Deposit made, would be cool to see it on the sheet so I won't have to worry about my runs being cut due to no payment.


Full payment sent. For some reason, Fingers' Paypal translated 340 SEK into about £29 while mine ended up being £27-ish. Currency conversion is weird 😕


I paid, the transaction should be complete tomorrow.


Erm, one thing I just thought of … what about the mass housing payment? I would prefer to do them both at the same time because that's less work for a lazy guy like me. But I can't see any pricing or other information about it up, yet.

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Payment doc updates.

Please. Take your time reading the instructions.

There are too many of you who have failed to do so, either paying too much, too little, wrong currency, wrong payment methods.


Paid through paypal, hopefully I got the amount right 😣 the fees can be surprisingly confusing


Paid via bank 🙂 It did not let me post my full name in the comment, since it was a 12 letter cap, so I only got MrsGizamaluk in. I guess there wasn't gonna be any confusion about who sent the money, just making sure!


andypanther: You paid 570 corrent. But due to the way international bank transactions work, the fee of 60 SEK was charged to the ESA account.

Contact me in private and we will sort this out. Got no reason to believe this matter is anything but an honest mistake.