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ESA 2015 will be open from the afternoon of June 26th until noon July 7th 2015. Click here to visit the master thread!

This thread aims to answer any questions about the attendance fees and payment for attending ESA 2015. All information necessary should be included in this thread in order for you to complete the payments. Please take your time to read the instructions.

General Information
PayPal and Bank statements will be uploaded weekly. You can find more information here

We strongly prefer if you use PayPal.

List of completed payments
Latest update: June 16th - 19:30

Payment guidelines and rules
Payments in Swedish Krona (SEK) only.
If you pay by Paypal, send to money as gift and pay for any currency conversions.
If you pay by Bank Transfer, you need to pay any potential fees.
Make sure to include your nickname in the transaction details!

Important dates
Deadline for discounted payment: 31st May
Deadline for runner deposit: 31st May
Deadline for runner payment: 14th June

Standard entrance fee: 570 SEK.
Standard 2-day pass: 285 SEK.
Discounted entrance fee: 340 SEK.
Discounted 2-day pass: 190 SEK.
Deposit: 50 SEK (If you choose not to pay the full amount right away)

Exchange rate based upon XE on May 3rd. Even if the rates change from now on. The price in SEK won’t change. To make it easier, we’ve calculated with a SEK to € rate of 9.5, and rounded up/down to closest 5/10.
For example, €36 ¤ 9.5 = 342 SEK.

Those who signed up early are eligible for the discounted attendance fee, provided their payment is completed before the deadline. If this deadline is missed, you are no longer eligible for the discounted rate. The signed-up sheet here, will tell you if you are eligible for the discounted price.

PayPal account:

Bank account:
Account number: 3045 02 22314
Bank: Nordea
IBAN: SE6730000000030450222314
BIC (Swift-adderss): NDEASESS

Account owner: Fredrik Lidholt
Address: Sjöbågen 4A, 352 57 Växjö, Sweden

What's the deposit?
A partial payment for runners, which is later deducted form attendance fee. All runners who submitted games agreed to it on the submission form. Your deposit is part of the standard attendance fee, so you do not need to pay it on top of the entry fee but we will require it by deadline.. The deposit is non-refundable. You can pay the deposit first and the full attendance fee later if you wish.

Why are you only accepting payments in SEK?
There are three reasons for this decision.
First, it makes it easier for us to ensure that everyone pays the same amount.
Second, the majority of the bills and expenses for the event are in SEK.
Third, currencies are fluid and can fluctuate over time. For example, over the course of one month the value of the Euro could decrease in relation to the Swedish Krona, effectively making transactions made in that currency worth substantially less, causing issues with the budget.

Is there a final deadline for payment if I want to attend ESA?
However, runners and attendees who are paying the discounted price will need to pay before the set deadlines listed above under “Important Dates”.

Is my payment refundable?
Yes, and No. Deposits are not refundable.
Payments for the event are partially refundable (50%) if we are notified with one week of the start of the event, or fully refundable in cases of new medical conditions, illness in the family or under special circumstances like flights being canceled due to the airliner declaring bankruptcy. If you have such a problem, please contact us personally.

What is the runner deposit deadline?
This is the first deadline to confirm the commitment of the runners. We’ve had issues with runners not showing up and neglecting to tell us that they are not planning to attend. This early deadline gives us a chance to identify potential issues with the schedule. This deadline also coincides with the discounted deadline where we assume the majority of the runner have signed up for. If you have not paid the €5 deposit before the runner deadline, you run will be cut immediately.

What is the runner payment deadline?
The runner deadline for payments is there as a final check of commitment from the runner. We’ve had issues with runners not showing up and neglecting to tell us that they are not planning to attend. This early deadline will give us a few extra days to sort out last minute schedule changes. Runners who have not paid full price by this deadline will have their runs cut excluding exceptional circumstances worked out with us prior.

What’s up with private names for the bank and Paypal accounts?
ESA is not registered as an organisation. So there needs to be someone legally responsible for the accounts. For more information about the state of the accounts, read this post

Further questions?
Email to:
Tweet our twitter account: @esamarathon
Or post in this thread.

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Payment H y P e !


Heads up!

Added a short section about the deposit. You don't have to pay the deposit on top of the attendance fee.

I'm going to reach out to the person who made this mistake and refund the discrepancy since it might not have been crystal clear from the post.


All paid, now enter hype mode!


[] Not Paid [X] Paid


Money sent, mission accomplished!


I messed up and sent the payment as a payment and not gift. Do you wanna decline the payment and il resend it or some other fix?


So if I want to get in with the discounted price and I have 4 games going to ESA, then would I pay 340 SEK + 200 [50¤4] SEK deposits for games? or is it just 340 + 50?


Payment should be done 🙂


Mhmd_FVC: You only pay 340 for the full event. Description should be updated. Deposit is included in the attendance price.

I've just updated the document with all current payments. And updated the other forum thread with new financial statements. Enjoy!

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Payment should've gone through FrankerZ


What about the mass housing ? Would it be acceptable to pay for both in one go, as soon as the details of that are known ?
Assuming it's before the deadline of course.


dizzyprime: You payment has been rejected!

tyriounet: Of course you can pay for both at once. We're working hard to get the details out to you as soon as possible. Again, I want to clarify that the mass housing is not in jeopardy, there's just a few details we still need to get straight.


I paid the deposit. I think I did everything correctly but if not then let me know OneHand

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Mhmd_FVC: Got it! Going to update the doc later tonight. Busy watching Sweden cream your neighbors in hockey.

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Edenal, did the payment via Paypal came through?


So If I pay a deposit I still have to complete the rest payment before the event?
(As in I can't pay in cash at the door)