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oh god im so down for this

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At dreamhack I was talking to Edenal and since we are renting the sporthall in växjö we are going to use one of the football fields that is right outside the venue for this event. This makes everything a lot easier for both us and the bumperball staff. It will be right next to us where we already are so no walking distance and will make the whole thing run a lot more smoother.

I'm also going to keep the signups open even during the event now for any last signups but at a maximum slots. In other words I'm going to order 40 balls so if you still want to join when we're at ESA just poke me and ask for a signup and I put your name on the list for the event.

So, what time and date have I/we decided on?
We are holding the event on wednesday at 18.30 since no walking distance this will be a great time for anyone to join in.

If you need to know aything just ask me here or on my twitter (cursedd0lls)
Best regards, Dolls

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Updates from the bumperball staff:

Best event - Biggest and first in Sweden.
Best event is Swedens biggest actor in Bubble Football, and also one of the first on the Swedish market. We have long experience of Bubble football and can offer our customers an unforgettable experience!

With thousands of satisfied players without damage, we can call ourselves specialists in Bubble football. Best event also offers four-fight in which participants besides Bubble football are tested in their teamwork skills in giant bag jumping och their joint strength in the tug of war. Individual participants compete then for their teams on target shooting at a target.

This is included:
We are in place well in advance and set up the game plan with our own goals and a music system that can be connected to Spotify.

Participants will be divided into teams of five people each and it will be played short 5 minute matches. We will build up a tournament where all teams get to play as many matches.

- 5 minute matches will be played to avoid long wait.
- We will build a tournament where everyone will play against everyone.
- We also have event hosts who act as judges and instructors.

How do we decide a winner?
Bubble football - matchwin is 2p, draw 1p, loss 0p

All points will be updated during the event's time on a whiteboard, after the event is finished, the winning team is crowned with a nice price!

For participants
We recommend that if you are pregnant, have neck or back problems, refrain from playing.
Be sure to have comfortable clothing and training shoes (not boots with studs) when you play!

Best event is insured by Länsförsäkringar's liability and accident insurance. However, we have not had any injuries but should an injury occur, the participants are insured.


The price below is based on what we mentioned in the brochure above. We can of course adapt to your suggestions and requests.

Price: 10625 SEK
Price per person if 40 people: 265 SEK


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So if the 29 people all do participate (hopefully 30 as it is divisible by 5) it will be 366SEK each?


This is how it is stated on their own site:

15-20 pers
60min 325:-/person
(minsta deb 5250:-)
90min 350:-/person
(minsta deb 5625:-)

Meaning that every order that is more then 21 people is a special order and therfore also lower in price.
For example if we had been 15-20 then it would have been 350 sek per person.
So from 21 and over it will be less then 350.

And since we already are 29 people we can safley asume that it's around 300 sek at the moment.
But seeing how many is actually interested to this and how almost no one I personaly have been talking too about this have never even heard about it since they don't follow the forum I wouldn't be surpriced if we get 40 people for wednesday that join in. Seeing how many we got for bowling last year. 🙂

Since you can still sign up at the event and we have 11 spots left open I'm pretty sure we will fill them fast.


count me in

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Haven't kicked a ball in like 5 years, but I guess I'll join too


This sounds like a lot of fun like #TeamBowling last year so count me in!

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Bumperballs sounds like an activity that I would like to experience. I'm in


screw it I'm down


Holy Guacamole, where has this sport been in my life? You guys have room for one more do you not?

Also, I can't pay via paypal yet because the price isn't final right? Would like to pay up as soon as possible though. The sooner we get 40 people the better I guess!


HiddenPower13 I will probably not use paypal anyway since it's based on how many people we are and you can pay the people at the event when you are doing the thing right there. It's the far best and easiest solution.


I see. Well as long as the payment eventually happens it's all the same I guess.
Also just so I'm not misunderstanding things, my previous post was enough to get signed up right? No sign up document I'm missing here or anything?


Yeah I have put your name on the list as you can see on the first page 🙂
Your vote has been counted ^^


Hey, I've been late to all of this planning stuff but I love Bubble Football (that's what it was called when I did it in the uk). Can I sign up please?


If there's still room I'd love to join


Ofc 🙂 Added both Shaddex and robo to the list 🙂

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