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Hey guys, I'll be running at least two tournaments during ESA (USF4 and GGXRD). If you have any questions, this will be the place to ask.

First of all, I don't know when I'll be doing them yet, I want to see the preliminary stream schedule first. If anyone really wants to join, you can let me know and I will try to find a time that works for as many people as possible.

On the topic of equipment, I have all the games and consoles I need but to make my packing easier I would appreciate if I could borrow an Xbox 360 from someone. Or let me know if someone is bringing a PS3/4 with Xrd already so I don't need to bring my PS3. I also have a distinct lack of controllers so just knowing what everyone else can bring would be really useful, thank you.

This topic is obviously also open to talking about games other than those tournament games and gauge what people are interested in. I would personally like to play some Mortal Kombat X, but I currently don't have room to bring my PS4.


Guilty Gear XX ACPR is getting a PC release in a couple of days, so maybe we could get a couple of setups going for that also? I doubt there's going to be a lack of PCs at the event, and it opens up the controllers that can be used for it.


I'll be bringing a PS3 with GGXRD and UNIEL and a hitbox arcade stick to play them on.

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Definitely going to try join the USF4 one. I might be bringing an Razer Atrox arcade stick (360), but its under consideration as it weighs a ton and I got quite a trip. Been a while since I was active with fighting games since speedrunning took over as main hobby. But absolutely would like to try out some of the more recent games that I might have missed.


I'm definitely game for USF4 tournament and other games first time ever casuals.


If anyone wants to bring Tekken, I'm down to play.


I would love som Tekken!


I'll be up for some Xrd, if requested I could bring a console, screen, speakers as well, but only if specifically requested


I can bring the stuff I brought last year again.


If needed, I can bring my MCZ TE (PS3) and bunch of fighting games for PS3 (UMVC, AH, Aquapazza, BBCP, TTT2 and such)


Unfortunately I wont be able to join the SF4 tournament since the finals is after I leave around noon on the 5th. (Finals are 16:30 on 5th). That said Im probably not bringing the arcade stick along in that case. But I'll gladly watch you practice and play before that.


So judging from the schedule the best time to run the tournaments would be Saturday afternoon-ish. The day before the finals are streamed.

Now the schedule is tentative, sure, and things might change at the marathon as well, but I'll be aiming for this time right now I think.


Hmm, damn shame, I guess it would be bad manners to join the tournament if you can't make finals anyway. Altho, im expecting to get eliminated early if I would join.


I personally, or as the TO, wouldn't mind if people that can't be there for finals would join the tournament. Especially if they don't expect to make top 4 anyway. As long as it's just for fun, no prizes involved or anything, then the more the merrier! I'm not sure how other competitors would feel though.

I should be able to make the bracket work anyway, as long as not TOO many in the original top 4 goes AWOL.


I would love to be a part of this! although i only have limited experience with USF4 and a tiny amount of MKX, would be fun to try out the other games as well!


I can help with the TO-ing, I'm a regular streamer of FGC tournaments, double-blind selections, and so on. But I'm unsure how busy I will be, tho.


Just thinking about it, the more setups people can bring the better. If it's not too much trouble Charleon or anyone else, bring some monitors and that!


Maybe I'll bring Tasunoko Vs Capcom if theres interest? I'm gonna be bringing a bunch of weird unknown fighting games aswel, so we can have some wacky smaller touraments as well. I love doing those!


if it's about wacky unknown fighting games I've still got FBA set up on my laptop for some older arcade stuff (see: breakers revenge, karnov's revenge, the likes)