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Sphere, that connection is very secure! I made it every year so far. Also, the train will be same platform opposite side iirc.

I'm assuming you're coming from Copenhagen, your real issue is whether you get to Copenhagen on time to make that X2k 😉
(Also you probably know you can't book the through ticket from Germany to Skövde for unknown reasons; they only allow you to go to Nässjö; just in case anybody else is wondering 😉 )

I know that Västtågen did allow you to buy the tickets on the train the last three years, so I would assume the same to be true again (cash or 'basically any credit card that isn't American Express' according to the conductor last year). I just checked, the website wants 190 SEK, while I paid 183 on-board last year. (Possibly the prices went up everywhere or it's more expensive via SJ.)


Yup i take the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen, have a 47min buffer in Copenhagen. Is Västtrafik = Västtågen? I think i will just buy the tickets on train then, thx a lot guys 😃


They're not the exact same thing … Västtrafik is the organiser for all regional transport in Västergötland (I think), and Västtågen is the brand name for the trains this organiser takes the blame for … I think they're technically operated by SJ staff that just wears different outfits and have different colours on their train outsides.


I will be driving early on the 29th from Norway. I will enter in through Stømstad and drive on E6, then entering the 44 before following the E20 the rest of the way to Skövde. If anyone is thinking about going on the 29th, is along the way and needs a ride I´d be happy to pick you up.


Okay, so it's finally mostly cleared up for me, and I am highly likely going to drive there - BUT I am going to go there on the 25th, as I'm going to be working at a con the weekend just before ESA. If anyone, for some reason, wants to go to Skövde that day, I MIGHT have an extra spot. It's not the same car I've had in previous years, it's a smaller one I'm borrowing and will drive other people and stuff. No promises. Will have open spots when returning to Gothenburg, though.



alkoooooo i know its way past the deadline, but do you still accept people to exchange euros for swedish crowns? I completely forgot about that xD


Sorry, Plagued; I didn't make any arrangements to get any more Swedish cash, so I'm afraid I can't help you =C


Dont worry Alko, I figured I was way too late. I can still get money NP, but paying no extra costs woulda been nice 😛


Looking for someone with drivers licence to come with me from Stockholm -> Skövde on the 26th. Sometime during the afternoon.

Will be making the return trip on 6th.

Gas is paid. Just need someone to take over the wheel if I get too tired.


Okay, so I'm planning on driving back to Gothenburg on Monday. I'll have one open spot in the car for anyone who wants a ride thataways. Haven't decided what time I'll leave, I'll take the day as it comes and go when I figure it's time pretty much, but not too late.

Edit: In fact, it will very likely be around 12.