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The estimate for Dust: An Elysian Tail can be lowered to 1:05 (from 1:10)

Also, please note that I am only available at the event from 29th of June to the 2nd of July. So I'd preferably have my run on Tuesday (30th) or Wednesday (1st), if that's not fine then later Monday (28th) evening.


Hi, since Twilight Princess got cut, which I do not quite understand since the game was being hyped up over the past couple of months and any% never had a single occurance in any GDQ or ESA, me and my girlfriend xcholettex will not attend ESA this year.
If possible, can I at least have some explanation on why it did get cut? It might help me if I want to try again next year.



If you hover over the game title on the cuts page, it says "Opting for Wind Waker. Maybe we'll get TP next year..."

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike estimate is 1:45. I updated it in the previous thread 😛

The Legend of Dark Witch will stay the same.

I cannot really tell you about my stay here as it is highly dependent on my job. I would prefere weekends as it is safe to say that I do not have to work during those.


Vice City 98% = 6 hours tops.

Alternatively keep it at 7 hours and turn it into 100% (add 30 minutes just to be safe) because its better than 98% 🙂

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So unfortunately I was unable to get a full vacation for ESA and I have to work on July 2-5th. My times are:
2nd: 6:30-11:00
3rd: 6:30-15:00
4th: 7:15-17:00
5th: 10:00-18:00
So if my games could be scheduled before these dates or not during graveyard (night/early morning) for 1-4th July that would be very appreciated.


Unfortunately, myself and MrBean35000vr were only able to schedule the 29th June — 2nd July free for attendance to ESA, so this limits the days that we can perform our runs on.

Preferably we'd like to run on either Tuesday, 30th June or Wednesday 1st, July; as these work best. The 29th and the 2nd would be relatively bad for us due to most of our day being occupied by getting to the event and travelling home (especially the 2nd, since we leave Sweden in the early afternoon), so 30th/1st would be greatly appreciated if possible.


I will be at ESA from 26th of june till the end most probably, but maybe it can happen that i come the 30th. To be sure just put my run after the 30th 🙂 the estimated for Speedrunners can be lowered to 10 minutes


I can now confirm (finally booked the flight) that I am arriving late on the 28th so if it's possible to not schedule my games on that day please. Thanks 🙂


Damn, glad I decided to go on here today! Haven't been around the community for a while and I kinda forgot I even submitted anything, but there's my game among the final cuts... I'll have to quickly get my shit together and see if I can even afford the trip, hopefully I can decide in time to get my deposit in 😛


Currently I'm not sure if I'll arrive in Skövde on the 26th or the 27th, but I'll be leaving on the 5th so I'm around for the entire main marathon.


So today I PBed and got WR in Twinsanity 100% and got 1:16:44. Again estimate is the same


Right, so, I'll be around in Skövde for all of the event, but as it is highly likely that I will be working karaoke at Skövde Feskmarknad (small anime con at Nyeport) until the 28th, my game should not be scheduled prior to the 29th.


Got a good PB in Renegade Ops today. 1:16:13
Estimate remains the same at 1:25, in case the game crashes (we've had a fair amount of crashes last week, we think we nailed the problem but you never know).


Updated Estimate
Two Brothers can be brought down to 17:00


New World Record on Sonic CD Tails Any% that I accidently got a couple of days ago. Finally cut the 12 minutes and am now 6-11 seconds away from the time you can possibly get due to the timer glitch 🙂