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As some might remember I created #TEAMBOWLING2015 which was an event that eveloped from a previous bowling event from 2014 where we went bowling together during ESA.

2015 var a success with over 50-60 people from ESA signing up for this side event during ESA and this years ESA im going to make something even bigger and better.

But for this I need to first make an interest check before I continue further with the plans.

--------------------------------------The plans----------------------------------------

This year I found this crazy company that cater to bigger events like ours for example.
It's basically a different way of playing football. You are in a big plastic bubble and try to score goals against the other team.

My thought was IF we get enough people signing up for this to create a good A vs B team and then fight in a true ESA spirit.

Bumperballs: (obs the website is in swedish!)
edit: just noticed it was wrong link before.. I must have been sleeping at work when i wrote this..
Fixed it now.

What I need to know (IN TIME) is if there is any kind of interest for this kind of event.
I don't know exact price yet per person but if we are 15-20 people then this is the bracket:

15-20 pers
60min 325:-/person
(minsta deb 5250:-)
90min 350:-/person
(minsta deb 5625:-)

So minimum price will probably be 325 sek (35,20 euro) depending on how many people that shows interest for this and such.
IF we decide to create this during the event based upon how many that shows interest to it, the money will probably have to be payed before the event starts. But that is tings we can look into.

The ONLY thing I want to get from you now is interests checks.
So reply to this post IF you are interested to join in this kind of event during ESA.