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We'd appreciate your feedback right now from this moment on.

We will be reviewing the event ourselves and get our analysis out within a few weeks time.

Feel free to share any and all thoughts you have about the event.

- The #ESA15 team


I'll dedicate this post for one thing: The attendees.

The attendees are, in WAY TOO MANY cases DISGUSTING FILTHY PIGS. Why does this really have to be a problem for every single meet up of any kind? How hard can it be to simply throw your litter in the one-of-many trash bags around the venue? Is it really difficult to get rid of your bottle of soda after you're done? If the trash bag is full, is it difficult to replace it with a new one? Clearly, the best solution is to throw the litter on the ground instead, very smart...

I can sometimes, though VERY rarely, understand that you "just forgot" about taking care of your crap. INSTANTLY take care of it to simply avoid this from happening. For most of you "I'll take it later" clearly doesn't work. Maybe you have a nice mom at home or whatever that does all of this for you. But take some responsibility for your garbage! Don't just put your dirty mug of coffee on the sink, hoping that someone will take care for it (Even though, well, it works, as I have taken care of it too many times.). It doesn't even take a minute to make it nice and clean again. Some of you have also only washed the inside of water, expecting it to be clean afterwards. The mug has more than just the inside to it... Wash the entire mug.

If these things are too hard for some people, I can gladly have a "How to be your mom" school at start of the event, as it clearly seems to be needed. I've been cleaning up for everyone the entire week and I still do, considering it is not over at the time I write this. Spending this much time taking care of YOUR crap is a waste of time for me. It's nothing I should need to do, it's what YOU need to do.

We all want it nice and clean if possible, right? Why can't you just use the brain and think a little and this wouldn't be a problem. I might exaggerate a little about this. I'm just sick of being a maid. That's not why I'm here, that's not what I want to do. Please, make this a reality next time.


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I was offsite mod (last minute kinda thing) so gonna give feedback on that.

Thing i liked was the program slack, its a nice place for mods to get together to talk about stuff and help communicate between tech and hosts and such even for offsite mods.
For next event i would recommend to add all the mods to it and maybe add 2 channels to seperate purple and yellow for tech stuff and keep the main channel in which was talked most this event afaik.
Also a list of staff (who to talk too for which) would be handy on slack in case you need something.
Problem was that only purplehost and techstation was on there (still not sure if techstation was for both streams or just purple) and not yellowhost/tech which sometimes would have helped.

Sometimes having some info beforehanded like schedule changes would also be handy to share in slack so we can anticipate for that with chat.

For the (moo)bot part, moobot was doing a good job at t/o and banning links. maybe making beforehand a list that every mod/tech/staff can agree on off banned words and such would be handy.
Also mods got blamed many times for t/o that moobot did, maybe a line next time that says that moobot handles most of the t/o's
ESApasta (thanks cbenni for making it during the first few days, was fun) was made to help with the spamming done by mods for which would contain game/runner/leaderboard was on at the moment, would love to see this return (but cbenni knows it needs some fixes, but it worked nicely imho for a bot done fast).

The schedule with the links to game and runners was also nice, to bad some games werent autodetected, told pac about this allready. but the layout and page worked fine on my end so thats something i would also like to see return but maybe with the option for some tech/staff can add links to (non) leaderboards.

On the site part under about there is: shirtless gaming? maybe remove because of twitch TOS thing.

also sad shoutouts to the mods work wasnt on the cheat sheet MiniK

Feedback on something that happend during the big delay for jodens run (but should apply imho to the whole event and no im not against woman when your going to read the next thing) Dont let 2 girls host at the same time, Chat will die and also FailFish , hosting in between runs should be used to promote the stuff also not just ama, i know it was a long one but not a single word was said about Doctors without borders. im not against a female host, but i think they need to contain chat and not give into it.

Also during Dragon's crown (example i could remember) sometimes chat was RIP cause there were some provocations from the couch. things like that should also try to be avoided imho cause it will the work for mods harder with no real reason.

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OK so I probably have a few things to say but right now all I can think of is how hosts and runners act on stream. I know we can't control their behaviour and stuff but at least tell them what they can and can't do, and give warnings. On numerous accounts certain people have caused chat to go crazy due to things they have said or basically encouraging them. This makes it very hard for us mods.

