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Since many other threads have already started popping up, it is now high time for a travel thread—and here it is! This post is organised into different sections:

- Getting into Sweden from abroad
- Getting to Skövde and the event
- General marathon information
- Places of Interest in Skövde.

For the sake of transparency, this post was written by flicky with Alko's assistance. For those of you trying to budget the event, we estimate that accommodation and entry fees should total similar amounts to last year (€40-50 for entry fee and mass housing for the whole event.)

Getting into Sweden from Abroad

By Air
For those of you travelling from Europe, you will likely be taking a plane to Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT), Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH) and possibly Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) and then taking a train or bus onwards. Your best option for finding prices is or similar sites based in your home country. Browse this is in incognito/private mode to avoid cookies messing with your prices.

For those of you travelling from North America, Australia or any other continents, your best bet is still with the above airports. For Americans, Norwegian run budget flights in and out of Stockholm which can cost as little as $450 from Oakland or $350 from New York to Stockholm. Please note that you'll get charged for hold luggage on this route. You should however, expect your flights to cost around $900 and you should book them ASAP as they are unlikely to get any cheaper.

If you're travelling from Asia, it might be worth checking flights into Helsinki (HEL) as that's a big travel hub for those travelling from Japan, South Korea etc.

If you're struggling to find direct flights to the above airports, other major airports in Europe to consider are (in order of my knowledge about connections) London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam Schiphol and Frankfurt. There are other airports, but these will likely have your best options to the airports in Scandinavia.

Gothenburg City airport has shut down this year, so you will no longer be able to travel there.

Arlanda and Kastrup are both located conveniently on or close to train stations (look for Arlanda C and Kastrup, respectively) and you can continue on your journey by train (see "Getting to Skövde"). There are many buses from Landvetter to Gothenburg central station. Remember that even if there are no trains running at certain early/late hours, you can still take a flight bus (flygbussarna) from Arlanda to Stockholm city centre. You might even be able to still catch trains onwards to Skövde, as the last train to Skövde departs later than the last train from Arlanda arrives.

Every airport is serviced by long-distance buses, if you prefer that mode of travel. Of course, you can always bribe people to drive you on, or rent a car and take people with you from each of them.

By Boat
If you're planning on arriving by water, you're probably a Finn coming from Helsinki or Turku and will know your way to a train station from Stockholm's harbour. If not, do please post in this thread and I'll provide with additional assistance 😉

By Car
If you're taking the driving route, see the section below. And remember to post in this thread if you're able and willing to pick up people (and equipment?) on your way. Driving is a valid option from Denmark but people are planning on driving from further afield if you wish to ROAD TRIP. Parking will likely be at Nyeport as they have a large, empty and free car park or at the Hotel if you are staying there.

By Train
Finally, there are people who chose to enter Sweden by train. Assuming that you're coming from Denmark or further South, the most convenient option is probably an X2000 from Copenhagen to Nässjö C, followed by a Västtågen train directly to Skövde C. You can get to Copenhagen either conveniently EuroCity/IntercityExpress trains from Hamburg. Unfortunately, the night train services from Amsterdam, Basel and Prague have been withdrawn as of the 14th December 2014. Note that you cannot (for whatever reason) buy a through ticket from Germany directly to Skövde; you will need to buy one to Nässjö C and purchase the last part of the ticket in Sweden (or via, as posted above).
Again, this option is usually cheapest if bought ~90 days ahead of the marathon (remember your return journey!).

Using interrail (a five-out-of-ten days global pass costs 184 € for adolescents or 281 € for the poor souls older than 27; a ten-out-of-22 days global pass is 269/399 €) might also be an option, especially if you're planning on travelling further before or after the marathon.

¤¤¤¤¤¤ If you are having particular trouble finding affordable travel, please contact either flicky or Alko and we can assist you personally!

Getting to Skövde and the event

As is the rule all over the world, there are three means of transportation that you can use to get from where ever you set out to where you want to go:
(1) Take a train;
(2) Take a bus;
(3) Drive or carpool.

