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Hi everyone. My girlfriend and I are arriving on the 30th of June at Gothenbourg Airport, and we wanted to know if any swedes would offer to let us hop into their car. I looked for trains and such but does not support paypal, so I don't know how to pay, since I don't have any sort of money card/credit card.
Greetings from Germany 🙂


If there is anyone who will be driving or taking a train from northern Sweden I would be up for a car pool or just some chat on the train. I have no set date when to go but I would be able to go based on the opportunities that show up. I live in Hälsingland about 1 hour above Gävle so just let me know if you are going by. Either answer me in this thread or PM me on Twitch.


Potto: I know that Demon9 lives up in the North, though even further up in the country. I have no idea what his traveling plan is, but you could contact him about it


Kejsmaster: You can always buy your train tickets directly at the station, although it'll probably cost a bit more.


Tompa: Demon will take a flight past my location, I have already asked him about it. The same with Drastnikov.


I land at the Landvetter airport the Saturday 27th of June at 7PM Europe Time. Does someone will be with a car around that time eventually? The trains won't have optimal times at all and I will most likely be at Skövde at 1AM otherwise...


It took me 20 minutes to understand that it means that you are at the South of Sweden and not in the North. This way it makes sense!

Well, I don't know how convenient it is for you to do that. Not about the road but about the time you planned to arrive.

If I assume you are somewhere near Helsingborg that would mean you would need to leave at 4:30 / 5PM to be around 7PM at the Landvetter Airport right?

Anyway, if it doesn't bother you, sure I would be very happy of you offer this to me! ❤️

Edit: I just didn't realize you were German. Stupid me. 👍️


Hello everybody!

I was just wondering if there would be anyone traveling from Denmark, that I could talk to or maybe team up with to make the trip more pleasant.

I can be found here or on twitter @Henjoness or skype Henjoness 🙂


Originally posted by tdawg91Just a heads up that there now is a private operator running the Stockholm -Skovde - Gothenburg route. I had a look at the prices and they seem to be about 20 euro cheaper than if you went with a SJ service. High speed trains as well.

+1 for this, stockholm to skovde was a lot cheaper here than sj.


@StiWiiRage i am also from germany ( NRW ) and i hope there is still the opportunity for you to carry one more passenger ... its a little late but the person i was planning to drive with ( Heinki ) told me that the car was full and this is kind of my last second decision. ive sent u a skype request


@kejsmaster If I go this year I´ll be driving my car and most likely arriving on the 29th. But I don´t see why I couldn´t take a couple hours out off the next day to drive down to the airport and pick you guys up. This is of course if I decide to go. So I don´t want to get your hopes up, but I can let you know if I do decide if you want to.


I should have done this ages ago, but better late than never. (Flicky, if you could add this to the first post, that would be great.)

If you're driving you will need to cross the Baltic Sea somehow. The most comfortable option is taking the two bridges Storebæltsbron and Øresundsbron which cross the Great Belt and the Öresund, respectively. Both are toll bridges!
The [Storebæltsbron]( costs 18 €/125 DKK for a car shorter than three metres (seriously?), 33 €/235 DKK for a car/mobile home between three and six metres and 50 €/360 DKK for a car/mobile home longer than three metres or towing a caravan. They will accept cash payments in DKK, SEK, Euro, NOK, GBP, CHF and USD, although they will only return DKK. They also accept a shitload of credit cards, including the common ones (Visa, Master, Visa Electron, Maestro, AmEx, Diner's).
The [Øresundsbron]( costs 52 € for a car up to six metres and 104 € for a car longer than six metres/a car with a caravan/a mobile home. While they denote the prices in Euros on their official site, they also state that change given when paying cash will be in DKK or SEK. But you can also pay in DKK/SEK. They also accept what looks like the same shitload of credit cards (Visa, Master, Visa Electron, Maestro, AmEx, Diner's).

You can also take one of the various ferries that cross the Baltic Sea. There are just too many for me to list, but the shortest (and thus cheapest) rides will be Rostock–Trelleborg and Frederikshavn–Göteborg. Prices for ferries diverge depending on the number of passengers, type of car, departure time and many more. Pre-booking is advised, but you need to be there by a certain time. I hacked in a few routes for three people in a car and arrived at anything between 230 and 450 € for a round trip. (Compare 168 € for a round trip over the bridges.)

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anybody else travelling from Skovde to Stockholm on the 7th of July who has to be at the airport (for check in) at about 11 - 12 am?

  [user deleted]

So ill be arriving at Gothenberg at 17:45
and my return flight is at 14:05

The problem is I have no idea how early I should get to the airport/how long its gonna take me to get out of the airport so I have no idea what time I should be booking train tickets for to get to the venue and go back. Can anyone help a poor american who has never left his country before?


I haven't actually made the trip from gothenburg myself, but just from looking things up, the bus takes about 30 mins to get to/from the train station, so I'd be looking at either one of these trains:

Check your airline for how long you have to be at the airport before (I recommend 2 hours before departure) Just to play it super safe, I'd get the 09:36 train.

  [user deleted]

Yea I think im gonna go with the 20:30 and the 9:36 to play it safe just to give myself buffer time should be fine that way

  [user deleted]

so has very bad issues with american debit cards in general just from looking around on forums and such and not being able to book my ticket luckily exists and lets you use paypal so if anyone has that issue id suggest using that site. Oh also your ticket ends up in swedish so lol


I will be arriving with the X2 in Nässjö C at 9:05 according to plan. There's a train by Vastträfik to Skövde that departures at 9:19, the next one departures at 11:16.

I guess i can't really trust on that 14 minute buffer can i? Also i presume it's not possible to buy the ticket for the 9:19 train and then use it for the 11:16 if i miss it, or is it? So i'm kinda leaning to just buying the tickets at the station/in the train so far.

Not really travelling a lot, so any help on what my best option is would be greatly appreciated 😃


I'll be traking the train from Stockholm C - Skövde at 12:22 on Friday 26/6-15 if anyone wants a travelpartner!

@Sphere the safest bet would be to buy the tickets beforehand, a 14 minute should be enough time to buy one at the station, assuming there's little to no line.
Not quite sure if the tickets are valid for other departures, your safest bet would be to call them and ask.


Sphere. if you book through they have a option to book a ticket which you can change the time on, possibly even date not entirely sure. It costs a litle bit more but it is possible, I am not sure how it works if your without connection though but it should be possible to do it at the station, ( I am not sure it works if you missed your time though, thats something that some1 could look up.) 🙂


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