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Shrek 2 estimate can be taken down to 40 minutes. 🙂


After talking with SeductiveSpatula, we've come to the conclusion that I'll be playing Two Worlds and he's gonna do couch commentary.

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Updated some estimates and put SeductiveSpatula as commentary


Elite Force 2 estimate can be cut to 1:55:00.


Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands estimate can be cut down to 1:55:00. I guess I posted too late in the other thread.

Looks like a pretty solid lineup this year. I'm guessing no sleep for me during the marathon 😛


"@flicky - we were talking about your Sands of Time run. We haven't heard anything about you running it! Please update us in this thread! "

Oh sure!

I've been having some problems with the game recently honestly, sometimes I find it really hard to finish a run - but I know I'll be able to put on a good showcase, I just need to keep practicing more and more!

Like I said, I think the estimate might need to be moved up to around 1:20:00 just because there are many ways the game can lose you couple of minutes at a time and 1:10:00 is "decent run" territory and would be pretty hard to make with marathon strats 🙂

Hope that's everything you need, let me know if you need any specific info, still really hyped to run it!

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Shame about BCR, but ah well.

Also I said twice in the first cuts thread that the Amazing Princess Sarah estimate can be dropped to 40 minutes.


I assume that the reason that KH Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD has that comment is because you guys couldnt find the leaderboards. Which can be found here:


Will this be the best ESA ever? 😃


I really don't agree with SM64 being cut, it's popular for a reason. It has high mechanics, it has everything that you want from a speedrun. It's very fast and it barely has any downtime, people love it. Sure I get it that it has been in alot of marathons but theres a reason behind that, it's one of the best speedruns of all time.


FFIX’s in? Where can I apply for couch? ❤️ ¤¤ ❤️ <3

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Haha, nice to see you're excited Alko. The way things look right now we're probably gonna exceed the carrying capacity of any couch with all the cool FF people coming. It's a good problem to have though. The company will be appreciated for a 9 hour run. 😃

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Regarding SM64, we personally don't think it needs to be in ESA 2015 for a few reasons. Hopefully if we explain it, you'll understand where we're coming from.

The run this year would have would effectively be 2/3rds of what we had last year. Noizeeh's PB this year is only a bit faster than Hampern's was last year and based off that, the quality of the run wouldn't really be any higher than it has been and we'd be down a runner. This would also be the fourth ESA in a row (plus Dreamhacks, GDQs) with SM64 in it which is why we think that if anyone wanted to see the SM64 run, they would've done by now. It's been done an awful lot at marathons for the past five years and we don't think the ESA run would offer anything new - there's no real discernible difference this year in the game and it's been mostly the same for years so why not show off a different game instead? The WR is going down sure, but we're not getting WR runners submitting it to ESA.

If people like it, great, they can go watch any of the other streams or practically any other live marathon for VoDs. SM64 fans are completely spoilt for choice and so we don't see why we would need to pander to them. If you like 3D Mario then there's Sunshine and Galaxy to watch. I don't think people should expect certain games to be in 100% of the time. It's not good for marathons to keep repeating themselves - same game with the same runner year-in, year-out. We don't want to push viewers away but if people are going to not watch just because SM64 isn't in, then we still stand by our choice. You guys can survive a year with an SM64 run. Go watch the SGDQ three-way race between Cheese, Puncay and Simply (how can anyone compete with that?).

Two hours of 120 Star being freed up has meant two hours of games that may never see a marathon otherwise. People seem to be getting complacent and just thinking "great, I submitted SM64, I'm in." We don't think that should be the case for any game.

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You can take 5 minutes of the TSFP estimate.

  [user deleted]

PoP Warrior Within estimate should be 35min for true any% or 50min for old any%, either works for me. Old any% has more zips but I'd actually have to practice that because it's not as ridiculously easy.


I loke how GTA VCS and GTA III got cut in favor of LCS, which is not happening now anyway OpieOP

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I will be getting to ESA on the 30th so will need to be scheduled to play after that.

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I sent a mail to Flicky but might as well post this here as well. If it is possible to schedule my Dark Souls 2 run for either in the evening the 3rd or at any point during the 4th/5th of July that would be great since I have to work during the week and won't be able to make it there. I might be able to go there during the 1st weekend (26th-28th) but this is still uncertain.


In regards to GTA5 (@KVD), I do technically have WR, but what Flicky says is correct, although I'm not sure if I could shave as much time off (in regards to what Flicky said), but I imagine someone who had grinded the game out more than me could have. I also didn't grind it out as much as my other games I submitted (which all have got through). It makes sense that it didn't get in; it's a long run that might not be as good as it could be, and that's a big amount of the marathon that could be used to show other runs off.

Also, in regards to Grow Home, I think my estimate for All Star Seeds might have been a little bit too low. After practising it a bit, you can do certain things to softlock the run, but I should be able to avoid this if I take my time, but I would have to put the estimate up to 35 minutes. If you don't want to do this but still want the game, I will happily do Any% instead; the estimate I gave for that is more than enough.

I also posted this in the other thread too: you can lower the estimate of The Simpsons: Hit & Run to 2 hours. With some more practice (to check my consistency) this might be able to go even lower.

(You may notice that I have asked to add 5 minutes to an estimate, and then asked you to remove 5 minutes from another. So it technically evens out in the end!)


i finished a run and it was 2 sec behind wr

you might wanna remove any% digest as a category, i could do it if we get too far ahead or something but two categories in a row must get boring for viewers, despite digest only taking like 5 minutes max (record is 3:36.63)