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Some feedback from a Twitch viewer.

- Stream room.
Having both streams in the same room was a fun idea. As Tompa said: it's good to have activity around. I experienced the interference of the two stream as a good thing, it makes both streams feel more connected, instead of two disjoint events. Especially when you could see stream yellow in purple's background.

- Hosting.
A hosting schedule would be a big, big improvement to avoid bad hosting / hosts.

- Schedule.
Cutting of runners during ending credits while they're still wrapping up talking isn't very nice. I get that there is a (tight) schedule to stick to, but it's not very respectful. Tying in with this: I like that idea of having a post-run interview when there is an in-between-runs host section (to kill the time if nothing else).

- General.
I agree with Joshimuz and Melis about making ESA not too professional. The faffing about and mistakes is what gives an event such as this one its charm. I really, strongly agree on this:

Originally posted by JoshimuzI actually enjoy the lack of donation/charity whoring, "professional" hosters, and "donation hype train"ers. This is what makes ESA different to the GDQs. This isn't what ESA should be about.
The GDQs are a charity marathon ran by a company (more or less) to raise money for a cause.
ESA is a speedrun marathon, by runners for runners, and really represents the community, warts and all, and I love it![\quote]

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So Im just gonna chime in very briefly.

First off: the event was amazing. Organisers and Volunteers did a really good job and Im glad I could watch a lot of runs even though I had to work that week.

The only thing that I disliked was the pre-written piece of paper with informations about Doctors without borders and the event itself. I suppose it was there to help the donation readers kill time and/or not to forget important information when talking about that stuff.
But lets be honest: It would have been a lot smoother if it was coming from the heart.
I know folks are nervous and want to keep the viewers (old and new) informed but I think it got annoying at a certain point (especially for people that watched on a regular basis/all week).

Im pretty certain that Doctors without Borders appreciates the event and the generousity of everyone donating, even without explaining their actions every 20 minutes (in between short runs).

Dont take it too seriously; just something I noticed. 🙂


The only few negative things:

- Garbage everywhere, why can't attendees clean their own mess is beyond my understanding.

- On several occasions we (the people sitting behind the couch watching the run) were basically forced by the person sitting at the station to not use mobile devices, i was pissed off because that was the only possible way for me to see and interact with the chat, and those few runs were when the chat was filled with interaction from our many friends that didn't make it to the event. I do not have eagle eyes to see the chat on that side monitor. If you want people sitting behind the couch don't make them feel like they're in prison.


As a tech I think I can provide some nice feedback from a rare view.

The venue, was really great. As a tech I really liked that both streams was so close, since it meant we could keep track of both with minimal staff (I do not know why it felt like I was alone on tech several times when it was not even my shift). The audience microphone just needs to be adjusted to compensate, something I often did for Purple when Yellow got loud (Mystery Tournament and the open block fighting games was particularly loud under extended periods which I assume was exciting matches).

Masshousing was good. I could sleep there with few problems. But as others have said, the distance was a problem. Not sure how to house the 50-70 or so that slept there otherwise but it was a long way to walk. I will make sure my budget for next year is prepared for staying at the hotel.

The Split/GG button was a great idea that needs to be reused next year, preferably for both stream. We at tech are not always knowledgeable about every run and their start and stop times, so unless runner or comentator is proactive and tells us to be prepared, we might have to scramble to stop timer once the final blow has been dealt. Split button removes this and gives more accurate timings.

During a few longer runs, I thought back at the time when I was just watching at home with no clue who anyone was and experimented with adding name tags to the people on the couch. While a few mistakes was done, I do think it was appreciated by the viewers. Doing it for all runs might be too much work, but for longer ones (>1h) it would be worth it. If tied into a system where commentators can preregister and be added to the control panel we use it would be great, remove uncertanty of whom is who and be updated automagically. This would also allow people to see if runs are lacking commentary, and take up the slack (or just take the opportunity to sit in the couch) which could reduce the "empty chairs" problem described by others.