Oh also something else that I have noticed, so has many others, is that some runners end up being on their own. Either no commentators or watchers behind them, just totally on their own. This looks bad for both ESA and the runner as it's quite depressing to see and obviously a knock back for the runner who then might be moody. I'm not sure how this can be handled, maybe just if people see someone on stream with no one around then out of respect go and watch them?

If I think of anything else I'll probably do another post. There is one thing but it's just personal and probably seen as unprofessional so I'll keep it to myself.

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@Kitty I agree on the solo runner part. I've sat down a few times with people. However what you don't see is people sitting out of camera view while the seats behind the runner are empty. This happens particularly with some pc runners I noticed. Also empty halls just happen with the early morning shows unfortunately 🙁 can't be avoided sometimes

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+ The Venue. I think the venue is very great in most cases! Plenty of space and several rooms if you want a bit more quiet and such, very fitting for magic, mafia, munchkin and so on. One, that isn't ESA's fault really, is the lack of an oven/stove for some cooking. It was a great things to have last year, but too bad that the town of Skövde didn't allow it... Hopefully some kind of exception can be made for us next year?

+ Stream/practice room. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning to have everything in the same place. But I must say, it worked out a lot better than I imagined! Even if you were practicing at the other side of the room, you could still follow along both streams on the projectors. It can be a bit too loud at times, though I really didn't mind it. It's to have some activity around so that the place doesn't seem dead.

+ As always: Being able to walk to stores, food places, a lake, cinema, mini golf, bowling and whatever. This is one of the best things in comparision to the GDQ's.

+ The attendees, the positive side! Apart from my above post: Everyone is always very nice and friendly! It's so nice to just hang out with someone you have never met before, play some random game, go out for lunch together. ❤️ to the community (Except for the filthy pigs, because Kill The Pigs ;))

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Just gonna repost this from another thread regarding the run management & schedule:

"we will be directing you around with goal of keeping on schedule, so don't expect to show the credits. Once your run is done, you will have a very small window to wrap up"

This decision broke the schedule imo.
People have been very strict and aggressive to enforce this from my experience, it should really be taken into account how far ahead of the estimate the run was before cutting it short. And, more importantly, the runner should be asked whether they're done with whatever yet, not the other way around considering how eager the tech team seems to be to pull the plug. Being far ahead of the schedule was a huge issue that could've been fixed with a couple more endings/credits/non-incentive showoffs.

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I'll add more info later, but for now I just have 3 suggestions for the next ESA:

• A small signal light should be near the player's screen which the host can turn on to let them know that there are donations awaiting.
• The total amount of donations received should be on the screen (even if only between games) so that viewers have an idea of the progress we're making.
• If we're in the same venue, perhaps the Yellow Stream should be in that other room where the watermelon gamepad is set up, to reduce interference between it and the Purple Stream.

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Hosting: section is a mess needs a real schedule, not let randoms really come up it made chat a huge mess all of us mods went furious, the self promotion that happened while the setup for Jodenstone's run was the worst. i helped out when there was a transition to setup no host was and chat went nuts.

Techstation: i have really nothing to say other than they closed slack a few times so we couldnt reach them. and tech needs a better schedule really i took over trying to do stuff when it was a shift, the next tech guys came rather fast when i called them but yeah i wasnt trained to be tech or anything.

moderation: there is too many times mods have all been gone and not being able to do the nightshifts or graveyard shifts, i can say i was not the best during graveyard shifts but over all attendance with mods in chat is just sad to see.

positive things:
slack is amazing i loved being able to communicate with every offsite and most onsite people.
the venue was a good temperature at most times it was colder inside than it was outside of ESA.
Cbenni is a savior for us in the mod team he is a amazing person to work with.
the mod team in general is a great bunch of people i love you all, thank you for letting me to know you all.
onsite people tech/hosts/mods/organizers you are the best people i think i've met in my life thank you.

negative things:
speedrunners are really filthy they really dont clean up after them self, i am not gonna say all are filthy but there was many times i have picked up much junk and had to throw it away.
lack of schedule for hosting.
lack of mods during graveyard shifts.
letting all different kinds of people up to the hosting station, it is great that they want to help but they kind of need to understand how to not make chat a warzone.

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I'll make another post later on, but for now:

¤ People were fucking messy. Again. I spent one evening cleaning, managed to fill multiple large bin bags will bottles and rubbish. We literally at one point had about 200 mugs that needed to be cleaned, and while I didn't catch the name of the three people that helped out cleaning (leaving their mafia game to do so) few people helped. Thank you to those that did.

