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have you paid yet, S?

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Should be paid and accounted for!


The following persons have had they payment denied or will have to complement the payment due to failing to follow the instructions:
Demon9 (Transaction is not a gift. 14.81 SEK short due to fees)
Sphere (Did not pay the transaction fee. 14.81 SEK short due to fees)
MrTakahashi (Transaction is not a gift. 5 SEK short due to fees)
da00 (Transaction is not a gift. -42.01 SEK short due to fees)
Frozer (Did not pay the transaction fee. -18.21 short due to fees)
cruxit (Paid for discount but is not eligable. -230 SEK short)
RebelDragon95 (Transaction not a gift. -14.81 short due to fees)
Ariwa (Did not make payment in SEK. 332 paid in total. 8 SEK short).

If you name is not green. You will not be allowed to enter the ESA venue until your payment is cleared.
However, mistakes can happen and they will not disqualify you from the discount.


Paid! I think!
Still can't believe that I'm going, though.

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Not using paypal for long but it's telling me that i sent 340 SEK, so i'm not sure what i did wrong. Just sent 14.81 SEK, hope it's fixed now 🙂


To quote Edenal:
‘da00 (Transaction is not a gift. -42.01 SEK short due to fees)’

If these people are a negative amount short, that means they’re getting money back, right? Kappa


Paid with paypal as a gift (hopefully), if shit went wrong let me know.


Paid or at least should be OneHand


I payed via paypal on 14th May... just checked my paypal, because I was not listed as having payed in the exel sheet... however my payment was not accepted for some reason and went back to my paypal account!?

What happened? Should I just send it again?


Aphox: You should have been notified by Email.

Read the instructions and send it again.


Just paid via bank transfer. As I mentioned in the comments, I hope it's too much. If it's not, the exchange rate went down rapidly or one of the two banks took out fees. In that case, slap me. If it is too much, keep the change 😉


Paid as well. I hope I did everything right. Was my first time using Paypal.


payment should have gone through via Paypal. Please tell me if something went wrong.


Right then. I'll likely pay later today, but I'd like to know if I should pay the discounted fee or the regular one. I didn't sign up early, but I am running a game, so where does that leave me?


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