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Some clarification has been sought on the rules for submitting races.

1. If you are submitting a race/relay/co-op run, please agree beforehand with each runner with whom you want to race and include this on the submission form.

2. If you do not say you are wanting to race a specific person, the assumption will be made you are submitting a solo run. If you say you're happy to 'race anyone' we'll just take your run to be a solo submission unless you clarify later.

3. If after you submit a run, you become aware of an additional person submitting who you wish to race against, please contact a member of the scheduling team who will edit your submission.

Hope this helps 🙂

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@maxie they can submit anyway, but we would prefer to know wether or not the runner can be present around the time the final cuts are done.


Hello, I have a question: I'd like to submit one part of the run blindfolded, preferred as an isolated extra run. Should I add this time to the estimate of the whole run or submit it as an extra category, even though this category doesn't exist as is in the community?


How good do I have to be at the game I want to submit? I wanna submit a Portal speedrun, Glitchless category with 21:49 as a pb (24th, WR is 16:54). I really try to get faster but if I don't get like sub 21 or sub 20, will I not be able to submit it? Short said, how fast do I have to be?


@Zet: Submit it as an extra category.

@DanJTKT: We're not considering the current runner's skill when making the first cut. And here I quote the OP:
"Pitching games that you have not yet learnt or mastered is OK. But you need to show steady (weekly) progress after the point that your suggestion passes the first cut."
In the end it needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind that if multiple people submit the same category and it's not a race we will usually pick the person who's better at the game. But as a general rule: Don't hold back submissions because you think you're not good enough. A lot can happen in the upcoming weeks and months.

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Another question what if you cant provide a video yet because my old cap card is no longer working and the new is getting imported out of japan (which takes some time)? i might not be able to record a video from it in time (i would do that ASAP i get it)


Matse, feel free to submit another video that you think showcases the game well. A trailer, let's play or someone else's run is all fine.


Ah good to hear that


On the subject of Estimates for the run, should we put down a time that represents where we are with the game currently, or what we would expect to be come ESA? Or even, is it OK if we keep posting (either in this thread or somewhere else) with updates on our progress and what the estimate should be as time goes on.
Main reason I'm asking is because if I'm just starting to run a game around this time, my estimate wouldn't necessarily reflect what time I could get in 4 months, but I can't necessarily guarantee I would be at a certain level before then. Also with speedrunning being constantly evolving, all it takes is a reroute or a new trick to lower an estimate.
I assume this kind of decision would come at the second round of cuts, so is there a rough time period where you think this would take place?


@MLSTRM: I will open up a submission progress theard or something similar soon. Try and put down an estimate that you expect at ESA, Speedruns are a WiP we can always adjust times closer to the event.


How long are submission comments allowed to be?
I already wrote 2000 words and I am not quite sure if that is too much.

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Technically there's no limit on the length afaik, but bear in mind that someone has to read it!


Oh, my bad, I meant letters not words.


Will submissions be public this year too?


Yes 🙂

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Great stuff


For gamecube games that we would be playing on Wii, what platform should we put down?


I am a dumdum and submitted a run for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate because autocomplete told me to.

This is supposed to be just SWAT 4, so not the expansion, which just adds some maps and some features that make the run slower.


@MLSTRM put down original console, noting what system you're playing on in the comments can't hurt.


Oops, I've been putting Wii for my F-Zero GX submissions, but it's a gamecube game. Should I resubmit all of them with Gamecube as the console?

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