¤ Similarly, I am well versed in dealing with teen drama and drunk kids. But I didn't travel all the way around the world to spend my evenings clearing out drunks, people too lazy to go back to hotel/mass housing or dealing with emotional troubles. I don't know how many people I woke up this past week but it was a lot. Many people were repeat offenders. Drunk people coming back to the venue was because last time mass housing was here, and the streaming building was the furthest away. Now that the venue was closer, people thought they could crash here. It was clearly explained at the start of the marathon that people were not welcome here if they were drunk, and were not permitted to sleep in the venue. I'm only enforcing the rules set out by the organizers, but some people are just not getting it. I feel that people should be literally signing in when they arrive at ONE check-in station and one/two people are responsible for everyone being with their wristband, photo of person, taking last minute payment and getting them to actually SIGN in. That way you can verify they know the rules, in case they missed the original speech, and you can track people easier.

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Most of my feedback is pretty much mixed feelings on things.

To start out, the mass housing. I didn't mind it in and of itself, but the distance was a clear negative. Mainly I felt that whenever I had a shower back there, the 20 minute walk in the Swedish summer sun had canceled it out entirely by the time I reached the house of culture. So I definitely felt filthier this time then I have in previous years, and I probably wasn't the only one "affected" by it. So probably a lot more sweat going around this time. I obviously understand that the organizers did what they could to get a good sleeping space, but it definitely needs to be closer next year.

Having both stream setups and all of the practice setups in the same room I'm not really sure about. It did make the thing seem livelier, especially when the camera was positioned so you could actually see that stuff went on behind the player, but there were so many sounds and many things would easily interfere with each other, especially the two streams. While having then next to each other means easier for tech coordination between them, I think that ultimately, both streams would benefit from being in separate rooms.

Speaking of rooms, I feel that we underutilized the space a lot this year. Freja was used for mostly Mafia, Balder and Robert Gustafsson Kulturiet for practically nothing. Balder had a few people sitting there at some points, and we used it for the Magic sealed tournament. Kulturiet also had the occasional people sitting there with something, people used the side room for fighting games and the kitchen seemed to have been used a lot, but those were still spaces where some of the practice setups, if not one of the streams, could have been moved to.

There definitely needs to be a better system in place for the hosting station to reach the runners when there's donations to read. The hosts sitting with their back to the runners at that angle made it difficult.

More is probably coming later, but these are the things I could think of right now.


From a random person watching on Twitch!

Hosting :: I want to focus on this area, because I feel this could be really improved!
Without structure it really depends on the hosts social ability to communicate with "The Internet", which is no easy task. A few people had that gift and others would leave it silent or not have much interaction.

Some ideas/tips for structure:
Post-Run Interviews - Early on I remember seeing the runners come up to the desk after their run to chat. I really liked this! I reckon having post-run short interviews (Depending on time) with the runner would be quite cool. "So what'd you like about your run and what do you wish was better?"

Donation Trains - Try getting donation trains going for incentives and most importantly the charity. #5DollarHype, etc

Upcoming Game Run Hype - Get everyone hyped and keen to watch the next run! Maybe have a cheat sheet for hosts to see quick information about the Runner and their related game. "And the next run coming up is <Game/Run Type>, ran by <Runner> who has been running this game for <Time> and currently has a <Time> PB.". Or even information/news about the game/run type. "A new skip was found recently in <upcoming game>, which has shaved <Time> off the previous strat. The skip is known as <name> and is done by exploiting..." etc etc.

Donation Incentives - From what I recall, I haven't heard incentives mentioned much or explained. What is this incentive going to do? Why should I donate for it? You guys know that incentives are a really good way to encourage donations, but it needs to be advertised and explained better to Twitch.

Twitch Chat - Don't get so caught up with Twitch Chat and especially you never acknowledge any insults. Chat will feed off any negativity they dish out, we all know this! Twitch Chat is mob mentality at it's best.
I'd even go as far to say, pay little attention to chat. Let the donations speak. People will eventually click that if they want to be heard, they will need to donate! I can vouch for this, because I've definitely found myself thinking this on various Twitch Channels; "He's not reading Twitch Chat fast enough, he'll never read my question. Maybe if I donate..."
Twitch Chat can also be very demoralising for the Host, as Twitch chat is not afraid to point out flaws/imperfections. It might be an idea to just have another person (off camera) monitoring chat for any word on Audio/Visual problems and not let the Host see chat.