Train tickets can be found and bought on It is generally a good idea in Sweden to pre-order tickets approximately 90 days ahead of the travel date for discounts. You can also buy tickets in many train stations or onboard some trains. Buying at the station is not recommended, because the tickets are more expensive there. It varies between companies whether you can buy your train tickets on-board. You can with some (Västtågen (e.g. Nässjö–Skövde)); while others (Skånetrafiken) do not allow so. (The companies that do not allow buying on-board will supply ticket machines at the station.) Especially note that SJ will not allow you to buy tickets on-board! If you plan on buying on-board, you will need SEK or a debit/credit card. The Västtågen will accept 'basically any card that isn't American Express' (quoted from the conductor on said train)

If you are under 26, please note you qualify for a youth ticket, which will save you money on the train.

Taking a train is by far the most recommended means of travel, as Skövde station is located very conveniently between the House of Culture, Nyeport and the hotel.

Long-distance buses, the second most comfortable option. You can either book tickets via or on the site of the region you're departing from (Skånetrafiken ( for the Malmö region, Stockholms länstrafik ( for the Stockholm region and Västtrafik ( for the Gothenburg region).

Finally, of course, if you're driving, you can offer to take people with you on your way, making the journey along the large, empty and slow Swedish motorways (flicky and the gang know what I'm talking about 😉 ) more enjoyable. Skövde is located somewhat close-ish to the E20 Göteborg–Stockholm, if you're coming from either of those directions. From the South (Malmö, Denmark), the most convenient route is probably along E4 to Jönköping, taking route 26 from there. If you're coming from the North … seriously?

If you are offering carpools, please post saying so in this thread. I'll collect all offers and confirmed passengers in the second post. If you want to include a map of your route, that's much appreciated. Brits, remember that these guys drive on the wrong side of the road. Parking will likely be at Nyeport as they have a large, empty and free car park or at the Hotel if you are staying there.

Once at the station, getting to the House of Culture is as simple as crossing the road. Look for the Valhall entrance and walk in!

A Note About Money
Finally, when in Sweden, remember that they pay using their very own moneys. Getting Swedish crowns is possible in a variety of ways:
(1) just paying by card where ever you're going
(2) using your debit/credit card in any Swedish ATM to withdraw Swedish banknotes
(3) asking any bank in your country of origin nicely
(4) using a bureau de change
(5) if you are willing to pay in Euros, asking Alko, who will again open a mini exchange booth 😉

Options 1 and 2 will usually cost you some kind of being-abroad fee (1.5 % of the value paid/withdrawn for me). Option 3 can or can not cost you money, depending on your bank. Option 4 is generally the most expensive (to quote Poxnor: They'll charge you your left nut). For more information on option 5 open the spoiler 😉

My (Alko) bank is nice enough to me to give me Swedish Crowns without requiring an additional fee (however requiring me to exchange at least 150 € every time I do so). So if you have Euros and want Swedish Crowns, I'll be very happy to exchange some more moneys and pass them on to you (not restricted to more than 150 €; can also be less). Please shoot me a PM, if you are interested. Please note the deadline: Contact me by the 27th of May (one month before the event). Of course, I can only give you the money at the event itself, unless by chance we're taking the same train 😉 )

Places of Interest in Skövde

We have an updated map for 2015 courtesy of Icedpingu x3

Explanation of Icedpingu's map:
This should actually be pretty self-explanatory. Most importantly, it notes the Quality Hotel Prisma, the one we have our hotel deal with.
Again note pizzas and knifes and forks are places where you can get food.

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Most people should probably arrive in sweden via Gothenburg but should you choose the Stockholm route I might be able to help you out with travel info.
That's where I'll be traveling from.


I'll be travelling from Zurich and i will need a hotel partner, anyone in?


Hotel thread will be coming at a later date! This thread is purely to discuss how you are going to reach the event and other things based around travel! 🙂


I'll be doing some driving (it will happen this year), which I planned to do last year. I'm going to be at the whole event, so from the 26th to the 7th, driving from home on the 25th, leg 2 from Hamar on the 26th. I can pickup two people along, maybe not 3, even though I have a decently roomy car (Subaru Legacy '92 SW, it got AC!), but it could change depending on how much baggage there will be. I'll be driving from Møre og Romsdal and the fastest way onto E6, can do detours to pick people up, probably going via Oslo then to Skövde.

Send me a PM on SDA, on the SRL IRC, or wherever you can find me.


well, someone needs to do this and not shamed to admit it I have no sense of direction so. Im a Finn, and dont know how to find the train station from the harbour. Is it smarter to take a boat or a plane?


