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Because noone else made the thread! Yay!
You know what to do:

- tell us what your incentives are & for what game
- consider the donation goals (keep in mind that if they're high they will not be met - we don't get the donations 'GDQs get)
- practice your incentives!


Star Fox 64:
- "Kill Slippy%"
A "joke" category that came through due to the community joking about it and later I uploaded a run on Youtube in the category. People took it seriously and since then the WR has been improved several times. Funny "not so serious" category that takes 20 seconds to complete. And hey, who doesn't want to see Slippy get killed?
Donation goal: $500 (starting from the beginning of the marathon, not only in my run).

Also I would like to have "DO A BARREL ROLL" as a donation-thingy in my runs. Basically if someone donates at least, let's say 10 dollars, the donation reader says "Nickname donated X dollars with the message "DO A BARREL ROLL"". This I can do whenever during the entire run without it costing me time and it is one of the most known quotes from video game culture. I believe it would be a fun thing to do if possible. But the amount to donate should be low enough so people do it, but high enough so it won't be every 2 seconds.


I suppose a donation incentive for Age of Empires could be to show some cheats after the run, but that's assuming that we'll finish under estimate, which will be tight. ($50-75? I'm not expecting many people to watch this so maybe something low.)

GTA: Vice City any% can have radio station choices (Wildstyle, Flash FM, K-Chat, Fever 105, VRock, VCPR, Espantoso, Emotion 98.3, Wave 103, MP3 Player) for donation incentives. The way it would work in my mind is that whichever radio station has the most money put towards it, will get played if possible.


We're expecting to run ahead most of the time if no complete power failure desasters happen like last year. So it's probably a possibility Mhmd.

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For Boshy 100%:

Kappa boss fight: Usually skipped because killing all bosses is not a requirement for 100%, adds like 2 minutes to the run, low chance of fuck ups because it's very easy.

"true" any% run (played after 100%): Using the "Wrong Warp" glitch you can beat the game in less than 5 minutes. No one actually runs this category because it is tedious as hell, but nice to show off.

No idea what the required donation goal should be, both are pretty short incentives, but everyone loves Kappa so there's that.


Sonic Heroes:
Last Story - Shows off the final story of the game, which is the final boss.
Donation goal - Low / Medium range since it's early in the marathon.
Time - 5 to 10 minutes

Dustforce DX:
Custom map showcase - The game has a very active map making community so I want to show off some of the more creative maps. As of the DX update there is a community map pack intergrated into the game that I'll be picking from so it requires no set up whatsoever.
Donation goal - Low / Medium range; It's later in the marathon, but it's not that popular of a game.
Time - 5 to 10 minutes depending on how well the main run goes.

The time these donation incentives take are already integrated into the estimate of the run itself.


Etrian Odyssey 3:

Endings Donation War - Donation war between Deep City and Armoroad Endings

Secret/True Ending - $200 total in the donation wars
Even with this ending I need to side with one of the city's, so the donation war would not be useless
This ending adds about 15 minutes to the run

Any donation higher then $10 will enter you for a drawing of a copy of the game (this is the copy I will be using at ESA itself)

If you really want you can add this as well:
Any donation more then $5 made can add a character name.
I will be making 7 characters in the beginning of the run, each can have 9 letters maximum

Considering this game is not that popular, I'm not expecting too many donations, but I might have been a bit too generous with the amounts needed, feel free to change them if needed~


One note: It's better if you say "make it high", "make it low" or "make it really high" for incentives; I'll thrash out the exact values before the marathon begins.

On another note: I personally am fine with anybody suggesting incentives, only the runner needs to confirm.

On a third note: Bangerra, are you compiling a spreadsheet with the incentives? Can we include a column 'Approval of game selection crew'?

Please, insert all your incentives in this thread! It makes it so much easier for the tracker crew.


Kingdom hearts 358/2:

I can have a donation incentive between the three difficulties start at Beginner to Standard to Proud. At most beginner / proud would add 10 minutes from standard in a worst case scenario. $200 per difficulty seems reasonable maybe higher or lower.

Infernal engine blindfolded $10 seems okay
Final Xion blindfolded $10 again

And a bid war for any of the optional missions in the game the longest would take 5 minutes but most would be 2-3 minutes.

Can also have a bid war between which language is played. Options are English, french, Spanish, Italian and German


I'm not a runner, but I'm going to suggest this:

Final Fantasy IX
-> Name the characters (Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, Garnet (I refuse to call her by the weapon name), Freya, Quina, Eiko, Amarant); I think it was seven characters each.

-> Act out the play. Either we choose who plays whom or we let the donors choose (I would prefer the first option). Edenal, don’t forget the props! Wastes no time because the play’s text is fixed speed. Low to medium.

-> Poke the barrel. Wastes like a second or two. Low.

-> Dunno if Tower vs. Orichalcon has the potential to be a thing

-> Sing Melodies of Life during the credits? (High to very high) That is, if we watch the credits for long enough.

-> Save/Kill the Cleyrans? But that one likely wastes too much time.

