're going just to hang around & see Sweden, don't tell them you're going to Växjö (or in my case, Skövde). They'll probably wonder why the hell you're visiting a completely random city as a tourist.

I had just wanted to be honest, dammit, and the visa lady called me just to say "there is literally nothing in Skövde & you're LYING TO ME!"


Melis: You're right.

I wrote a letter of invitation to Smartkin last year and that worked out just fine!

However, ESA is being backed by the local government this time around which makes it more legitimate as a destination of travel.

If anyone needs a letter of invitation, feel free to contact me and we can work something out

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Wasn't main problem with Smartkin, and also Melis, that they were really young (only turned 18, or something, I believe Smartkin is not 18 still, so probably yeah)? I don't remember and of my friends having trouble with going to random city.

But yeah, it's cool to know, that you can help with invitation, Edenal! Will surely use that if needed.


That's what we suspected, but the official reason they gave me was the lack of proof and nothing about my age.