Host Schedule / Host Planning - Having a hosting schedule would be really good. That way a host will know they are on at X time, between Game X and Game Y. Then they can do a little research for the above mentioned; Post-Run Interviews, Donation Incentives & Upcoming Game Run Hype.
I used to work in at a local radio station here in Melbourne, Australia (SynFM) and we were always given a time slot sheet to plan out down to every 5 minute blocks for our slot.
'From 12:10 - 12:15: Childhood Toys'
'From 12:15 - 12:20: Childhood Toys'

Planning helps give you structure and saves you from going silent on the air. Planning conversation topics was also helpful, because before the slot I could think about the topic further and always have something to say about it.

There is obviously other areas of improvement on the event as a whole. But, from the perspective of someone watching on the other side of the globe. This is what I mostly see.

I really think you guys are doing a fantastic job and you've done well!

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Well, by reading the thread, pretty much all my ideas have been summed up already so I'll just add a few points to those :


Oh also something else that I have noticed, so has many others, is that some runners end up being on their own. Either no commentators or watchers behind them, just totally on their own. This looks bad for both ESA and the runner as it's quite depressing to see and obviously a knock back for the runner who then might be moody. I'm not sure how this can be handled, maybe just if people see someone on stream with no one around then out of respect go and watch them?

I find it quite amazing that it still happens even if the event grows every year. Last year I started a run being completely alone with, iirc, zoton hosting, but we were litteraly 2 in the room and I was all alone on camera. Thankfully a group quickly came to fill the room (<3), it's not that hard to take the initiative and fill a few chairs to give support. Give some respect to the others, even more if they are in a graveyard shift.


Hosting :: I want to focus on this area, because I feel this could be really improved!
Without structure it really depends on the hosts social ability to communicate with "The Internet", which is no easy task. A few people had that gift and others would leave it silent or not have much interaction.

Some ideas/tips for structure:
Post-Run Interviews - Early on I remember seeing the runners come up to the desk after their run to chat. I really liked this! I reckon having post-run short interviews (Depending on time) with the runner would be quite cool. "So what'd you like about your run and what do you wish was better?"

I had pretty much the same idea. Seeing that some transitions between games can take some time due to unforeseen issues, having interviews is a good way to have longer or shorter fillers with interesting content. The idea of having a Host Camera is also excellent. Keep it and improve it 😉

Adding a small point about moderation : People were ranting about moderation being too strong (I got personally insulted by someone for no actual reason), but I think that globally the mods behaved well. I prefer to have a well moderated chat than an endless madness as we can see in GDQs or other big events.

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I will post what I have so far,

I have to agree that though the setup with both streams in the same room is cool I believe it would be better to have had the second stream in that red room where everyone just played Mafia, it would be far less noisy but not sure how good the ventilation in that room is since I did notice it was a bit hot at a few times with loads of people in it.

A kitchen, like an actual one where you can cook food. I believe this was one of the best parts of last years ESA since anyone could sign up to cook food and you could get a piece of it if you just payed a small amount. I kinda expected for this to happen during the event but sadly you had to go out and grab food every single time.

I also have to second the filthyness that was going on, it is amazing how hard it is for people to clean up after themselves and I think that it can be improved but only on the side of those people who have a hard time doing so, the availability to throw away your trash was really good and it was handled really well, perhaps what Tompa said about a serious talk before the event starts?

Tech staff, like I said before I left earlier today, you deserve all the fucking praise possible. Working that schedule, making sure everything works perfectly and sort any problems out asap.
If I had medals I would hand them out to every tech staff member.

The practice PCs, just like last year, worked really well, having 6 felt like way too few at first but you quickly realize what would happen if more would be available. I had no problems with people leaving the PC they are on (playing CS:GO or whatever) so I could actually practice my game.

After thinking of what was previously mentioned I do have to say that loads of people react to seats being empty or nobody watching, both of my runs where really late so that is understandable but when it is "primetime" and nobody is watching it can affect a runner in a bad way when going back to the VOD. Granted there are games one might not like to watch and there are loads of things going on around the streaming so guess all we can do is to hope for more people to stay around for as many runs as possible.