The heat though was a problem. The first days was fine, and I know we can not expect Edenal's magic to extend to controlling weather, but it was really hot in there towards the end. Perhaps some way to cover up the huge skylight? Would also have helped with the lighting, since it interfered with the projectors, making some runs very dark to watch unless you had vision of the TV or screen.

I think that was it. Overall a great event, with a few rough edges that can be worked out.

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I watched Esa this year for the first time and let me tell you something. I couldn't stop watching the stream. I loved how I had the option of a yellow and purple stream. Everyone also seemed to be having lots of fun at the event and I would love to join the event next year.

Thing is I am just getting into speed running so I would run anything there but I would love to watch in the live. The only thing that is stopping me at the moment is that I live in north america(New York) so I would have to figure out a way to get to the event once I Had landed. I have some questions to ask about going to #esa16 so maybe somebody could help me out and answer some of my questions.



esa16 HYPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


I suppose I'd like to chime in as a twitch viewer as well. This ESA was fantastic from a viewing standpoint. It had all the usual ESA virtues. Not focusing as much on donation reading, seeming overall more chill than the GDQs, and good game selection. I've always been a fan of the two stream option and I think it worked out really well, at least for me as a viewer, to fill it up with runs as the marathon goes along.

I feel like chat was ruled with a relatively ferrous fist. Which I approve of, because chat is a horrible wasteland. I definitely think chat should be more or less ignored by the hosts. You could tell the hosts were often uncomfortable. Especially when a female was unfortunate enough to host/merely appear on screen momentarily. You could tell, constant uncomfortable fidgeting, potentially unconscious attempts to cover cleavage or take a sort of defensive stance. Which of course is ultra lame. I hate that they have to put up with the throbbing dick throng that is Twitch chat. So ultimately I think it would come of as a more chill and welcoming environment to the viewer if the hosts weren't subjected to that. Not to mention the hosts, well, wouldn't be subjected to that. So I like the idea of having a separate chat monitor of some sort. That said, I don't know if that's actually feasible as I've never taken part in a marathon in any capacity other than watching them.

Also apparently people can't clean up after themselves which is disgusting and disrespectful. Whenever I see litter out in the world I end up thinking to myself "What worthless subhuman did this?" and "There's literally a trash can right there.". So it's a bummer there were a bunch of people being really disrespectful. Though obviously as a viewer I wouldn't have known that so it's more of an internal problem.

All things considered this seemed outwardly to go really well. I enjoyed myself, there were few to no major hiccups, and everything seemed well taken care of. I'm also like I said really happy that there was a concerted effort to take care of the bad elements of chat. I'm in favor of any marathon with FFIX though. 😃 Good Job guys, it was great.

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The event in general was amazing, huge thanks to everyone putting it together.

Only really have a few small things to say:
-The camera angle for the PC runs was pretty bad, I guess it was an issue with the cables or something though I saw a couple of runs had a better angle.
-The runners were sometimes a bit hard to hear into the audience especially if there were a ton of people at the TVs right next to the stream. Maybe just have a few more speakers for the commentary or instead of having some of the TVs really close to the runners have them in another room.
-I think someone else mentioned the projector being kinda hard to see due to all the light, potentially could have the stream playing on the big TV on front as well?

In general the stream quality was really good.
The 8 practice PCs were really good and easy enough to get access to when you actually needed it.
General location of the venue is really great, everything was close by. (I guess mass housing wasn't but I didn't use that)
Everyone there was really cool and the general atmosphere was pretty chill.
Joshimuz made a really good point about professionalism that I totally agree on.

Had a great time even though I managed to catch a cold few days in.


I don't know how to quote in this but whatever:

> During a few longer runs, I thought back at the time when I was just watching at home with no clue who anyone was and experimented with adding name tags to the people on the couch. While a few mistakes was done, I do think it was appreciated by the viewers.

