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ESA 2015 will be open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th 2015. Click here to visit the master thread!

The Game submission and scheduling team are flicky, bangerra and joka. We will also reach out to individuals and game communities regarding runs, rules and so on to help us make our decisions.

Round Two of Cuts are now Public!

These are the cuts. There's not a lot more to say, but they're there. We based it on personal knowledge the runners and the current known times we have. We also checked if runners were signed up or had paid if we had no other information to go on.

If your game is yellow, it means that we'd like it and we know and the trust the runner, but we haven't heard from you at all. Please contact us with info ASAP.

My game was cut =(
Unfortunately we have to cut stuff. We can reconsider but you'll need to let us know about why we should. If we have genuinely made a mistake, we can change our minds.

What's next? Is my game safe?
All that's left is to trytry and build a schedule with the remaining games. Games from this second cut will either be given a schedule slot or will be kept as standby games and used to fill gaps from any last minute drop-outs or subbed into the marathon as bonus games. None of those second round games will be cut completely unless the runner cannot make it.

Please note that we will be looking at who has and hasn't made the deposit while making the schedule. Runners who haven't made the 50 SEK Deposit will have their games either cut or left as backup. We understand that this can come off as a bit harsh or strict but we have made this known from the start. The deadline for the deposit payment is the 31st of May. To hopefully make this a bit easier for those on the fence, we will be publishing this schedule on the 30th of May. If you are in the schedule but fail to meet the deposit deadline, we will cut your game. It is a lot more work for us to post the schedule before the deadline, but we are doing it this way to act more in the interest of our attendees.

Feel free to discuss any of the cuts here. If you're like to contact any of us privately to talk about cuts, please check our contact info in the master thread linked at the post of this post! If any information is wrong, please let us know ASAP!


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RIP all of my games. Understandable.

(also what did you guys mean by "couldnt find any times"?)



The estimate for Vice City any% should remain 1:05 and not 1:10 imo. I have no clue who got it changed OpieOP


Some good games in there. Hyped for Sly, Mikkel make us proud!

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Welp...looks like i got in. Well this is a problem.

Can i opt to drop out? I'm really, really sorry for doing this, but unfortunately ESA happens to be exactly during exam periods in school, plus the current prices for plane tickets from Bruh-zil to Sweden are fucking absurd. Like, i'd have to spend months saving up money for this.

I am sorry about this, but with both the school thing and the financial issues, i won't be able to run or even attend. Sorry again 😕


Really looking forward to this event! Looks like there's a great variety of games that made it through.

I'm not sure whether this is the appropriate place to discuss this matter, but I am only going to be at the event until the 3rd July, so my window of availability during the marathon would be any time between June 27th to July 2nd. Booked my tickets months in advance to save bucks, and knew that I was only going to be able to get out for a week because of work.
Hope this wont be too much of a problem if it is caught quickly enough 🙂


Good looking out.


Pretty stacked list overall, looking forward to the event. Great job guys!

I'll reconsider my estimates in a week or so, after my exams are over and I've done a couple of runs, and then update any as needed, should be before the 25th for sure.


Cool, made it in. My appearance in the whole event is still a mystery but I'll clear it up soon enough.

Also IF I make it in I'll be there from only the 5th to 7th of July (worklmao) so just saying this in advance. They decided to close my local airport for summer tho so I really don't know how to go with this.


Hey, in which way would you like me to contact you guys?
I put in my money yesterday and I'll be at ESA from the 29th-5th, let me know what more info you need 🙂

also, I'd like my estimate to be 1:20 if possible, just because of the game's ability to do mean things to me

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Found the reasoning for the GTA V cut a bit strange. "The times we found weren't up to standard for this game." Zoton2 has the bloody WR lol. If you cut it because of excess length, just say so. 😉

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Is there any more info on that ultra street fighter stuff? Is that tournament at the event for attendees?


RIP Festival of Blood. I'm not that sad about BioShock, I saw that coming, but FoB is so short, and it's interesting, I could see it going through, but I may have been wrong I guess.
(Pretty much I see the point, I already have 2 games in, and there's a lot of games too, but I'd like to know if there are more reasons for the cut. Also, Festival of Blood doesn't have anything to do with InFamous itself, it's a DLC for 2, and it's just a separate game).

BioShock 2's estimate can be lowered to 1:35:00 (if you didn't count with that), is only a 5 min difference, but yeah. I considered 1:30 as my PB is 1:23, but things could go wrong.
Chains of Olympus estimate should still be 55, I can easily meet that estimate.

And well, I'll be getting to ESA June 28th night and I'll be coming back 5th July morning, just so you know when I'm going to be there.


@Peanut - Have cut your game.

@Respirte/Zibang - That's no problem, we can work around limitations.

@Henneko - we were talking about your Sands of Time run. We haven't heard anything about you running it! Please update us in this thread!

@KVD - Unless we're mistaken, he has a WR that's 3 minutes faster than the Classic% run on PS3. From our understanding, Any% No Mission Skips on PC should be 40-60 minutes faster than that Classic% run. If we're wrong, let us know.

@Cartina - Dragonfangs will be running the fighting game tournaments. I'll get him to post on the forum about it.


@flicky, Yeah you're wrong alright. Taxis definitely don't win that much time (~20 mins). Furthermore the PS3 WR has a downloadable content chopper (which is not available on PC), which is a very fast type and can win a bunch of time throughout the run (which almost nullifies the taxi time gain, but let's say taxis are still 10-15 mins better). Either way, it's a severe case of apples and oranges, but I would stake my eyesight on it being (far) less than 40 mins.

EDIT: Forgot that Classic% is with a different ending, which is another 15 mins, so yeah 40 mins when also considering that sounds about right. Nevermind what I wrote earlier. 😛 These differences have to be taken relatively though of course (pardon the elementary school example, but it'd be like a 5 min difference on a run of 1h)...I see more than a few runs on the schedule that would not survive criteria as strict as that.

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The estimate for Muramasa can be cut to 1:40.