As for commentators...
Having at least one guy next to you to commentate really helps A LOT, if I compare my Dying Light run to my Outlaws run it was a huge difference for me personally, granted I had been up for over 20 hours before doing my Dying Light run so I had to focus on both which shouldn't be too hard but I can obviously perform the best when I can focus more on the run than the commentating part.
For me the Outlaws run was better (despite the issues) simply because AMVX took the time from doing tech stuff and commentate on the most important parts with me filling in, it allowed me to pull off the hard tricks in a decent fashion and I would like to hug you even more when I think about it, huge thanks! ❤️

Got some more stuff for you!

The chairs we used at the venue were proper bad, I could not for the life of me sit comfortably to watch a run I was interested in and people really wanted to hog the couch because of this.
We do need WAY better chairs for next year.

I like that we had The Yetee making shirts but I kind of expected more, as in having Humble Bundle make a special one for the duration of ESA, hopefully next year?

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I don't have too much feedback to give, the only real thing I would say is that the dual stream setup really shone this year.
Although others have noted the problem with interference between the streams because they are in the same room, I would say that I actually don't think this was a bad thing. Last year the yellow stream was in a tiny room, at the other end of the venue to the "main" stream, and it really did feel like the "second stream". This year because they were in the same place, it really did seem like it was just the "other" stream. The other option, the other perspective. While the twitch viewer count was lower then the Purple stream (I really couldn't give a shit) it felt as thought out and as well produced as the other. Sure it had less "professional" things on it sometimes, but that was the fun of it! So yeah, I think this year you really proved the "dual stream" haters wrong, hell even I questioned it a few times last year. (The fact that people are even mentioning it this year means it was better then last years)

Speaking of professional-ness, I would like to give a counter-point to some of the things said by a few posters before me. I actually enjoy the lack of donation/charity whoring, "professional" hosters, and "donation hype train"ers. This is what makes ESA different to the GDQs. This isn't what ESA should be about.
The GDQs are a charity marathon ran by a company (more or less) to raise money for a cause.
ESA is a speedrun marathon, by runners for runners, and really represents the community, warts and all, and I love it!

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Since I was an off-site mod I can just talk about things I have seen on stream 🙂


I really liked the communication between the mods/tech station (mainly via Slacker, which I am recommending warmly, really good solution).


The bots were good (moobot and ESApasta, thanks for that again CBenni 😉 ) though moobot was a bit too aggressive sometimes but it's just a small thing (why was "cancer" banned again and why were people timed out for 10 minutes for writing that?).


Chats were mainly ok though sometimes this whole "Grill" thing went way too far. For the next time I would suggest a time out for it since it got really out of control sometimes.


Pac PogChamp

I really liked the idea of these in-between host sessions though I want to mention one big issue I didn't like at all: SELF-PROMOTION. During the whole event I noticed some hosts heavily self promoting their Twitch channels and even posting their Twitch channel links in chat. And no, not just today during Jodenstone's run but the whole week every now and then. Come on guys, it's a charity event and the runners should be in the centre and not the hosts. (I won't mention any names at this point but let me say one thing it was mainly female hosts promoting their channels 😉 )

That's it for now I guess, thanks for the event guys and see ya next time 🙂

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I'll start with the positives; that way you all get to pat yourselves on the back about stuff. Bear in mind that I wasn't at the event, I was an off-site moderator.


I have to give a massive thank you to the entire tech crew. You all know who you are, and you all were proactive in fixing the issues that came up through the marathon. The loss of the Dreamhack PCs could easily have killed the streams entirely, but the vast majority of the runs went off without a hitch, at least from a viewer's perspective.


The variety and quality of runs this year was great. There truly was something for everyone, and this feels like it is exactly what ESA should be about. The vast majority of the runners were good to watch, and marathon luck only struck badly a few times. Very well done to everyone that showed off their speedgames this year.

CBenni and Sirstendec:

I feel like these two guys need their own shoutouts out of everyone that was off-venue. Both guys put in a lot of effort to make the marathon work, CBenni with Moobot and the tools he provided for the moderators to use, and Sirstendec with the excellent FrankerFaceZ integration. Both worked really well, and I hope the viewers also appreciate the hard work both have put into this. Having these for future events will be great, too.