If I end up doing the layouts for next year, this will be an thing that I will implement. I thought it was fantastic, and I definitely know chat appreciated it.

> CBenni and Sirstendec & Mods

As far as people go, you all did amazing. Thank you all for being excellent support and so helpful and timely. I threw the idea of Slack ages ago, and am glad it was received well. Mod support and communication was much better this time around.

- Hosting

I hate the self promotion - but if chat are asking, it becomes annoying to not tell them sometimes. Randomly typing it in, like some people were, isn't smart though.

- Kitchen

I really, really, REALLY want a kitchen back next year please.

- Space, Practice and Tech

I personally thought that the two streams angled in the same room worked very well. If you focused on one, you could easily forget about the other, and they were good size from stuff. Yes, there were empty chairs at times, but that is a marathon. Not every game is going to have 30 people watching it.

I would have liked a direct mirror of stream and stream, with yellow host on top of the stage. That did boil down to limitations of tech and unforseen circumstances.

In regards to all the practice space, I thought the main room was done very well, especially if more people start turning up next year. The fighting room with the small kitchen was okay as a chill out zone and if we could have used the kitchen there a bit more and it was left in a better, tidier state. It was a good break area.

The Mafia room...well...was just wasted, in my opinion. It could have been used for a lot more, or not rented at all and not much would have been lost. The small kitchen break area next to that (Freja?) was again, a nice area for people playing card games, and having food - again, we were limited by what we could do in the kitchen though.

Overall I feel we could have just rented the Vahall and the Fighting/Practice room and that would have been enough.

- Tech

New system was much improved. Simple as that. Downside it neither stream ran at 100% at any point due to the setup issues on arrival.

- People

Very late to arrive, very early to leave. Much worse than last year in my opinion with people coming early to set up, or stay later to pack up. Felt off. Overall people were just as nicer, if not nicer than last year. Here is hoping same for next time. Just need to clean up a bit more and actively think about the place. I will give shoutouts later, but so many good people there.

- Local deals

It was great to have San Marino, Marlons and the Kebabhouse making us welcome and for organisers to arrange deals with them. Likewise with the hotel. Really helped. Maybe next year, Orient Palace/Sushi Yama as well?

And while there was bowling this year - which was amazingly organised by CursedDolls, we filled the place out, with buffet! - and I know some people went for mini-golf, it would be great to try to get even more side activities to happen as well!

- Hosting & Cameras

I really like a lot of Necktie's suggestions regarding hosting, but the main thing is have some music playing in the background. Nothing worse than dead air when not much was happening.

Similarly, t would be nice to use a wide angle camera from a high/up centeral position overlooking the whole room, where if the host didn't have much to say do, you could cut to that position, with a tag 'setting up next game' and all that, but just with music and a room camera. Save the host talking for 10 minutes, prevent stupid sentences, but still gives people a look at the event with some audio.

Regarding the comment from Greywords of a "camera man" - FUCK, NO. It's not something that is reasonable, and at that point you need to reconsider all of the camera equipment and how it would be handled. Even at dead times in the night, you need a separate person to man for a very quiet room. Not worth it. Like mentioned, by that point you would need to by a whole heap of equipment and then make sure the person running the camera knows what they are doing, focus, back focus, DoF, aperture, gain, lighting, framing...just, no. It also gets back to the 'professionalism' of the whole event.

That's all I can think of for now, I may post more later on as it hits me.

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¤People just don't throw your garbage around everywhere and sleep where you're supposed to (including myself, I slept at the venue for a few hours myself, sorry)

¤Runners and donation readers were hardly understandable, also the audience was impossible to understand with the setup for PC games. Then again, we had everything in one room and we wouldn't want too much interference with the other stream etc. Can't precisely think of a better way to set it up except for breaking the streams into different rooms like it was suggested.


Shitload of stuff has been said already so I'm gonna keep it short.

