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Hello, I can't edit my submission and I didn't knew at the time that Nudua would be available to race Mega Man 2 with me, so as it is stated in the submission instructions, maybe someone with editing rights should mention in my submission text that I'm willing to race Mega Man 2 with Nudua (I already stated that I'm open to races but the instructions say very clearly that the names of the racers should appear in the submissions).

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I'll be there for the entire marathon


You'll never get rid of me 8D (read: I'll be there the whole time.)

On that note, I did another run of Threads of Fate today and made sure to time the ending. 18.5 minutes. (Possibly not optimal since it involves movements. So that's the amount by which you would have to subtract submitted times to compare them to what I post on pbtracker. (Oh yeah, the run was 3:13:47 not including the ending and it was almost entirely without going the wrong way.)


Speaking of availability I am only coming to ESA for 2 or 3 days. So if both of my runs happen to make it would it be possible to make sure they are either on the same day or as close to possible on days as possible.

Thanks ❤️


Wooop I also forgot to mention availability 😱

Due to money I might not be able to stay during the whole marathon, but I intend to for at least any four days in a row. So, if both of my submissions get through, it'd be best for me if they don't take place more than three days apart from each other.


I also missed availability 🙁 I'll most likely will be available the whole marathon. Depending on if my submissions get accepted I'll adapt to that in any case.

And I also apologise but I have a late edit to submission. I submitted Chip n Dale as a race between Nudua and myself but last day of submissions Krazyrasmus also wanted to join (which is fine by me). So he and Nudua submitted it as a 3-way race while my earlier submission still stated 2-way race. I just want to clarify I'm fine with Krazyrasmus racing along!


I will be available during the whole event. But I'd prefer to be one of the first people who runs. 🙂


As I will be in summer holidays I will be available to be there anytime. So full time free for me. Sorry I didn't mention it. 🙂


I should be available for whole event IF I manage to come. Depends on if I get a job for June (need to pay my rent for summer).


Just a heads up: If your comment does not include any restrictions on availability we will assume that you are there for the whole event and don't need to post that here. Thanks!

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So, wanted to real quick explain in case somebody wanted to know why my submissions got in late. The day submissions closed, I had a flight back from Japan. I probably should have submitted before that, but I didn't want to type them on my laptop, as well as on a worse internet connection than I have at home. I was going to get in with plenty of time to write and upload them. On the flight itself, I got sick, and it ended up being easily the most miserable flight I've ever been on. When I got back, the priority was getting to a doctor since it's flu season and I wanted to make sure I had meds. After that, I passed out due to a combination of still feeling absolutely terrible and jetlag. I checked the submissions thread the next day, and the OP wasn't updated to say closed, so I typed up something quick and submitted. If it's not going to be considered, that's fine, since they were most definitely after the deadline - however, I figured that if the thread wasn't updated, it wouldn't hurt to throw them out there. Thanks.

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My availability will depend on which games will be selected, but i won't be able to join for the whole week, most likely three to four days, and close to the weekends (easier to take days off from work).


i jus noticed i put in he wrong estimate for my robo warrior submission, its 45min not 40

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I've submitted Fallout 3 Any%, and I've improved a bit from the PB video I've attatched to my submission. My current PB video on was from an offline run, which means no commentary. I restreamed it and provide some here:

Since commentary is influencial on the submission cuts, I figured it would be a relevant thing to post in here, as you can't edit submissions.


I'm also avaiable for the whole event.


Oh, I'm also available the entire event


Guys if there is nothing in your comment the assumed standard is "you are available the whole event"

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Is there a rough estimate when the first cut will be?


We haven't decided on an exact date yet, but we're looking at around the 20th of March.

When we've fully decided, we'll edit it into posts and all that.


As someone who is attending from America, every day, I get more anxious on having to make last minute decisions (money, taking off from work, flights, housing, etc.) depending on whether or not my game(s) will get in. Just something to consider with when you announce your cuts, because the sooner I know if I'm going or not, the sooner I'll know how much money I'll need and what I'll have to do to make arrangements. Just please keep this in mind, I hope for a successful ESA2016!

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