The chat moderators:

All of the chat mods did a great job this event. Both on-site and off-site moderators communicated with each other well, especially the guys that were using Slack. I have great respect for you all- Twitch chat is not a nice place to have to wade through when it is at its worst. I feel like the number of unwarranted timeouts was incredibly low, and the chat most of the time was not that bad a place to be.

For all the good there was, there were some issues that I can immediately place, so here they are:

Night Shifts:

The lack of people moderating the chats at night was a problem. It often felt like I was the only guy around at times, and this is obviously not any individual person's fault. It would just be nice next year to perhaps have more people available in timezones that are compatible with EU night shift.

Also on the topic of night shifts, the Twitter account was very sporadically updated at night, with it again feeling like I was the only one doing it for long periods. I don't know how many people actually looked at the ESA Twitter account during the marathon, but if we are going to do the updating thing next time, it needs to be consistent through the whole thing so people don't miss runs.


This was a big issue. I understand that there was no vetting on who hosted, but this proved to be a problem as people ended up doing a lot of self promotion during their host time. It could have been a lot worse - and I won't name names of who did it, but it is something that could be looked at and perhaps vetting could happen for that next time around.

Dreamhack PCs:

This one was unavoidable. The Dreamhack PCs not being there for the streams meant that several of the more CPU-intense runs (Castle of Illusion HD and SWAT 4 come into mind, though I'm sure there were others) were turned into slide shows, with the stream crashing entirely during SWAT 4. As I said in the pros, the tech crew were great in doing what they could with the resources they had available, and hopefully next year more powerful PCs will be obtainable so we can attempt something like 9 player SWAT 4 again.

Twitch Chat:

I don't think I need to say much here. We all know what Twitch chat is like at events. I think we did okay in dealing with the worst of it, but it was still pretty bad.

Overall, this was a great marathon. Yes, there were issues, but there always will be; noone can be expected to take account of everything. It was so good, that it has made me absolutely certain that I will be going next year, wherever it ends up being. Thankyou to all the runners, viewers and behind the scenes guys for putting on a great show.

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Ok, I'm trying to do my best to express everything I can. I apologize in advance if it sounds downright bad, sometimes I am too harsh on things like this.

My personal opinion is that ESA was GODLIKE. However, there are lots of things that could be improved, little by little.

Point 1 : Identification

ESA lacked some kind of badges. I was lucky I saw Edenal on cam before I went to ESA, because if not... well, I couldn't have any idea of who should I ask thingies. That is the main point I think it was important. Of course the attendee and the mass housing was clearly noticed, but I was like "ok, I want to sign a MGR race for Open Block, how do I do it?" "You have to fill a form... ask the tech guys". At the end, I never did because all runners were dispersed, but that answer is not a good one. If me (or any other runner/hoster/whatever) needs to voice out something, they need to know WHO, and they don't have to know the name even. They have to see SOMETHING that marks that person as a "ok, this one can help". Tech, host, general staff, anyone who is a "senior" or is in charge should be clearly identified at all times, and just not by name.

Yeah, it's a bit bureaucracy and annoying, but if this thing grows, eventually it will be unbearable.

That in fact leads to the second point...

Point 2 : People tracking

When I arrived to ESA along with SerSanju, we were a bit lost, and until we asked we were like "ok, what do we do here now?". I think some people should be in that bureaucracy requirements. Checking ppl, who is in, who is not, who is in charge at that hour or day, help and fill info on newcomers, whatever. A general "information" point if you like to call it. ANNOYING AS HELL, of course, but if the event grows... you get the point.

Point 3 : Hosting

Ok, there is HEAPS of work to do here. It's not that it's needed a "professional hosting" like if it was suggested, but I think it needs to work both ways.

- Runners say they'd appreciate if someone skilled can comment on their runs.
- Host needs info from runners so they can add flavor facts between the runs.

I'd suggest next year, if a run makes the cut, the runner HAS to fill all the info. Interesting points, streams, links, glitches, everything, so if there is no helpful comentator, the HOST can work as one (even if it's not so great on it!)

Also - I think there has to be some kind of cut on it, hosting is a tough work like tech, so it needs a schedule and some kind of senior system, exactly like tech system. I don't even know about the self-promotion you guys talk about, but I clearly remember some people saying chat requests to the runners. Ok, some were fun, but that can end into total chaos, as I'm sure the mods could agree with me on those things.

