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[Mass housing - Fortnox Arena](
Mass housing will be held inside Fortnox Arena and will be open between the 23rd of July and closing noon on the 1st of August. One of the two big halls will be split off in half and one of these sections will be used for mass housing. Our estimates are that it should fit 125-150 attendees. There are plenty of showers and dressing rooms. We will likely be able provide at least 5 private showers and a number of communal showers.

If there’s demand, we will use one or two of the dressing rooms as designated sleeping areas for females. If you are interested in this, please contact flicky or Edenal.

Mass housing is available to book as an option when you sign up, and air beds are available to purchase together with your mass housing ticket for an additional 150 SEK (subject to booking deadline).

Discounted mass housing fee: 400 SEK
Discounted mass housing fee (including air mattress): 550 SEK
Late / On-site event registration: 750 SEK
Late / On-site mass housing registration: 600 SEK

There are two hotel options. You should compare location and rates and pick the correct one for you.

Hotel Reservations will be made by emailing the hotel or calling them. To get the discounted rate you need to make your reservation under the booking number/reference listed above. The discounted rate is different for each hotel. Prices include tax and gratuity.

The hotels are reserving 20 three-bed and 15 four-bed rooms each. It's first come, first served so get your reservations in early.

Best Western Hotel Royal Corner
Liedbergsgatan 11
352 32 Växjö
Phone: +46 470 70 10 00
Distance from Fortnox Arena: 1900 meters according to Google Maps.

Single: 500 SEK per room per night
Double: 700 SEK per room per night
Triple: 900 SEK per room per night
Quad: 1100 SEK per room per night

Booking through email or by phone. Discount code: “ESA 2016”.
Last day for booking, 8th July.

[Scandic Växjö](
Hejaregatan 19
352 46 Växjö
Distance from Fortnox Arena: 850 meters according to Google Maps.

Single: 620 SEK per room per night
Double: 720 SEK per room per night
Triple: 870 SEK per room per night
Quad: 1100 SEK per room per night

Booking through email only. Discount code “ESA2016”.
Last day for booking, 26th June.

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Hey everyone.

Does anyone need/want a hotel room? I originally reserved a quad room on Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Sunday 31 but plans have changed and we're getting a double room instead on Thursday 21 and Friday 22. Apparently if I can get people to take the room, they can keep the reservation but just change the name of it. Anyone want?

This is at Scandic. Let me know if anyone wants a night or all nights then give me your name so I can pass it on to the hotel to change the name on the reservation.

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I'm going to give it until Friday 15 for anyone to show interest in the pre-booked quad rooms or I'll get them to cancel as knowing me if I leave it too late I'll forget lol. Reminder; its a quad room at Scandic on Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Sunday 31, let me know if you want any or all nights.


Right we have at least one person interested in the quad room for Thursday 21 and Friday 22, possibly two but not confirmed yet. Are there one or two more people who would like to join them and share the quad room? It'll work out really cheap if you do - 260SEK / £24 / €28 per person per night if 4 are sharing! You can contact me on here, on Twitter (@EmmyytheKitty) or on Discord (Kitty#8506) 🙂


I am traveling with my mum and Mum and I are staying at the PM & Vanner. I am thinking about booking a Taxi to get the arena on July 26th on the day when my run is. Which Taxi company is the best in Sweden?

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Sam, I would run a double check by a Swede but by my understanding the prices are fixed by the commune or some other political organisation … Thus it wouldn’t matter.

I got proven wrong.


This is NOT the case. Taxis can, I believe, charge what they want so long as they are clear and have their fares displayed both inside and outside of the taxi. The taxi industry is rather deregulated in Sweden and it is easy to pay more than you should if you don't pay attention to the fares.

The information they have to display should look like this:

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From my experience the fare prices are quite close to eachother.
The sign John posted is what you can look at to get a rough idea of what 10km of travel should cost (can be more if there's heavy traffic), the higher price is the most you'll pay for 10km of travel.

The first box translates to: from monday 00:00 until friday 16:00

the second box translates to: From Friday 16:00 until sunday 24:00, day before red day (typically saturday) and red day 00-24 (typically sunday).

I can't find that much info on taxis in Växjö but Taxi Kurir seems reasonably priced.

If you want you can always ask when booking, they should be able to give you an estimate.

And yes, the prices do differ from company to company, usually not by a large amount.

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