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You sent 200,00 SEK to F. Lidholt


Paid for Housing and Mattress


Paid for Housing and Mattress


Paid for Housing and Mattress.


Still not sure if my visa will work or not but paid for housing anyways.

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Deadline has passed.

No more discounted mass housing and no more air mattresses!

If you still need an air mattress you can still buy them in Skövde yourself!


Just paid for mass housing :^)


When, more specifically, does it open tomorrow? Given that I'm at Nyeport right now, I'd like to know when I can start moving my stuff over there.

Also, is there a free parking one can use outside the school? I'm assuming there is since it's a school and it's summer, but if I can't park there, is there anywhere else?


Is it possible to pay for mass housing on site? And unrelated question to this thread, can I bring my own TV to the practice room?


Originally posted by "first post"Can I pay on site for mass housing?
There are no final deadline for mass housing. But we do not accept cash payments. You must either be able to transfer the money with PayPal. Or do a wire transfer in front of one of the staff members