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Dear ESA. After a missclick, my submission has been posted to soon. The description hasn't been completed (what is written is a rough version... émoticône tongue )
- Player : Tixi
- Game : Limbo
Could you copy this instead :

The famous game Limbo made by the team Playdead is an awesome black and white "die and retry" classic. And guess what? After 2 years of speedrunning, this game has finally reach the point of the well optimized. We will be able to present it, to the public, with all the strats that have been discovered (near 20 strats in 41~50 minutes).

I'm a speedrunner of Limbo for 2 years now, I've actually the 7th rank on the leaderboard. And with the community we have built, we offer you the opportunity to do a race of the "classic category" : Any% Normal Route. The interseted memebers are Meleagant (french), Yajijy (french), Zet (german) and I (french).

Each of us are fans of GDQ and ESA events and would be honored to entertain the whole international family of the speedrun. ^^


Could my submissions for Fire Red [Any%] and Fire Red [Elite Four Round 2] be removed, please.

It's disappointing, but i'm focusing on the other game I submitted (Kingdom Hearts 2), so I guess i'll put my eggs in that basket. I'd prefer to be really good at 1 game than to split my focus up.

Thank you.


Ok where do i sign up? I have been waiting for this since last year.


@Prince See the left sidebar, "submit game"


so I managed to do a run of C&C3: Tiberium Wars and I think I can reduce the estimate to 1:20 savely.
EDIT: I just got a way better run now and I'll lower the estimate to 1:15.

  [user deleted]

Could a routing competition results showing be submitted and how should that be done? We've done a few competitions where we pick a game that hasn't been routed previously and split into 2-4 teams that route the game and make a segmented run of it. At the end of the competition we watch the runs kind of like a race and see what kind of strats people came up with and what team has the fastest run.

Result showings of two of the previous games, Archangel and Chaser:

Giving an estimate is a bit tricky as there are no existing runs at the start and a game hasn't even been chosen yet but I think we learned something from Chaser and know if the game is getting too long.


If you work at getting a good game and can commit to it, that could be something worth submitting.


Don't forget to submit just a chaser :v)


Hi, could an Admin change my Submission for the game "DeadCore", Cat. "NWNM NG any%" to a race against "Brother Main"?
Thanks in advance 🙂


Turns out, there actually is a recording of my (emu) PB of Bonus Circuit, max points. Twitch didn't delete it, they just changed the link:

This means the link I gave you for Star Wars Racer any% is also broken:

Please replace both links in the submissions!

Also, the submission page is broken for me, as part of the horizontal content disappears on the right. I had to edit the CSS to read the comments.


After seeing Kenny's submissions: Yeah, I'm fine with racing Duo Princess =3


Alko: As of 4 hours ago there's now a Duo Princess board on this here webpage too. And you're already on it!


I saw that. I wasn't sure whether I should like it or hate it — the latter because that might mean 'recording' 'runs' and submitting them here D=

Eww, new territory D=


Hmm Joshimuz submitted Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas... but as far as I know the adventure wont be playable when ESA is? Unless Blizzard changed their minds again.


Joka, the adventure won't be PURCHASABLE, if you own it you can still play it any time.


Rise of the Tomb Raider Any% can be done as a race with me and randompinkbunny.


Oh ok, then I misunderstood


Oh, hey, I screwed up by not noticing the "Please let us know in your submission comments if you will be unavailable on any dates." part of the OP so of course I didn't actually include that in any of my submission comments.

Sorry 'bout that, but I'll only be around for the first half of the marathon, so for all my submissions the case is that I'll be unavailable after the 27th. Edit: And will arrive on the 23rd before the marathon proper starts, so no problems in the other direction.


I also forgot to say availability, since I still don't know when I'll get there, I'm going to say I'll be there for sure the 24th and I'll stay there until the 30th).
(There's a little chance I'll book a flight that's early 23rd so I'll be there for the start.)


I'll be avaiable the whole marathon, don't know how I overread that 😛