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OK, ESA is getting closer and it’s time for the equipment thread ! (Link for list at the bottom)

As usual, we will rely at ESA on your support in bringing equipment.

While we have a bunch of consoles/controllers that we will bring to the venue on behalf of ESA, for now, those are to be considered spare items in case something breaks.

Let’s get on with the must haves in case you are running...

In case you are unable to bring your console, please coordinate with someone else who is bringing their own or ask us tech guys (oasiz or planks) for the possibility of using an in-house console.

For retro consoles we will be using RGB or component output. Please bring your cables! If you don’t know what this means, please contact #av-tech-production-crew on discord. We will be using HDMI on any console that has it. It is important that you have your system in hand for your run preferably before the previous game as there is a chance that the system can be fully setup before your run actually starts. We’ve had some instances of “Uhh.. NN has my system and I haven’t really seen him today, probably sleeping” in the past and we really don’t want to delay the schedule due to this. Thanks!

We have a 6 outlet 110V power supply for imported consoles at the streaming area, but you need to bring your own for practice.

In a nutshell: Arrange a component / RGB system, your game game and a controller for your run !

If you need custom software make sure you know how to install it and how to remove it, quickly. Setup must be done during times that console runs are taking place. You are welcome to bring your own pre-configured laptop so long as it has an HDMI output.

PC games themselves can generally easily be downloaded from steam or similar (with your account) so no need to bring any physical copies unless your game requires such. That said, it is much quicker to copy your game folder into steamapps from a usb (3.0) stick.

That’s it for the mandatory equipment we expect the runner to arrange.

However, even if you aren’t running, there is still the opportunity to play your own games in the practice area… Why not start a side/pirate stream during the event 🙂 ?

For on-site activities, you are encouraged to bring stuff like:
> Consoles & Games
> USB3 capture cards (Xcapture or similar are a good option)
> Sync strikes
> Any sort of video splitters (HDMI, SCART, component/etc..) along with spare cables
> Web cameras
> Microphones, (something better than the 10e logitech value one 🙂 )
> And if you’re willing, there is probably use for a dedicated streaming system for any side-streams.
> HD TVs ! Ok, so most of you aren’t driving. But if you are, the number of HD TVs is always limited and the more that can be brought by runners to share in the practice area or use for stuff like rock band the better.

Feel free to pool resources together and make some kick-ass side activities !

And here is the link where you can fill in !


I have added my Dualshock 3 controller and a pyshical copy of Abe's Oddysee for my run to the list. The dualshock 3 controller gets connected to a USB port on the computer and Motionjoy is installed and then the computer needs to be restarted into Disable Driver Signature mode to install the PS3 controller driver. Motionjoy can be installed from here:


I take it that there will be no mouse software like SteelSeries 3 Engine? Because my game is somewhat DPI dependant and I'd love to bring my own mouse. Will there be a mouse to use or would I need to borrow it from somebody else if I cant use mine?


I'm gonna bring the Winx Club folder in a USB along with the registry thing, since a copy of the game is impossible to get and I only have the ISOs to install it. I'll bring those just in case, but I've tried it with the folder and the reg archive in another pc and it should work. I'll use a PS3 controller for the run, I'll use motioninjoy for that.

I write this just to let know that the only way I'd have to install Winx Club would be using the ISOs and that could take a long while so better just do it this way. I'll have the ISOs just in case. Getting a PC copy of this isn't easy.


Will software such as DxWnd and nGlide be okay to install on the systems? Aside from that, we'll need to mount the Tarzan ISO during runtime and have a game folder copied over to the PCs, which can easily be removed after the run. DxWnd should also only be a simple folder to delete if need be.


I need to use DxWnd myself too, so I hope it's okay


Exceptions can be made, but we generally want to avoid any extra since those might interfere, from sudden update popups to other unwanted stuff.

For things like the PS3 stuff, we'll need to make sure that there will be no two different ways of getting them working on the same system. Driver interferences might cause bluescreens in the worst case.

DxWnd and nglide should be fine as those work in a rather launcher fasion. Might be that we will need DxWnd already for the FDNY run as it runs like crap when using fullscreen 🙂


There is actually a DLL that can put the game into a window that I can re-size to just how I like it. All you need to do is place the dll into the game's folder and when the game opens it opens up in a stretchable Window. It was made exclusively to work with Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus. The games work fine on my own laptop. I will be taking it with me so I can practice the game before my run.

You can download the dll from here:


I require a PAL PS2 for my Driver 1 race, as I will be short on baggage or will potentially break it on the journey too and from.

however in case I am unable to borrow one for the race, then I was already planning on bringing my PSP2000 (with driver 1 official psn version) and a PSP2k/3k component cable (may have to invest into spliters unless tech already has some.).

So in short I am bringing; Driver 1 (PAL Ps1 Disc), PS2 Controller (somewhat broken),fairly new wired Xbox 360 controller (Should plug'n'play for most PC games), PSP 2k/3k component cable. as well as my keyboard and mouse but its unlikely they will leave my hotel after my Lost and Damned run.

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We have splitters. Just bring component cables as if you were plugging into at TV

I don't think we have a PAL PS2 to borrow, so please ask friends or bring your own. If your race partner is happy playing against you on PSP that's fine too.

We'll be contacting PC runners over the next few days individually to outline some stuff.


So for my SMB3 run, I have no way to bring my NES (obviously i'll bring game & controller). Will it be ok? What about the practice room, will I have access to a NES or will I have to borrow one from someone? Oh and do I really have to bring the cables for a NES? I assume there'll be plenty of runs on that console.


Take a look at the google doc, there are a bunch of NESes being brought, I'm sure you can sort something out with one of those people


I'll be bringing a PAL PS2 for Metal Gear, so you're welcome to borrow that, Noz.


Poginton you legend! I only need it for the actual race its self as I will just practice on PSP, We can sort something out closer to the event.

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Is possible to just bring my SSD and play off of that as I use a bunch on extra programs (dxwnd, ahk) and I don't really trust gta3 as in I wanna use my trusted version of the game. I presume you guys will use Intel&Nvidia setup.


Can I bring and run razer synapse (razer's mouse/keyboard config program) from a USB drive during my run?

I need a certain dpi set as it can't be changed in-game and my laptop has a bit too much input lag to play on comfortably.

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karl_k: As long as it's an external one. Just curious, what's the reason for AHK? As far as I know, it will be intel/nvidia.

etholon: Does it run standalone without installations ?
I know the program and I agree that there is demand for it. However I want to avoid permanent installations as much as I can.


Noz: I'll bring my PSTV with Driver PAL PSN on it, fell free to do your practice/run on it

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I'll be bringing my laptop, just need to practice my game on a monitor which is 10 inches smaller than what im used to 🙁 FeelsBadMan


oasiz: ahk is for rebinding replay keys which you can't do from in-game. The SSD is unfortunately just a regular one. I guess if there are no external SATA connections, I can't use it. I also have the possibility to put all my stuff onto a USB stick and hope gta 3 will not screw me. Portal wise I should be fine with USB.