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Should I submit two submissions if I can consider both solo and race? Lets say I submit a solorun for game X and also a race for game X, is this two categories, one submission for the same game?


Will I have to bring my laptop?


The submission form looks much better, than ever before. Good work crew!


DanJTKT if you run a PC game there is a PC you can run your game on. But if you really wanna play on your own setup, if that is a laptop, you usually can. But no need.


@CartinaCow: Just submit it as a race (with all partners mentioned). If things don't work out for you or the other people in the race you can just contact one of us.

@DanJTKT: You don't have to. But if you do you'll have the option of either playing on the PC provided or your own laptop, as eidgod said. Apart from that it's usually not a bad idea to bring your laptop in order to be able to practice anytime you want. There will be a PC station with a few PCs provided specifically for practicing (I least I hope so, just kill me if that's not the case this year), but they might be occupied by other people.


So we have to put the submission here??


Click the link on the sidebar that says "Submit game" and fill in the form


I messed up my my Metroid Prime submission.
It should say that I'm playing the NTSC version, because PAL version is slower and also I will play the GC disk on a Wii to avoid some crashes.


Looking forwards to Joka's 36 hour run.

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Just got a PB for a few mins ago, do I link the new PB somewhere here? EleGiggle


if your community uses LB then just submit your PB there and the schedule team will see that when the time comes. No need to update here about every improvement you made.

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Next to that, the time you should pass over is a marathon safe completion time, not your pb :^]


I submitted Die Hard and by mistake i put 6 hours instead of 6 minutes...can i edit it in some way? Or someone can?


@Garadas don't worry it's noted down. Unfortunately submissions can not be edited, but you have been heard.


What are the computers used to live stream? Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty requires a desktop GPU and it needs a dedicated graphics card to run smoothly. I find it difficult to record my local recording and stream live on the same computer.


Hey, after submitting Disney's Tarzan it came to my attention that four other people are interested in doing a race (five people including me). The four others in question are Jazzy, Joelnir, T1g3r_94 and randompinkbunny. Internally, I think we all agree that a five-way race is too much, and that we'd decide who runs closer to the event. Should the others put in their own submission, or is this post enough for information?


@Samtastic: the pcs that are used to play on do not do the streaming. there are seperate streaming pcs


@china: As it says in the first post:
"If you are submitting races, relays, co-op games or anything else with multiple people, all involved runners must submit a form including a list of the other participants."

We can still decide on who will race later on, but every possible racer needs to make a separate submission for the game.


Fatzke: Thanks, I must have overlooked that. I'll tell them to all make a submission, in that case.