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I would just like to say that I have signed up to attend the bumperballs event that Curseddolls is setting up, and I also plan to join bowling when they figure out when that is. So I would love it if my game was not during any of these events =) Other than that I really have no preference. But would prefer if it was not on the 23rd, 28th or 29th. Seeing as I'm arriving on the 23rd, and I'm leaving on the 29th.
Any time of day is fine, I don't mind having a run during graveyard times if thats what fits the schedule the best.


I'm not quite sure where to post, but I'm withdrawing all my submissions to ESA 2016. I just recently got a new job, so I am unable to attend the event at all.

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I'm announcing here I'm withdrawing all my submissions to ESA. Things got more complicated in my country and it appears that I won't make it. There is still a small chance for me to go, but I don't wanna leave it to the last minute and mess up the schedule. Thanks.


So because of a lot of college work, I haven't been able to do online runs of my submissions, at all. I needed at least 3h30 to do InFamous 1 / 2, but I didn't even get 1-2h to do runs of my shorter submissions.
I apologize, and hope that doesn't affect the decision of cutting all my submissions. If it does, I'll completely understand it, though. I'm going to attend ESA no matter what.

I'm going to try to find some time whenever I can, but May is going to be a month full of college work.

I have, however, played my games offline to practice some stuff, checked new routes and such. Also there's a spanish marathon in which I'll do one of my ESA submissions (InFamous: Festival of Blood) so I had to prepare that a bit.


If Four Swords makes into the schedule, could you please put it slightly later on the schedule? This is to make sure that me and Baffan have time to practice together for the run, as right now that is not a possibility.

Just a small request 🙂.


A small post to sum up my situation regarding my submissions. Since all of my games got in the first cut, I had to make a choice about which game I would practice and which I wouldn't, considering it's a total of ~24hours submissions that got in. I decided not to practice Pandora's Tower, Fire Emblem and X, to only focus on Minish Cap and Xenoblade... And I couldn't do any runs for Xenoblade sadly, so only Minish Cap was actually seen on stream. I do intend to comeback on Xenoblade before the cuts, doing races and beat my PB.

Pandora's Tower: I feel like my PBs are good enough as of now, so I decided to not do runs of this game as improvement wouldn't change much to the what is currently o the leaderboard.

Fire Emblem: My PB was done a log time ago, and with an older route than what is currently used. ven then my PB was pretty good, even if I could still beat it by aroud a minute since I improved; I just did't take the time to grid the game. If you want to see the new route, ad the route I intend to use for the marathon, the WR run will be good enough, as Steve and I are at the same level.

Minish Cap: Since first cut was announced, I worked really hard on this game; I got a few runs going and managed to beat my PB twice, ending with the 4:31 I have right now, more than 30 minutes improvement. I know however I can improve up to 4:25, I just didn't have much time to do runs until recently. I'll probably have to put estimate 10 minutes higher to feel safer, but no need for more.

Xenoblade: MLSTRM put a decent chunk of work on the game, and ow has a PB really close to mine; cosidering we offered the game as a race, it would be a really interesting race to see. We still fully intend to do races before the marathon (just need to wait that MLSTRM comes back from uni, or some other ppl in the community derust and get ready).

X: Out of all my submissions, X is the game I decided to put behind, and is currently the game I submitted that I would rather not see chose. The game has some killing RNG, the route is far from final, and the race potential is dead, while Xenoblade is way better on everything I just explained. If you want to choose a Xenoblade game, choose Chronicles istead of this one.

I also heard that version is going to be a criteria for which game will be chosen, so here is a small word about it:
Minish Cap is on the JP version.
Fire Emblem is US version.
Pandora's Tower is glitched on US version, as you can't go twice into the last dungeon. Doesn't matter for speedrun, but it means that PT is mostly known in Europe, as American people had hard time finishing it.
Xenoblade is run on the VC version. Both MLSTRM and me ru it on PAL Wii U. A few days ago, only the PAL VC version was released, so PAL version would have been played. US VC came out this week, so our fellow american can also now run on NTSC/US Wii U.

I have also a few ideas for incentive for all those submissions, if it's also going to be a criteria.