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When does mass housing close?
Mass housing at Kavelbro closes on July 8th at noon.

is that a typo ? cause ESA is supposed to end on the 7th at noon

Also, how many showers will there be ?


Will these showers offer any form of privacy or are they these horrible communal shower hubs?

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another shower related question will we be able to shower before the 28th? if not let my american stank bless you all


Gaël: Not a typo.

S: Don't know. But likely not private showers.


Will there be opportunity to shower at the Kulturhus? (The showers used in 2013/2014)


There are a few showers (1-2) at the House of Culture which can be used before the mass housing opens.

We don't want people using the showers in the House of Culture during the event unless there are special circumstances.

You can always ask someone who are staying at the hotel to share their roomkey with you for an hour. (Just don't go Werster with it!)

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time to bring some swimming shorts to esa

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cool beans dont wanna be smellin like a smash player that would be my worst nightmare

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Paid just now for the discounted mass housing fee and an air mattress (350 SEK).

As before, if there's any issues do tell me.


Paid for mass housing and an air mattress (hopefully)


Paid 350 SEK for mass housing with air mattress



Made the mistake of not adding info to the payment so here's confirmation:


Is there an ETA of the mass housing payments being worked into the payment doc somehow or am I stupid?


They are flowing in as we speak
Got several excuses for not doing it sooner, which one do you want to hear?

Pick a number 1-10!


Number 7 please.


I get why this information was given out so late because of the not being able to get to an agreement and stuff, but why weren't at least the broader things about the plans revealed earlier? Had I known it was going to be at a shitty gym I would've gone for the hotel, but it's too late for that now I suppose...


All ten, so I can pick the worst 😉