-> Dance the riverdance? high to very high.

Can we have a ghetto n-counter (excuse the pun) on screen?


Final Fantasy XIII:
Blindfolded fights
I will do 1 (or possibly more, working on consistency) Boss fight(s) blindfolded.
The amount can be pretty high, and if I end up doing more, each one could be a separate incentive. (The fights are all past the halfway point of the run, so it could be opened during the run or left running for the whole marathon)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:
Character/Town Names
Each of the 4 characters, and the Town, need a name. All names are 7 chars, in Roman letters, Hiragana or Katakana.
Ideally each one would be an individual bid war, with the highest of each being chosen for the run. It can be open from the start of the marathon.

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We discussed incentives for FF9, and we decided to go with donations for the party member names (as Alko said, 7 character limit), as well as doing the Cleyra dance.
Most of the other ideas we had floating around were either done at AGDQ 2013 (sorry, I don't think I can top Spike's acting) or just seemed a bit pointless.
Goal for the dance can probably be pretty high since it'll be the major goal for a pretty big run.

Unrelated side note, I know which blind fights MLSTRM is working on for FF13, and I am HYPED to see those at the marathon. 😃

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Final Fantasy V incentives:

Name for Butz (5 character limit)

Continuous bid-war for which character to run around as (Bartz / Lenna / Faris / [Galuf/Krile]) (Krile replaces Galuf about 2/3rds into the game). Can change lead character at any point. This incentive will add around 5 minutes or so however because some of my menus will be slower, changing the characters around alters all of the menus, and confuses me in battles.


Beetle Adventure Racing has a name entry screen before you start championship mode. It's 8 characters and all caps, but the problem is that you barely see it in the run. The result screens after each race are just quickly skipped, the only place where you could actually see the name would be on the result screen after the run is over.


Crash: Mind Over Mutant - filename (9 characters max)

Crash Nitro Kart - Upgrade to Ultimate Shadow Race. (make it reallly low)
Instead of a one-by-one attempt, the challenge gets upgraded to a 4 player race (race until someone finishes), with the same insane challenge.


FFIX Dance: Very HYPED for this. I actually know irish dancing so if anybody wants some pointers we can at least make it semi-pro 🙂

Batman: Arkham Asylum:
There are several incentives I can add.

1) Difficulty Bidding War: Easy vs. Hard. My estimate assumes I'll be playing Hard Mode. Easy mode is 10 minutes quicker than hard because the goons go down with 2 hits each and I can bullet-sponge my way through the predator rooms, allow Bane/Titans to plow through me with no consequences, etc. The glitches and route are actually identical.

2)Party Pooper. Always a popular one - at the end of the game there are 20 Joker goons in party hats cheering your entrance. There's an in-game achievement for beating them all up. Medium incentive, takes about a minute.

3) Ivy's secret. In the run I trigger the Ivy cutscene after she escapes from her cell. This leads to a hilarious cutscene which normally gets skipped (because, y'know, speedruns) but for a low incentive I can let it play. Adds about 30 seconds to the run.

Example here:

Wizkid has a Language Bidding war: English vs. French vs. German

As an incentive, there's also an optional introduction with an abridged version of the 1812 overture in true Sensible Software Style. Takes one minute, low incentive. Can be played before or after the speedrun (preferably before)

The only video I could find with it also has a lot of me typing in the background, so sorry about that (but you get the idea):


I've got a few donation incentives for Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands:

Costume bid war: Unfortunately I only have the regular version of this game, so I've only got two costumes for this game (I believe some versions have other costumes). There's the default costume (Prince) or Ezio's costume (Assassin's Creed II). Costumes are purely cosmetic and don't affect the run at all.

Glitched Cutscene: Just over half way through the run there's a cutscene that plays after I skip a level load trigger. Normally I skip the cutscene, but it's incredibly glitched and only takes 30 seconds or so to watch. I'm thinking a low incentive for this
Here it is (Played on PS3, but this glitch is possible on PC):

EDIT: There's also a fantastic glitch I simply like to call leg%. I want to show it off after the run, but I don't know if it should be a donation incentive or if I should just do it anyway. What is this glitch? Well, let's put it this way... the prince ends up "topless".


Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets
-Incentive: prototype level: Gryffindor Challenge
-Estimated time taken to complete incentive: Under 5 minutes

This level exists in the game files, but was never implemented into the final game, and so many people that owned this game may not be aware that this level even exists. 😮
The level itself uses all of Harry's acquired during his second year to push, cut, and even spring over dastardly obstacles. The level itself is actually fairly interesting from a Speedrunners perspective, as it utilises a number of interesting, and some particularly precise strats.

Donation Goal: medium range. It will be a small segment performed after the run, so the donations for the incentive can still be recieved during my HP2 Any% run.



I edited my donation incentives, so if these are being written down or something then please update mine 🙂


Game: Wendy - Every Witch Way
Incentive: Beat The Addams Family (GB) at the same time I'm running Wendy
Goal: ?