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European Speedster Assembly 2015 is a speedrunning centered community meetup and marathon. The doors are open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th. The stream will be running between June 28th until July 5th.

This thread serves to collect all key information and threads into one place.

Hotel & Venue Information:
[Skövde Kulturhus](
Trädgårdsgatan 9,
541 30 Skövde

Quality Hotel Prisma
Ekedalsgatan 2
54124 Skövde
Phone: +46 500 48 80 00

Hotel Reservations will be made by emailing the hotel or calling them. To get the discounted rate you need to make your reservation under the booking number/reference 92465. The discounted rate is 535 SEK / night for a double bedroom. Prices includes tax and gratuity.
The hotel is not reserving any rooms, it's first come, first serve basis. Get your reservations in now.

Accommodation and Travel resources:
- Hotel and Room Sharing
- Mass housing thread - posted 2015-06-07
- Travel

Event Information and Resources:
- Payment - posted 2015-05-03
- First Round Cuts - posted 2015-04-01
- Second Round Cuts - posted 2015-05-15
- Schedule - posted 2015-05-30
- [Sign-Up Information]( - posted 2015-03-16
- Game submission and Rules - posted 2015-02-05
- Pricing and Budget Thread - posted 2015-02-13

Equipment Information and Resources:
- Equipment - posted 2015-06-05

Volunteer Information and Resources:
- Volunteering - posted 2015-05-29
- Tech Volunteering - posted 2015-06-09

Misc. Information:
- Clarification About the State of ESA and Ludendi - posted 2015-02-10

Lead Organiser's Information:

If you have questions about the event, please contact any of us and make sure to follow ESA's twitter account!

Name: Edenal
Job: Admin, Payment & Purchases
Best contact option: Skype (fredrik.lidholt) / Twitter (@edenalsda) / Email:

Name: Oasiz
Job: Main tech
Best contact option: SRL IRC (oasiz)

Name: flicky
Job: Producer (!), Game & Schedule
Best contact option: Twitter (@flickyish) / SRL IRC (flicky) / Email ( / Twitch (flickyish)

Name: bangerra
Job: Games & Schedule
Best contact option: Skype (bangerra) / Twitter (@bangerrasrl) / SRL IRC (bangerra) / Twitch (bangerra)

Name: Grukk
Job: Promotion & Website
Best contact option: Skype (jonas.akered1) / Twitter (@Grukk_)

We have a number of others helping us as listed below! (May not be up to date). If you have questions about anything listed here, please contact the bolded person (for example, hosting questions, ask flicky)

Working with Edenal
Crippe - Venue reservations, On site storage + more
Niss3 - On site events (Melon gaming), On site storage + more

Working with Oasiz
Ontwoplanks - Tech + Audio + Video
AMVX - Tech + Audio + Hardware
MaxieTheHatter - Tech + Video

Working with flicky & bangerra
joka - Game + Schedule

Working with flicky
Alko - Donations, travel
Tompa - Donations

Robosparkle - Hosting
Suzy - Hosting
Phhillu - Hosting

MLSTRM - Underling
Adam - Underling

Working with Grukk
tdawg - Promotion
Pac - Website + Promotion
SpeedPainter - Graphical stuff
Cronikeys - Game submission form

Also, we have to think of things for the following to do:
Neviutz, Lotblind, Fatzke

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Update Log

2015-06-09 - Tech Volunteering
2015-06-07 - Mass Housing
2015-06-05 - Equipment
2015-05-30 - Schedule
2015-05-29 - Volunteering
2015-05-15 - Second Round Cuts
2015-05-03 - Payment
2015-04-01 - First Round Cuts
2015-03-16 - Sign ups are open! [Sign-Up Information](
2015-02-13 - Pricing & Budget Thread posted.
2015-02-12 - Highlight of the Roundtable stream which aired Febuary 12th.
2015-02-10 - Clarification About the State of ESA and Ludendi posted.
2015-02-09 Game Submission is now open!
2015-02-07 The Game Submission Form post has been updated with important info!
2015-02-05 Games Submission Rules Posted!
2015-02-04 - Master Thread posted and Travel thread added! Games Submissions will be opening soon!


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