ESA 2015 will be open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th 2015. Click here to visit the master thread!

Alrighty, volunteering stuff at ESA is getting organised and we're getting our information out there! We have five guides for five different jobs (two aren't finished yet, but bear with us!) and we're good to start to take on interest!

For our volunteering, we want to be more open about it and allow people to offer to help out while at the event. Not every job is going to have strict blocks that must be abided by, some will be, but not everything will require four+ hour chunks of time. However, we do ask that if you do volunteer and get given a scheduled block, that you fulfill your duty to it and make sure you're available - please don't sign up if you're not 100% ready and willing to help out at the event. Volunteers are really important for us to be able to keep running (I mean technically, all of us are volunteers). It's a fun experience so please give it a shot!

Each guide is self-contained, so read them below and post here with what you're willing to do! Note that for some of these, you don't necessarily have to be on site!

Chat Moderating

General Tasks


[Tech (separate thread)](http://www.speedrun.com/esa2015/thread/1dwtr)

Video Creation & Editing

Everything needed will be listed in these guides! If you have any questions, please ask here!

Hosting and Tech guides will be done in the next few days! You can volunteer now before reading them.

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I'm happy to do some chat modding and general tasks


I would like to volunteer for chat moderation and any other miscellaneous tasks that don't require attendance at the event. A bunch of you can already contact me on Skype if you want to hash anything out, and I can pass along other contact details for closer to the time if that would help matters.


Please let me be a General People-Man.

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Mark me down for chat modding, tech and video editing please.

Hell, it will just be like I'm my regular job.


I would have no problem helping moderating the chat as i will be at the venue for the entire event. So if you need help just let me know


I'm running no games, but I want to contribute ¤something¤, so I could help with chat modding and donation reading and such?

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Count me in for donation reading and all that, which I presume is Hosting. And, I guess, chat moderation, since it seems like a thing that would go along with hosting.


Along with the stuff I'm doing, I'd be up for hosting and donation reading. Did a good bit of it last year so I know how to operate the tracker, etc.


I'ma putting my hand up for chat modding. I'm not objected to general tasks either but it looks like there are others, too, so I can keep a low profile there x3


I think I'd be too much of a "nazi mod" to stick by those moderator guidelines but I'd like to help with general tasks.


I'm debating on going or not. I really want to help out with general tasks and hosting, but I don't want to book hotel for me and my gf if we're just going to be sitting there. I will most likely be driving down there, so getting supplies will be easy. I'm used to staying up pretty late as well, so donation reading at late hours is no problem. Please reply fast if any of this is wanted so that I can notify my boss and hopefully get a couple days off. Dates I'm considering June 29th to July 3rd.
I can be reached at: tommynthorstensen@gmail.com


Since I will watch ESA non-stop I could help in moderating chat. I love to ban people and I feel like there will be some to ban OneHand b just kidding about the banning part. Count me in


definitely up for some hosting. I have a nice british accent that is guaranteed to bring in US viewers.

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@MizterConfuzing - We don't really reject or accept anybody, you do as much of the work as you want to do. Whether you want to come or not is entirely up to you.

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Alright, then I will try to get some days off. Hopefully everything will work out.


I'm down with helping with general tasking and moderating; when the other guides get uploaded I'll have a look at those as well.

  [user deleted]

I can help with general stuff since im only doing swat 4 now.


Hosting guide is up, everyone who said they were interested has been listed! You'll be contacted at some point!