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Like last year, it would be nice to have one collected place with all our photos/videos from the event.

I didn't take many this year and didn't bother sorting out all the BS in there but here are mine:

Looking forward to seeing yours.
Thanks for an awesome event and see you next year!

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I put all my photos in a google drive.

Here's that

Thanks everyone for such an amazing experience ❤️

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I just took some pics of the end of the official stream and ofc a beezy screen just because.

cya next year peepz

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Didn't take too many quality pictures, but uploaded what I got:


Obviously I recommend to read the timeline of so that you can see a lot of things that happened at ESA from the Inside. But I shall do a personal album or something later.

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Here are my pics:

I selected both pictures from around the venue, as well as pictures from my various trips around Växjö, so everyone who didn't get out of the Arenastaden too much can see those places too. Have fun ^^

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I gathered links to the image albums I've made from ESA at

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