I assume you mean traveling to stockholm by cruise ship.
You should end up at Slussen in Stockholm.
The subway is either really close or one bus stop away (depending on which boat you travel with).
From the subway it's just following signs.
You can also travel by plane, it's a bit easier but not by a lot.

as for what I'd choose, the boat!
Stock up on tax reduces fares while saving some money on traveling. A win win!


Boat is not that much cheaper and you have to consider the cost of whatever you're gonna eat during the trip too. Of course spending the night on the boat with a few friends can be fun if you have such a group. I probably wouldn't do it by myself though.


@flicky: I've updated the map

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Apart from fun group travels or air sickness, it's not too easy to think of situations where you would go by boat instead of flying. Maybe if you know you want to take a crapload of luggage, or you're planning on taking a car or you live in Turku or Åland. Or maybe you're one of those weird greens like me who consider flying short distances to be simply wrong 😉

In any case, if you're in any way serious you should do a total trip comparison; i.e. compare the total price of the whole trip from your front door to Skövde C. In my case getting to a sensible airport is so much hassle, that I'm just going to take the train the whole way again because Silver 😉


I'm planning to come from Lithuania. Is there anyone from around (Poland/Latvia) here?


We made some tweets about travelling from the Baltics or Poland but Gdansk to Stockholm is really cheap and you can also fly Vilnius to Stockholm via Riga for a good price.

If you're looking for people to travel with, check the submissions page for people's locations and try and contact them.


It's here again!

Join the cruise of mystery, romance and magic as the ESA Boat trip takes off again from Helsinki towards Stockholm.

While this is primarily for Finns that might be travelling towards ESA, If you find yourself suddenly in the "always sunny" country of Finland then feel free to join in !

This link contains encrypted text fields:


So i will be leaving from Zurich, Switzerland.

So i assume the "fastest" and easiest would be to fly to Gothenburg, take a bus to the central train station and then and take a direct Train to Skövde?

P.S: Any other Swiss People here heading to ESA?


Yeah, the best airport to fly into would be Gothenburg as from the main station, it's only about 1 hour by train to the ESA venue.


I'm planning on flying in from either Buffalo NY, New York NY, or Toronto Canada. Of the mentioned airports (Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT), Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH) and possibly Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) ) which of these would provide the most direct route to the event afterward?

As tdawg mentioned above, would flying into Gothenburg and then taking a train be the most direct path to the event?


Flying into Gothenburg would be the most direct path, yes. You take a shuttle bus from the airport to the train station and you are on your way.

Stockholm Arlanda is pretty good also in terms of connectivity. You take a 15 min train to the central station and you are then ready to board your train direct to Skovde.

I'd go with whatever is the cheaper airport is to fly into (Toronto -> Stockholkm fares seem very reasonable atm)


I would actually advice against flying straight to Gothenburg.

Yes, when you arrive it's very easy to get to Skövde from there. But, there are no direct flights and you would likely have to transfer at least once.

From New York I would say your best bet is a direct flight to Stockholm (Arlanda), and go by train from there. It's one of the fastest and cheapest alternatives.


I say go check prices for both (ARN/GOT) (or maybe all three, if you wanna include CPH). If ARN is noticeably cheaper than GOT, go with that. Remember that you'll need a longer train trip from ARN than from GOT.

ARN–Skövde (single) is some 700 to 1130 SEK.
Gothenburg Centralen (the train station) to Skövde (single) is some 190 to 400 SEK. The flight bus from Landvetter seems to be 95 SEK single and 185 return, making the trip from GOT 285 to 500 SEK.
This all depends a little on timing and whatnot, but as a general rule, a flight to ARN needs to be $60 (exchange rate 2015-02-28) cheaper one-way for the route to be cheaper overall.

Edit: almost forgot. The train trip from Kastrup seems to be in the same price range as ARN (750 to 1150 SEK). And you get to cross the Öresund bridge 😉


I just checked the train ticket prices from Arlanda to Skövde a week from now.

From Arlanda to Stockholm 260 SEK
From Stockholm to Skövde ~250 SEK

Booking about a week in advance seems to be the best option. Also if you're 25 or under you can get further discounts.