It was horrible, at some point in the week there was food everywhere, like cereal on a paper plate, sausages, stuff that should be in a fridge (sausages, cheese, ham), McDonald's‎ in the damn fridge, etc. I just threw everything away and wrote the "clean up or ill throw it away" note (and kept on throwing things away if they were there).

I know people are lazy at these sort of events but it takes 5-10 seconds to clean the stuff you used. Which means washing it and not rinsing it once with water and put it in the sink so someone else can clean it up when they want to use it. I'm probably gonna volunteer next year to keep shit like this clean.

It was bad, that is all.

Felt like they didn't do anything. One of the first nights we were playing mafia in the ~fighting game~ room and it was blazing hot, the ACs were on but you could only feel the cold air if you were touching the AC with your hand.

ESA was really fun like last year, people were amazing and the venue was nice.

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Great event, really enjoyed my first ESA as a runner. Couple things could be improved.

The sentiment from several mods about chat going crazy and them having to do more work - too fucking bad. You should know by now what you're signing up for, and frankly I feel that you take chat way too seriously. Marathon chats are always ridiculous, and to think you can hold a conversation in one is just stupid. Yes chat can be obscene and cruel, especially when a girl ends up on camera, and yes runners/hosts will encourage chat to spam. That is the nature of the chat, and to try and "control" it, such as banning the word "grill" or timing out people spamming runner's FFZ emotes just adds fuel to the flame and is a detriment to the only way viewers really have for participation aside from donations.

I remember during my ZAMN run, I asked chat which player I should use - the girl or the boy. I saw people get timed out for saying "girl" and "grill" which is just fucking dumb. Let the thirsty chatters be just that, and stop taking it so seriously. It has no reflection upon the event as a whole because every large chat is like that, and it seems that the only ones complaining about it are mods. You do this for free.

As a positive for chat, I really enjoyed having a separate monitor dedicated to showing chat - it's something GDQs lack, and the interaction is much better as we can respond to questions and comments, and see the chat's reaction to the run.

Mass housing was a great low-cost option, but the distance from the event was a problem. To echo kennyman, my shower would be ruined once I walked to the venue. I'm probably just out of shape to start sweating on a 15 minute walk, carrying a somewhat heavy bag, but if not for the distance this wouldn't be an issue. I enjoyed when the housing was at the venue itself, but I'm guessing this would violate some fire codes and general safety should everyone need to evacuate. If possible, a closer housing option would be nice.

Finding the mass housing was also an issue at first. The map on campus was useless - it would have been nice for staff to put up some signs to help people locate the correct building without the need of a chaperone.

The venue itself was great - having everything in one room made the event feel really inclusive, and the side rooms allowed people to step away from the main action if they chose. The only issue was the lackluster A/C, which seemed to barely work. If some fans were placed around the room, the heat and stagnate air would have some flow and the area would have been better. Seemed like only the host station got to use the one out of two fans I saw present at the event.

I'd also like to echo beatrix on the chairs - how to actually fix this problem is likely really expensive, so I don't expect that the chairs will be replaced. Even if you moved the more comfortable chairs out of the smaller room, it would only suffice for behind the couch for one of the streams. Perhaps the venue has more of those types of chairs that could be used for the event?

Lastly I'd like to thank the tech staff for doing an amazing job, especially setting up another streaming desktop on short notice. Some of the setup times were a bit long, but everything fell into place eventually and things ran smoothly. The only run where they dropped the ball was during SWAT4 - trying to handle all streams at once was a mistake, and although I tried to communicate to the rest of the team that only two screens were being captured, everyone kept streaming even when reduced to the two streams. I believe this is what caused the lag issues we were facing that made the run terrible. I highly doubt we'll be doing SWAT4 ever again, but if by some chance another 4+ co-op run is accepted, the setup for those runs should begin at least an hour before the run starts, with a tech schedule focused around those difficult setups.

Again, really enjoyed my first ESA and the issues above did not make the event any less fun.

