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The deposit is just for runners and the deadline is just for discounts.

"Is there a final deadline for payment if I want to attend ESA?
However, runners and attendees who are paying the discounted price will need to pay before the set deadlines listed above under “Important Dates”. "

  [user deleted]

paid unless I messed up somehow


So regardless what I do, PayPal asks me to give a credit card number before actually making the transaction. What's that fuss about?
I don't have, nor do I require, nor do I want a credit card at all. Anybody have any ideas?


I forgott to add my nick to my payment btw.
Paid with paypal. Email:


I paid the deposit for now through paypal, I did leave my name as a Message on there, but if you need my e-mail adress let me know. =)


So about that update of the document of people who payed. Would be really nice and appreciated Edenal


Edenal said he'll do it tonight. Sorry for the delay there.


Document has been updated!

Please read the information. I've refunded 3 payments from persons that didn't just now.


I am trying to pay via paypal but I keep getting a notice saying "Sorry, the recipient doesn’t accept payments using this payment method. Please choose another." Im lost


@BlakeBates send it as a gift, the "transfer money to friends and family" option


Payment made. Hope it actually made it through.