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The result of this week’s discussion is that we have chosen to confirm that there will not be a second stream this year. This decision is final, from here on out we will all focus on making the main as good as it possibly can be. This will mean four player races are back, hosting is going to be focused as one team on one stream and tech can learn the setup to a good standard. In directing all of our efforts to one place, we also are going to be able bring our charity engagement to a new level.

Of course many of you will have questions, please use this thread and we will endeavor to answer as many as possible over the coming days.

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I like it!
Too bad so many runs has to be cut though 😕


How about an official understream, like a 24/7 webcam in a party room that has view of a big TV or somethin.

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Underground streams are not disallowed at this point, but nothing 'official' will be done to support them.


Could you expand upon what you mean by bringing charity engagement to the next level?


lurk: There are many aspects. To name a few which will receive increased attention.
Through having more resources available we will be able to better promote donation incentives / bid wars on social media, reduce setup times to allow hosts to read more donations and increase their interaction with the viewers and so on. Building the host experience from 2015.

These are all things we've wanted to do before, but have been unable due to split focus.

I believe what you're really asking is: Will it have any impact on the rules or enforce a stricter code of conduct for the runners being on stream. And the answer is no, the rules will be the same. You are still allowed to swear and be yourself.


Here's expecting that all of my games will be cut for that reason 8D

No, in all seriousness; I think it's a shame, but given the previous years' experience I can totally understand your decision. I still hope the best game evar™ makes it in and hopefully we can still have some way to display its beauty.