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First of all. ESA15 was the most fun ESA for me, even more fun than ESA13.
ESA14 was meh, which is why I really wasn't excited for ESA15, but I am so glad I came and I had a really great time. The biggest reason for this which is part of the organizing (you can't plan people not being pricks) was a less remote venue that was close to everything we needed: Food, activities & other places you'd find in a city.

Here's some points I have to make, some of m good, some of m bad. I'm not going to give suggestions on how to fix bad things, or whether you should fix at all, as there may have been very valid reasons, unknown to me, for stuff being that way.

¤ Chairs were uncomfortable, and doing a 7 hour run on them was not something I enjoyed. Although that's my fault for doing a 7 hour run, I imagine it's worse for people who wanted to watch runs a lot or the hosts.

¤ I really liked the idea of the big split button, but other than it being purple stream only and pressing it sometimes didn't work or counted as being pressed twice, it was implemented very poorly. The only run for which it was implemented correctly was SWAT4: It should be on the other side of the room and the runner has to run to their pc/console after pressing it.

¤ Camera angle was bad during PC runs. I can't even see myself in some VoDs of my own runs.

¤ The date of the event was proper shit. Please don't make me take 2 weeks off of school and skip an exam again just so I can go to ESA. I don't see what was so bad about the times ESA 12 13 and 14 were held at.

¤ Time between runs was filled ok with the hosts and stuff, but sometimes the dead silence was weird and made me think my audiohardware broke. I'd like to be able to watch or listen to the runner prepare for/wrap up after their game.

¤ Mass housing was ok itself for it being mass housing, especially once two of the showers were marked off as private. Communal showers were disgusting. Distance was dumb. Going to/from bed was just something undesirable to do just because of the effort it takes. Having the people sleep in the Mafia room seemed to work just fine the first night and I'm wondering why this wasn't the permanent option. I'm guessing due to not everyone having showed up yet and there not being enough room? (the gym not being overly packed and allowing you to walk properly was really nice). Or maybe fire regulations I don't know.

¤ The date of the event was proper shit. Please don't make me take 2 weeks off of school and skip an exam again just so I can go to ESA. I don't see what was so bad about the times ESA 12 13 and 14 were held at.

¤ Finding Mass housing was also nonsense. The post someone wrote on the forums had a google maps link, but the marker was not even anywhere remotely close to where the mass housing was. Pls fix.

¤ There was something else someone wanted me to write, but I forgot what it was and who that someone was.

¤ Wtf was up with the schedule? I was told 20 minutes were added to my estimate but the schedule didn't show that. I don't know what other things were wrong with it because I just didn't bother to look at it anymore after discovering it wasn't accurate at all.

¤ The date of the event was proper shit. Please don't make me take 2 weeks off of school and skip an exam again just so I can go to ESA. I don't see what was so bad about the times ESA 12 13 and 14 were held at.

¤ The event was great and there were great people!

I look forward to next year's ESA

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I'm back home, time for some feedback!

The venue was great. I liked the idea of having everything in one room. While there are some problems to this, I still think it was a success because it created a great atmosphere. The kitchen was not really usable, though. Something I absolutely loved was the split button. The chat monitor was nice to have, but I mostly ignored it because of the toxic stuff that got spammed in there. The biggest problem in my opinion was, that the smaller rooms weren't really used, even though they had TVs and stuff in them. Staff could have maybe been a bit more strict, with sending some of the louder off-stream events to these.

The tech stuff wasn't always perfect, there were a lot of audio issues and it was very hard to see something on the projectors. But those problems could not outweigh the positive things for me (I got to run my game in beautiful RGB, so who am I to complain?).

The low point of the entire event for me - and I just have to mention it - was the Vice City crew killing SerSanjus Chains of Olympus run. While he was still going, they started setting up for the bingo. This made a ton of noise and eventually disconnected everything, including video and timer. This was very rude and I probably should have left the couch and told them to stop right away, but it's not easy to react quickly in situations like this. There should have been someone of the staff stopping this, but I guess no one noticed. I know that it was obviously not done intentionally, but please, for future marathons, try to take a look at the stream areas to make sure people can finish their runs without getting interrupted!

