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Just sent my runner deposit. Let me know if it worked out alright, really should have done this earlier!


I was a dummy and didn't pay until the last minute, and since I paid through my bank the payment might not arrive until tomorrow. Hopefully that's still fine.


Discounted deadline has passed!

This means no more discounted rates.

This also means the runner deposit deadline has passed. The game and schedule group will cross-reference the list of deposits with the list of runners on the schedule.

I will update the list of payments soon, but unfortunately it might not be done until tomorrow evening. Got private matters to attend this evening that takes priority over ESA.

For those of you who made last minute payments through wire transfer. Shame on you for slacking. As long as your payment has been registered prior to the 1st of June you are in the clear.

For further questions. Post in this thread.


Got the refund, thanks!


Hey, I completed my Bank transaction the 31th and I've double checked all the details and they're correct yet I haven't been marked on the list, could you we look into that?


I am in the same situation as Janmumrik here. ^
I paid during sunday evening through Paypal. I can see the deposit from my bank account and the address and name is accurate. I can provide transaction ID.


Latest update: May 31th - 11:43

Settle down, guys.


Payment doc has been updated.

A few wire transfer payments are still trailing.


I can't come run Outlast this year...
I've rescently broke my hand... It's in plaster, so I can't play correctly or even travel in this conditions...
I'm really sorry & disappointed... But I really can't come...

Hope this will not disturb your organisation and this event !


steve50013: Can you please send a copy of your transaction ID to me? I cannot find it in the list.


steve50013: I just exported the complete list of payments. Can be found here:

Your transaction ID does not exist.


Ninja edited out non needed information 😛


Just wanted to point out that your name does show up in the list, it's with another ID though.
Steven can be found on the 4/6 with the ID: 29C74376BN7641507


Thanks Maxie my internet at home was down and I couldnt open the pdf on mobile

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I'll make sure the Payment doc is fully updated tomorrow.


I'm a guy who uses my name as his handle online... Concealing my identification is not a huge concern 😛


Unfortunately I will be starting a new job on the 29th, so as much as I would have liked to I will not be able to attend this year. Sorry for not saying so sooner but the employer was unsure of start dates and all that jazz. Have fun all! I'll miss you all and will try to get in for next year.

I'll be watching from home this time, Shoutouts to S