Point 4 : Empty chairs

The ups and downs of having the streams and the training room in the same place were shown on that point. Of course, some runs are more interesting and some are not, some people will only watch some type of runs, and others, like me, will hide away in a small little haven watching the stream. I, for example, did it because I don't know anyone, and I'm far too used to being in my room and talking to the chat at the same time.

According to the info I talked a bit in the event, most ppl just said they weren't interested in the run, but some ppl just say "I don't want to be an internet meme". Some people is scared about the power of the Twitch hivemind, and I agree totally on that.

A point to solve it (but again, would need more people on tech) would be having an ACTIVE cameraman instead of a fixed one. So like zooming if not too many people, changing angles, and things like that.

Other possibility would be to set a "fixed place to watch" in the room - like having the couch and commentators in one spot, while the rest of the public is watching in another spot, even having the two projectors at the same spot so you mix the yellow and purple stream ppl, creating a "huge crowd" for both of them, leaving the runners somewhat "aislated" with their commentators. Cam could be on or off (at the tech discretion) so the audience doesn't feel threatened on that.
Ok, apart from that what I think it's an objetive thought about ESA, here it comes the personal ones :

+ The venue is excellent. Never felt crowded even there was lots of people going in at the same time.
+ The village in itself is great too. Lots of commodities close, and fun places too (lake, bowling...)

- Mass housing. Place is ok, the walk is not. I myself have to say was guilty because on Monday I was so tired I tried to snooze in my safe little haven until Oasiz politely reminded me not to. Probably I will set myself tor hotel next time, but that doesn't mean next year it NEEDS to be much much closer.

- Lack of information in general. You had to search for the fighting games, the mystery tournament, the Smash tournament, or even the #watermeloncontroller. If you don't move from the main room, you lose track of EVERYTHING it's happening around.

Well, just my two cents. Hope someone makes use of it!

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I feel like I should support Josh on what he said. That last speech made me remember why I love ESA. It seemed like you guys didn't plan on what you were going to say, or do, yet it was one of the most amazing things I have watched. Mostly because it felt familiar (?) in a way. Of course, ESA needs to be professional to some extent. But the balance you guys had this year was perfect, I'd say. Not too professional. Not too messy. Sure, there were a few mistakes here and there, but I feel like that could be fixed by reminding people that whenever they are on the stream, they are representing ESA. I am sure everyone here would want the best for the event and the community.
I was just a little bit worried that ESA would stop being what it is, so I had to say something. I don't feel like I have the right to give any other feedback. (But I loved that you guys showed the hosts during the setups, that was an amazing idea and it should stay!)



ESA16 hype!

edit: one more thing! if you guys do think about doing ESA in another city/country/whatever next year, can it be in a place with lots of stray cats? i recieved cat photos from about 5 different people and that is not acceptable. how do you guys survive in sweden without any stray cats?!

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Some brief thoughts I have:

Setup time:
This may be justified as the streaming PC was stolen the day before the event started so I'll actually let this off.

Rude cut away:
On day 1 of the event, there was a TON of runners being cut off at the end of their run when they haven't even finished talking, this was pretty rude so please make sure the runner has stopped talking before cutting to the hosting station.

The streams being in the same room was a mistake in my opinion, I understand the reason was the tech wouldn't have to move between different rooms. However when people were clapping, the other stream could hear it. I imagine it could be distracting for the runners as well, you're playing the game and you hear claps all of a sudden.

FrankerFaceZ was a great addition, include it again.

This is the major change for future events and something I feel the GDQs do better, they update the time as soon as the run is over on the schedule, updating the starting times for the runs in the rest of the schedule meaning I have a good idea when a run I want to watch is going to exactly start.

It's ESA, it's about speedruns and fun. However still upset no Super Metroid but I'm guessing kottpower just never submitted. Someone submit it for him next time 😛

I guess that is more detailed but here is a tl:dr list:

Runs were good and fun
Showing hosts was a good choice
FFZ was great
ESA shirts great
GG button was a great choice but it is a shame the yellow stream didn't get this button as well

Don't cut away from the runner when they're still talking
Stream locations
Schedule not auto-updating each run automatically (check how SGDQ do it this month if you're unsure what I mean)

Good ESA this year guys, really fun to watch and followed some new runners I never knew about. Hope to go to the next one.