Oh and one more thing: Please organize the open block for the yellow stream differently. Most people - including me - were already too late when they figured out how to get runs in there.

Overall I had one of the best weeks in my life, despite some problems (something that can be expected). I will definitely go to the next ESA, in fact, I'm already counting the days 🙂

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S: From what I gather, ESA and SGDQ are coordinating dates to make sure they don't collide and aren't too close to each other (SGDQ 2015 starts on July 26th). It was said during the final speech that ESA 2016 and SGDQ 2016 would likely switch, so that ESA is later and SGDQ is earlier. So you can expect ESA 2016 to be roughly a month later.

(on that note, I do hope ESA 2016 does not overlap with Närcon, like it did last year)


Really hated the 2 streams being so close to each other. It worked great from a viewing and probably tech perspective, but it was just awful when actually doing a run. Being mid sentence and having the other stream interrupt you with cheering and clapping is horrible. Granted the stream probably didn't hear most of the clapping but it's still difficult to talk over. Plus I could hardly even hear the others on the couch besides the person next to me because there's so much noise in the room.

Also seems kinda silly not to have spare mics on standby. Only 3 mics for the main stream was pretty bad for a 4-player co-op run. I think the 2nd stream only had 2 mics? Not exactly sure but more mics seemed necessary there too.

Also probably could have done with an extra HDTV or two for practice but that's quite minor.

Everything else was great, thanks a lot for organising ❤️

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too close to mcdonalds. and mcdonalds cheeseburgers are too cheap.

like, fuck man, how can you say no to a 10 krones cheeseburger?

having all of ESA basically in one giant room was cool, really enhanced the community meetup feel i think. even if crosstalk on streams happened, it was minor and was usually funny anyways

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Also, I think I speak for nobody but myself when I say this, but the dates of the event were perfectly fine. Any of the 5 weeks afterwards would have worked for me as well I suppose, but yeah.

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As a twitch viewer I'd just like to thank for an amazing event, it was really fun to watch.

The only real complaint I have is that the background audio at times was too loud, you could hear people yelling (maybe from the other stream?) and sometimes it made it hard to hear what the runner was saying.

I'd love to come next year, even if I can't run anything.

Over all it was great guys, thanks for organizing!

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I rate 9,5/10. Only improvment would be to move ESA to Stockholm Kappa

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Overall , I completely loved the event, but for the purposes of feedback, I'll talk mostly about stuff I either know about or affected me, most of it is negative (since that's way more useful):

Venue location was cool if only because it was spitting distance from the station. However, it being too big was a bit of a drawback in a way, since I didn't even know where some of the runs that I wanted to watch were being practiced. Same deal with fighting games sequestering themselves into a tiny room connected to a small room because that was where the 'first TV' was and then inertia keeping us there.

I preferred Nyeport's layout in a way, since there were only five clearly defined rooms and nothing was really out of the way.

Mass Housing was so bad that I snap booked a hotel after staying in there for one night. Walking 20 minutes to sleep next to a giant tower fan that turned on at 4AM wasn't exactly appealing. I didn't even approach the showers and hearing about people being locked out was also slightly alarming.

Venue closing early would've set me off really badly but the door was open anyway so no harm there.

Lastly, tournaments. I got the post-mortem from Robo on the way back. Apparently everything looked fine on stream, but the actual running of it was a near disaster during the event. SF4 tournament was fine since I was essentially paid off. All I can really say is that I'll actually help out with running the Mystery Tournament next year and just do other stuff on the side if the demand is there.

Also Yellow Stream (at least until Day 3(?)) was really bad. The on-site audience and commentators were completely unable to hear or see the runner for PC runs.

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