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ESA 2015 will be open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th 2015. Click here to visit the master thread!

This thread aims to answer any questions about the mass housing, including fees and payment. All information necessary should be included in this thread in order for you to complete the payments. Please take your time to read the instructions.

General Information
Mass housing payments will be merged with the attendance payment document. The deadlines for mass housing are not negotiable. If you fail to pay to meet the deadline, that’s on you and you will have to pay the full price.

Confirmation from the municipality is not yet 100%. However, we have a verbal agreement confirmed with to municipality officials. If that would still go south, there’s a plan B. (And it’s not camping…)

Attendees staying in at the mass housing will receive a special blue bracelet. Only the ones with the blue bracelet will be allowed in.

We only accept PayPal for the mass housing and and air mattresses.

List of completed payments
Latest update: June 16th - 19:30

Payment guidelines and rules
Payments in Swedish Krona (SEK) only.
If you pay by Paypal, send to money as gift and pay for any currency conversions.
Make sure to include your nickname and what it’s for in the transaction details!

Important dates
Deadline for discounted mass housing payment: 21st June
Deadline for air mattresses: 21st June

Discounted mass housing fee: 200 SEK.
Standard mass housing fee: 350 SEK.
Air mattress: 150 SEK

PayPal account:

What is mass housing?
A much cheaper alternative to stay at a hotel. You will bunk in a gym hall. Where you can store your bags, shower and sleep.

Where is the mass housing?
The venue for mass housing is the Kavelbro Gymnasium. It’s located about 500 meters south of the House of Culture, just past Nyeport and the Hotel.

When does mass housing open?
Mass housing at Kavelbro opens the 28th. Until then, you are free to stay at the House of Culture. We've made arrangements to use one of the big rooms as sleeping hall for the 26th and 27th.
This is due to the soccer tournament occupying the Kavelbro gym hall until then.

When does mass housing close?
Mass housing at Kavelbro closes on July 8th at noon.

Why has this post taken so long to post?
The mass housing are out of our hands. We are at the mercy of the municipality of Skövde and they have not been as helpful as we would have wanted. We are simply not a priority for them, and as time passed we went into period around their graduation (which was last Friday).
We've spoken with them every week since April and they have not been able to fully confirm or provide us with the contract we needed.

We're tried. It's taken a long time and we apologize for the delay.

What about the days when the hotels are fully booked?
We've decided to allow all attendees to use the mass housing for those days. We did not anticipate that the hotel would fill up, and opening up the mass housing those days seems like a good solution.

Is the mass housing unisex?
Bathrooms, dressing rooms and showers are separated. The sleeping area is not.
If there are enough females requesting a private area please contact us. And we will do what’s within our power to help you.

Can I pay on site for mass housing?
There are no final deadline for mass housing. But we do not accept cash payments. You must either be able to transfer the money with PayPal. Or do a wire transfer in front of one of the staff members.

Will you arrange for air mattresses this year too?
Niss3 has kindly offered to handle a joint purchase. You will need to sign up here and Niss3 will make sure they are ready for you to collect at the venue.
The price per air mattress is 150 SEK. Slightly higher than the actual cost, but does also includes electrical pumps.

Payment for air mattresses?
Payments for air mattresses are PayPal only and need to be complete latest on June 21st. No exceptions.

What about the air mattresses from previous years?
While there are plenty of air mattresses left from the past two years. We have no clue how many or in what condition they are in. We will keep them as spares.

Why PayPal only?
Wire transfers have been an issue and are stealing time we don't have.
The error-rate of wire transfers are close to 1/3 or ~33%. Which means the transfers requires special manual treatment. Might not seem like a big deal, but 15 minutes here and there quickly adds up to hours and even days wasted.

Further questions?
Email to:
Tweet our twitter account: @esamarathon
Or post in this thread.

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How about the mass housing for those that are staying in the hotel, but arriving early?

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  [user deleted]



Paid (I think, not sure if I messed up the paypal)






Should be paid 🙂


Paid for mass housing + air matress.


Paid. Wish it could have been wire ..


Not taking bank transfer even for Swedes, huh. Oh well.

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Hey guys! i got a question. My hotel reservation is on the wacky end due to being booked full on a bunch of nights. I'm in Sweden from the 27th till the 6th, however ill only be staying in the hotel from the 28th till the 2nd. meaning im short 1 night before and 3 nights after. I hope this wont be an issue with the mass housing? Provided i dont lose the blue bracelet that is? 😛


Plaguedmind, Im pretty sure you can come and go as you like for masshousing as long as you paid for it. I kinda recall this even being mentioned somewhere.


Updated the opening post with answers to the following questions.

- When does mass housing open
- What about the days when the hotels are fully booked?
- What about the air mattresses from previous years?
- Why PayPal only?

Speaking about mass housing. It's a common way to stay at the mass housing for a few night and at the hotel for a few nights. It's a great way to keep costs down and get some extra comfort for a number of days.

For example, I did not plan to stay at the hotel last year. But come Wednesday, I checked in anyway and stayed for the rest of the week. WORTH IT!




Is it possible for those that have to stay in mass housing because of the fully booked hotel to use the spare mattresses from last year? Don't particularly want to buy one for 2 days, nor do I want to sleep on the floor


ill be able to pay on the 16th this month


Cereth: Yes!
We will make sure that those air mattresses that were left behind from the previous years are available. No guarantees that there will be enough though!