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This year we're stepping up our merch game!

I'm pleased to announce that we now have a limited edition, high quality hoodie available for pre-order. This is a premium quality 330gsm 65/35 cotton/polyester blend with a fully lined hood, high contrast draw cords, cuff with thumb hole and concealed phone/music player pocket.

This will have an embroidered ESA logo on the left breast. The embroidery means it will never fade, peel or wear off. This is a hoodie to last forever. Here it what it will look like!
Gallery Tweet 1 Gallery Tweet 2

The sizes available are as follows:
Size - XS 33" - Small 36" - Medium 39" - Large 42" - XL 45" - XXL 49"

3-5XL are available with the same design but on a 280gsm hoodie instead.

Price details as follows:

Hoodie: £29
Collection at Dreamhack or ESA: FREE
Postage: Quote on request. Estimated £5 in UK; £8 to EU. Shipping will be the week before Dreamhack, if you're coming to DH please choose collection.

Please submit your order via this form.

Planks is managing this from the UK, hence the invoice will be issued in GBP.

Once you have submitted your request, we will send out a paypal invoice to the email address on record. Please ensure accuracy with your details. Once you have paid your order is confirmed. Final deadline for payment will be 12:00 (MIDDAY) on FRIDAY MAY 27TH. After this date our order will go to the printers and no additions can be made.

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Nice, I'll get one
No ESA logo on the attendee-exclusive t-shirt?


Awesome! Stop taking money from us 🙁 Kappa

I need to find out what size I am as I go by UK sizes.

Is there supposed to be a link under the photo for more photos as there isn't one for me?


There is but editing is broken just now. It's

Chest sizes are listed in both inches and cm so should be easy to work out 🙂


Well, we made 20 orders in a couple hours, so it's happening!! Still open to orders for another two weeks, make me proud 🙂


Ordered, of course! Good initiative guys! 🙂


If anyone who's ordered so far hasn't received an invoice by now please check your spam box as they've all been sent out.


inb4 its super hot this summer and no one can or will want to wear it XD can a tshirt be made with this design? aka simply black with the logo (or a choice of colour and logo)? could sell seperately or together at a discount - aka hoodie is £29, tshirt is £15-£20 but together it could be £40? I'd be down for getting both ❤️

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Winter is always coming.

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No love for the big boys? XXXL option maybe?

EDIT: I'll even pay extra for it.


I'll ask the question


Thank you sir!


The supplier can do a 3- 4- and 5-XL in a different style

It is 280gsm fabric (a bit thinner) and it won't have the lined hood.

Sizes below:

3XL 56" - 4XL 60" - 5XL 64"

I have added them to the order form. Same price 🙂


I'm going to close orders and issue final invoices on Thursday 26th (1 week from today) to make sure that everyone has time on Friday morning to pay before the deadline.

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Only attendees who can order this?
It looks really nice 😮

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Anyone can, though if you're not collecting from the event you'll need to pay postage.


@John Anyone who wants it posted needs to pay postage if they don't collect it at an event.


I know, I just oversimplified the language I used. I'll edit my response to correct it 🙂