Kargha: Yes and No. There's plenty of tasks that needs to be done. Contact me for if you have any specific questions. My contact information is listed in the first post.


Need to ask this because of work : The thread says in the first post "open from June 26th until noon July 7th.". Unfortunately, my work makes me get the holidays from Monday to Sunday. ¿May I have the (approximate) start of the marathon in itself to closing? (Not including bonus streams!). That would help me a lot to attend, thank you.

(Note : I have personal equipment for streaming that I can provide - I use it to stream FGC tournaments, so if I can help...)


Added that piece of information in the opening post!


If I can work out the trip, I would love to play some piano to entertain anyone attending, or maybe even do some on the broadcast. Is there an available piano at the venue?


There's a piano at the old venue (Nyeport).

I don't think there's one stationary at the House of Culture. But I'm sure an electrical piano can be arranged. Believe Tompa owns one and he does not live too far away.


I will indeed bring my piano again =).


Awesome! Would you be so kind as to describe the model so I can better prepare? 88 keys, weighted action, sustain pedal, sturdy base, that kind of stuff?


Do you have a sustain pedal? I can bring one if needed.


@Jonas NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa.


The discount code for the hotel doesnt work for me.

"This booking code does not exist." 😮 halp?


↑ You have to email or call to book with that discount code 😉


Is there going to be an accommodation thread created anytime soon? 🙂

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Once we've confirmed the mass housing, it'll go up!


Who's the tech guy for ESA? If they've got their eyes on this thread, is it cool if I pick their brains about some of the technical aspects of marathon audio?


So apparently I missed the "sign up for a less costly event", had no idea about it until it was too late. Is there anything else I need to do now? Except for running, of course, which I am doing.


Read all the forum posts and you'll know everything. That's why we post stuff.