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Welcome to ESA!

For many of you this is your first time travelling to Copenhagen. Here is a quick guide!

When you arrive you must collect your bags. There are several routes, follow signs to 'arrivals'.

When you exit arrivals you will enter a crowd. If you have only a little time, you should head straight ahead to the train station. If you need to wait a while, please meet other runners at Starbucks! To do this you must turn a sharp right when you exit the baggage hall. Here is the location of Starbucks:

The circle is the location of the exit of the baggage hall.

Please sit under the painting and put on display something obvious on show that you are going to ESA, like a sheet of paper with the ESA logo or a game controller.

When you are ready to head to the train station, head in this direction towards the clock.

If you need to buy a train ticket, you need to use the red machines 'Tickets to Sweden'. They are located behind the elevators, underneath the clock in the previous photo. They are in many languages.

As your destination you must select 'Växjö' - you type the letter 'V' and then a list appears. Due to the way sorting works, Vä is after Vz so you must pass several pages of stops. You must select 'by bridge' when asked what route you wish to take.

Head down the ramp or elevator to track 1. You will need to show your passport to a security guard. The correct Oresundstag is direction Vaxjo or Kalmar.

You should head to track 1 ten minutes before your train is due to depart. It is only 200 metres from Starbucks to the station.

On arrival in Vaxjo, your Oresundstag ticket includes one bus journey to the venue or your hotel!

For SCANDIC VAXJO take route 4 to stop Växjö Samarkand norra (direction Smaland Airport)
For FORTNOX ARENA take route 4 to stop Växjö Arenastaden norra (direction Smaland Airport)
For ROYAL CORNER you should walk, as it is only 800m from the train station. Perhaps use your ticket for the first ride to the arena.

That is all!

I have one further tip. If you have a long wait in the airport going home, use the 'transfer centre' after security to wait! It is quiet and has a lot of natural light.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Fortnox Arena!

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I want to add that to get to FORTNOX ARENA, you can also take bus 3 to Arenastaden Södra (Direction Samarkand).
It is a bit longer to walk, but if there is some time before Bus 4 leaves or you want to checkout the path to Max Burgers, this is also an option.

For going to SCANDIC VÄXJÖ, Bus 3 is also an option. Once again, slightly longer to walk than with Bus 4, but for the same reasons, you might want to consider it. This time, you just ride it all the way to its final stop, Samarkand Södra. This also puts you in a good position next to ICA Maxi, a grocery store if you want to stock up on snacks.


Yo, is anyone going to be in copenhagen on sunday 24th? I'll be arriving at 4pm before getting a train to vaxjo


Thanks for this Planks. I'll be arriving at around 10AM on the Saturday but my train (Train 1060, apparently) isn't until 2PM so I'll be hanging around for lunch and coffee. 🙂



If your ticket is for an Oresundstag you can get on any Oresundstag +/- 3 hours without reservation.

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I have reserved seats though, I'd assume I don't get those travelling on an earlier train.


No, you wouldn't get your reserved seats. But as far as I can tell nobody pays attention to them anyway.