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So Melis, who lives in Turkey, needs a visa to get to Sweden, but she's having a little trouble.

Basically, they won't give her a visa because she's under 18, she hasn't left her country before, and now she wants to go to some random city in Sweden for 10 days, unless she can prove that people will be going with her.

It would really help if any of you (even if you don't know her; we need about 15 - 20 people) could forward your plane, hotel (not mass housing) or train confirmation e-mails to so that she can forward these with her visa application to prove that she's legitimate.

Time is of the essence, so we'd really appreciate whatever you can do to help, thanks dudes.

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I have sent all my stuff to you Melis. Hopefully this is sufficient.

It would be a shame if you can't make it. 🙁

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I did the thing 🙂

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I linked it already to melis on irc, but I found that swedish news article talking about the event
that kind of article proves ESA is a real thing and that foreign people attend, and might help with her application.
If any swedes around here knows about other (preferably swedish) news articles about ESA (this year or the previous edition) they should link them here.

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There is this one from 2013, but it's been edited and translated. I don't have the original anymore

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Sent my train ride details (except booking number of course LOL).

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Would it not be easier for an official Swedish citizen that represents ESA crew to send some legal docs about the event to the swedish consulate?


Sent a lettering support.

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I believe that was Melis's first course of action Avantgardian, but apparently it wasn't enough


Booking right now, so I can forward my info to you as well melis


Sent plane and train confirmation (edited of course, but says where / when I'm going so should work).

Hope it helps! 😃

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You guys are all awesome. If this doesn't work, can all of you please come over to Turkey so we can raid the Swedish Embassy? Or, you know, ESA2016 in Turkey?

Joking aside, I'm really happy and super grateful that I'm a member of this community. Thank you so much for helping me. I knew that my friends would help me, but I never expected people who didn't know me to actually do it, as well.

If I make it, I'll be hugging all of you. You can't escape. There ¤will¤ be hugs.

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Sent a copy of mine and Edenals hotel confirmation, best of luck

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Sent my confirmation stuff along

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Sent a bunch of docs as well.

Good luck! I know how painful embassies are...

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I have sent all the proof of my presence to melis.
Maybe send them a link of the community forum? I'm sure they can all read here what this is all about and why she wants a Visa.

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I recieved a phone call earlier today, and they told me I can pick my passport up tomorrow - but they said they aren't allowed to check if my visa is approved or denied. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to go see it myself. Will update this post then! ❤️

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